The next day was beautful and the sunshine woke Aragorn up, he knew today was the day he was going to become king. Gandalf watched as the door to the man's room opened slowly. The man was already dressed in a beautful black and silver tunic and his hair was washed and combed.

" Good morning, sleepyhead."

Aragorn gave a small smile.

" Morning, Mithrandir."

They hugged tightly then they went outside were millions of people waited. Aragorn gasped and Gandalf gently sqeezed his shoulder in reassurence as they stood facing each other on the steps. Gimli proceeded up the steps towards them carrying Aragorn's new crown on a pillow. The wizard took hold of the crown and slowly raised it so everyone could see then gently placed it on his friend's head.

Aragorn turned towards the crowd and sang in elvish promising a better day for all to come. Then he cought sight of Elrond and someone standing by his side holding a white flag.

" Go to him."

Elrond whispered softly to Arwen and she slowly started towards him with Elladan by her side. Arwen handed her brother the flag and Aragorn gasped his love was so beautful dressed in a soft sea green dress with a butterfly crown that was on her head and shone in the sunshine they ran to each other and throwing their arms around each other they snogged in front of everyone.

They looked at each other eyes bright, Aragorn felt Arwen brush her thumbs against his cheeks. Then they turned to the crowed again and watched as the hobbits started to bow.

" My friends, you bow to no one."

Aragorn and Arwen knelt in front of them and then the whole crowed did the same. As they stood up the man chanced to catch a glipse of someone in the crowd he thought he would never see again. The figure glowed and smiled at him waving and the new king gasped.

" Honey?"

" It's Legolas!"

He whispered to his new queen and she too looked and saw him, Slowly the crowd parted as the ghost floated over to them. They stood there silently and then Legolas wrapped his arms around Aragorn.

" Mellon nin."

The man whispered in shock.

" You didn't think I would miss your big day did you, Estel?"

Arwen smiled as she saw the two friends together again and she rubbed Aragorn's shoulder.

" I've missed you so much! I love you!"

" And I the same."

Legolas replyed quietly and brushed his hand softly against Aragorn's cheek even as the man closed his eyes. Even though the man didn't feel the elf's hand he did feel a breeze against his cheek and knew it was his best friend wipeing away a tear that started to trail down his cheek.

" Estel, remember I'm always with you."

Aragorn opened his eyes and gazed into the eyes of his best friend. The elf's orbs held no pain and in fact seemed to be even bluer then in life.

" What is it like....?"

Aragorn whispered.

" It is so beautful, Estel. It's hard to describe. No one's ever ill, or hurt. No one cries or dies. It's just so full of joy and peace."

Arwen smiled as she listened and noticed her other friends had drawn closer to them. Aragorn felt a gentle touch on his shoulder and knew it was Faramir.

" Have you seen Boromir?"

Pippin whispered and Legolas gave a nod.

" He is healthy and happy too so is our other friends."

" Would you tell them we miss them?"

Merry asked and Frodo smiled.

" Tell Boromir we both forgive him."

Sam and Frodo said at the same time.

" Will do."

Legolas said then sighed gazeing at all of them with love and Aragorn realized it was time for him to go. The elf hugged all of them tightly, but he and Aragorn hugged the tightest and the longest.

" Mellon nin, I promised you this... that we would meet again someday..."

Legolas whispered and Aragorn nodded his head unable to speak.

" I intended to see it fulfilled."

The man looked up at his best friend knowing even though the elf loved the place he was at now it was hard for him to say goodbye to them.

" I love you."

" I love you too, Estel."

Slowly Legolas started to rise towards the Heavens again and then disapper compleately. They all stayed silent both in awe, joy and sadness at seeing the elf disappear again. Arwen put her arm around Aragorn who was weeping softly as were the rest of them.

" Namarie, Legolas. Mellon nin, We will never forget you!"

Aragorn called loudly as he looked up to the sky again as finally his heart felt some sense of peace at last.

The end