Kimiko Shizuka stood in a crowd of kids watching a large TV screen that was showing two kids with small creatures, fighting

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Digimon Hackers: Episode 1-Digital Underground

Kimiko Shizuka stood in a crowd of kids watching a large TV screen that was showing two kids with small creatures, fighting. She smiled; this was her haven from school and life in general. A place where Kimiko could be herself, although not fully but it was enough for her. This is Digital Underground. Now what is Digital Underground? Well it's a huge arcade that is in an old abandoned subway station, but not just any huge arcade, this one only had one game: Digimon. Ah, Digimon that's what the youth of this time are into. Now what or who are Digimon. Digimon is short for Digital Monsters. They are these little creatures that are well digital, made up of the binary codes all those ones and zeros, and they live in the Digital World. Kimiko turned around to leave only to see a girl about 8 years old looking at her with a lost look in her eyes.

"Um, could you help me?" The girl asked her.

Kimiko smiled at her, "New here?"

The girl nodded.

"Sure." Kimiko sighed. "Okay first, I'm Kimiko and I have a Renamon as my Digimon partner and you are?"

"I'm Suki and I have a SnowAgumon as my Digimon!" the girl introduced herself to Kimiko.

"Well nice to meet you Suki. So how much do you know about Digimon?" Kimiko asked.

"Um well not very much." Suki told her.

"Okay well, let's start with the basics. A Digimon starts out as a Digi Egg." Kimiko started.

"Right and when a Digimon levels up to the next level its call Digivolution right?" Suki asked.

"Yeah, that Digi Egg hatches into a Baby Digimon, which Digivolves into an In-Training or Fresh Digimon. Then into a Rookie, Champion, Ultimate, and finally Mega." Kimiko paused to make sure that Suki was still with her.

"I know that and there are slide Digivolutions, such as Armor Digimon and the X Digimon, but how do the color changed Digimon fit in?" Suki asked.

"Well some of the color changed Digimon are just clumped in with the slide Digivolutions, even though some of them have different Digivolution lines than the original." Suki nodded for Kimiko to continue. "Now all Digimon are classified under three different attributes: Data, Vaccine, and Virus. Data Digimon are usually neutral. Vaccine Digimon are usually good Digimon and Virus Digimon are usually bad Digimon. Are you still with me Suki?"

"Yeah, so you said usually meaning that sometimes Data Digimon will pick a side, Vaccine Digimon can be bad, and Virus Digimon could be good. Wait how do you hatch a Digi Egg?" Suki asked.

"Well you get Digi Bits or money after most of your battles or Digi-Duels as we like to call them. You use Digi Bits to buy things. Which means you can buy a Digi Farm." Kimiko told her.

"Oh, and like on a real farm you can train or raise the Digi Eggs and Digimon on them!" Suki said with excitement.

"You're getting it. Now of course you'll need to by Digi food for your Digi Farm, and you can also buy training pens for you farms."

"I got that, but what do I do when fighting, oh sorry, Digi-Dueling?" Suki interrupted Kimiko.

"Well here in Digital Underground there are three types of Digimon Tamers: Equipped, Armed, and Modifiers. Equipped Tamers use different equipment, such as weapons, cloaks, shields, and rings, to modify their Digimon stats. Armed Tamers use arms to modify their Digimon stats, so they use different weapons and shields only. Modifiers are the rarest of all the Tamers because they use Modify cards from the card game to modify their Digimon stats." Kimiko stopped and turned her attention to a newcomer.

"You should stick with being ether an Armed Tamer or an Equipped Tamer, unless you really want to be a Hacker." The newcomer told Suki.

"A Hacker?" Suki asked.

"Yes a Hacker, one who bends the rules for their own gain, cheaters. Luckily for you most Modifiers are in the Shadow Tamers, but if I was you I would find someone else to give you help and stop listening to Kimiko here."


"Well because I'm a Hacker and proud of it." Kimiko told Suki smirking at the newcomer.

"How sad, if you had joined the Shadow Tamers you wouldn't be a hunted Tamer. But still you are good at this." The newcomer taunted Kimiko.

"Oh geez that means so little coming from you Kira." Kimiko commented with a roll of her eyes.

Kira stormed off with a huff seeing that she was getting no where with her rival, Kimiko.

"What's with her?" Suki asked Kimiko.

"Don't worry about it. Now the Shadow Tamers are a group of players that are chosen by the officials here to maintain fair play. All of them started out as Modifiers and see all other Modifiers, who don't join them as cheaters. So hence the nickname Hackers." Kimiko stopped seeing everyone moving around. "Hey do you want to give it a go around?"

"A go around? You mean a Digi-Duel? No way! You'll flatten my Digimon!" Suki answered.

"Not up against me, with me. A two on two Digi-Duel." Kimiko laughed and corrected Suki.

"Oh okay."

The two walked onto the Digi Arena stage, which was a stage that had a giant screen in the back of it and four Digital Transporter, DT, chairs. Kimiko and Suki sat down into the two chairs on the left. On the right armrest there was a little slot; Suki wasn't quite sure what it was for. She looked at Kimiko, who pulled out a solid red card out of her back pocket.

'That must be Kimiko's Digimon card!' Suki thought as she started to pull out her own Digimon card, which are cards that hold their Digimon's Data on them. Her's was pale blue in color.

Across from the girls sat two boys, one winked at Kimiko, who just shook her head at him. Suki watched the boys pull out their Digimon cards. One had a gray card and the other had a yellow card. The boys inserted their cards into the slots on the chairs, and they put on the Digital goggles, which let the see the Digital field easier similar to a virtual reality game. Kimiko gave Suki a small nod as she inserted her red card into the card slot and joined the boys in the Digital field. Suki let out a small gulp as she placed her Digital goggles on. Kimiko opened her eyes to see a field that looked like a bunch of computer chips, then it suddenly when to a bright white. Now Kimiko was falling on to the Digital field. She did a little mid air flip to land on the ground on her feet.

"Show off." One of the boys muttered as Kimiko landed.

"Ow." Suki's landing wasn't so graceful.

"Are you alright Suki?" SnowAgumon asked his partner.

"Aw man they have an Agumon X and a Keramon we're doomed." Suki whined.

"You better believe it!" One said.

"Yeah!" The other added.

"Not really." Kimiko said. "Renamon?"

"You called, Kimiko?" Renamon answered her partner.

"Wo! How did she get behind us?!" The boys asked as Renamon was in a tree behind them.

"Never mind that Agumon X attack!"

Agumon X jumped in front of his Tamer and attacked Renamon, "Spitfire Blast!"

Renamon smiled as she jumped from the branched, flipped over the boys and landed in front of Kimiko.

Suki stared in amazement at Kimiko's Digimon, and then she took a deep breath. "Okay we can do this. SnowAgumon attack Agumon X with Little Blizzard!"

"You've got it!" SnowAgumon said as he charged at Agumon X "Little Blizzard!"

The Agumon X stood there looking at the SnowAgumon. Its Tamer laughed, "Was that suppose to hurt? Cause it didn't."

"Suki call SnowAgumon back and tell him to defend." Kimiko told Suki.

"But…SnowAgumon come back here! Let's just defend." Suki called back her Digimon.

"Now that's a good idea, but it's my turn now. Keramon." The boy's Digimon started to move just with the sound of his name.

"Renamon." Kimiko just said her Digimon's name as well.

"Crazy smoke!" Keramon attacked covering the area with purple smoke.

"Renamon, Digi-Modify, Infera eyes activate." Kimiko activated a Modify.

"Hm, there's no point in hiding now. Fox Spin Kick." Renamon kicked Keramon out of the smoke.

"Great she's a Modifier. Agumon X Spitfire blast!"

"Spitfire Blast!" Agumon X attacked Renamon.

But the attack didn't hit Renamon, for she seemed to teleport out of the attack's way.

"Not a smart move showing your enemy your back so much." Kimiko commented to the boy with the Agumon X. "Finish him."

"Palm strike!" Renamon attacked the Agumon X's back, which happens to be its weak spot.

"Aw man I'm out!" The boy said as he and his Digimon faded away.

"Now Keramon!" the other boy yelled at his Digimon.

"Bug Blaster!" Keramon attacked missing Renamon once again.

"Don't be so hasty to join your friend." Kimiko commented giving Renamon a nod.

"Diamond Storm!" Renamon attacked finishing Keramon.

The Boy and Keramon faded. Then the area went black. Kimiko was the last to remove her Digital goggles. Suki was standing in front of her DT chair.

"Um thanks Kimiko. I'm sure SnowAgumon will become as strong as Renamon." Suki thanked Kimiko for her help.

"No problem."

"Hey Kimiko! Nice Duel!" A boy with goggles yelled at her.

"Just keep training Suki. See you later!" Kimiko waved good-bye to Suki and ran off with the goggle wearing boy.