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Chapter 1: A Night on the Town

A stereotypically dark and stormy night would have been a much better atmosphere than the tepid humidity that clung to the air, to the brickwork, to anything that it could find a niche in which to reside. At least the air would explode in a torrent of expressive thunder and not just sit upon the city, smothering it. At least the lightning would flash and then return the world to darkness instead of holding the lights from the city and bathing everything in a sickly orange hue. At least the torrent of rain would fill the air with its pounding song instead of stifling every sound only to make the almost silent footfalls echo loudly in the ears of their makers.

Four wraiths darted across the skyline, silhouetted briefly against the sky's glow only to disappear moments later. Shadows detached themselves from walls and leapt across alleyways, daring some drunken bum beneath to glance up at just the wrong time and wonder to wonder if he had truly seen such impossible ghosts. Onwards they continued, even as the city below fell silent, as though it was sleeping off a drug-induced stupor. However, if one were to follow these apparitions in their journey, one would notice that one began to slow and fall behind the other three.

"Come on, Don, keep up," Leonardo chaffed as he slowed down to match speeds with his second youngest brother, allowing the other two turtles to pass them by.

"Sorry, Leo," came the reply. "I guess the weather's getting to me tonight."

"It certainly is strange for this time of year," the eldest agreed as they slowed to a halt. "I can't say I like it. Something about it just doesn't sit right in my bones."

Donatello rubbed his arm slightly. "I know. I feel like—"

"Hey come on, slowpokes!" Michelangelo interrupted from a neighboring rooftop, bouncing up and down, while waving his arms wildly. "We've got places to go! People to save! Raph to annoy!"

His bouncing was interrupted by a pseudo-terrified scream as he dodged the hot-headed turtle's attack.

Leonardo sighed and rolled his eyes. In a flash, the youngest turtle was hiding behind his shell. "Shh!" Leo admonished. "Sound's carrying much farther than normal tonight."

"Lighten up, Leo," Raphael insisted as he joined them. "It ain't like many people'll be out tonight. Even if they are, they ain't gonna see us. In fact," he darted around his older brother, "it's a perfect night for Tackle Mikey!"

Both Donatello and Leonardo shook their heads and laughed as their brothers chased each other around the rooftop. "Well, I guess this area's safe enough." The eldest turtle glanced around, assuring himself that there were no lights shining from the windows of the surrounding office buildings.

"Hey Leo," Donatello nudged his elder brother's elbow and pointed to the hose curled against the side of a shed. A grin flashed across Leonardo's face.

"Perfect." But in the brief moment that he glanced at the purple-clad turtle, Leonardo's face grew grave. "Are you alright, Don?"

Donatello looked down at the glistening sheen building up on his arms. "It's just sweat mixing with the humidity. I told you I didn't like this weather."

Leonardo frowned, taking note of his brother's excessively-enlarged pupils. "You sure that's all it is?"

"Leo," Don sounded a bit annoyed. "I'm fine. It's not like I've never sweated before."

Just then, Michelangelo leaped over Leonardo's head, using his shoulders as a springboard. Raphael merely managed to not crash into his older brother.

"That's it!" An intentionally-scary grin spread across Leonardo's face as he ran after his youngest brother. "I'm so getting you, Michelangelo."

"Just try and catch me, dude!" Mikey laughed back over his shoulder. "Raph's been trying for years and he hasn't caught me! You want to know why?"

"Don't you dare say it!" Raphael growled as he rushed forwards. Michelangelo easily darted out of his reach.

"It's 'cause I'm the Battle Nexus Champi—hey!" A blast of water caught him smack in the side of the head.

Raphael and Leonardo cracked up laughing as Michelangelo threw death-glares at them. "Dudes, you are so getting it now! Don! You've got to be on my side!" He looked around the rooftop as the turtle in question did not answer. "Don?"

They all spun around, looking every direction, but Donatello was nowhere to be found.

"Don? Donnie?" Leonardo called. He ran over to the edge of the rooftop that he had last seen his missing brother by. Far below, he sighted his brother just as Don seemed to be hurriedly shoving something into his duffle bag. "Don! What are you doing down there?"

"Oh, sorry Leo," the purple-clad turtle called back up. "I thought I saw something that I could use down here, but it turns out that it's in too poor of condition for me to do anything with it."

Leonardo sighed and leaped down the three stories to the alleyway below. "Don't disappear like that, Don!"

"Sorry," the scientific turtle shrugged. "You guys were just having so much fun that I didn't want to interrupt you."

"Don, next time, don't worry about interrupting. I just want to make sure that you're safe." Leonardo reached out and put a hand on his brother's shoulder. It shook slightly. "Are you alright, bro?"

"I'm fine Leo!" Donatello pulled away with something more than just annoyance flashing in his eyes. "No matter how many times you ask, the answer is the same!"

Leonardo crossed his arms and his eyes narrowed. "You are shaking like a leaf, Don. What is going on?"

"Absolutely nothing is 'going on'! Get off my case, will you?"

"Don, I'm worried about you," Leonardo insisted. "You're acting strange."

"Good grief, Leo!" Donatello turned away, throwing his hands up into the air. "What is your glitch? I've already told you several times that I'm fine! This wonky weather is the only thing that's having an effect on me right now!"


"Guys," Michelangelo interrupted once again, though this time his voice had an edge of fear, "you need to get up here!"

Leonardo sighed. "We will discuss this later."

Donatello grumbled something inaudible as his brother pointed up the building's fire escape. In a matter of seconds, both of the turtles landed on the rooftop next to Raphael and Michelangelo. The moment he saw the reason for his youngest brother's call for help, Leonardo tensed and drew his swords.

"Hello there, little turtle men," a dreaded voice called as a man in a white suit stepped forwards, closely followed by a man whose resemblance to a mountain rivaled that of Hun himself.

"It is so delightful to see all of the brothers together, is it not, Mr. Touch?"

"Indeed it is, Mr. Go."

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