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Digimon Hackers: Episode 16-Cry of the Wolf and Fox Spirits

It had been a long day for Kimiko as she sat down at the small café area in the DU. She had to go all day with listening to Akio and Hiro talk about their battle to achieve champion. She growled as she watched all the other DU members walking around and laughing not realizing what was going on here. How could they really? She and her small band of Hackers just got lucky enough to realize that Digimon are actually real. Kimiko sulked, as her blue eyes seemed to glaze over as the "players" walked around her. She didn't even know the real reason she was back at Digital Underground given the fact that one false move could lead to the Shadow Tamers snagging her and Renamon.

"Boy you look bored or beat, I'm really not sure which." Kimiko perked up at the familiar female voice.

"Oh it's you, um…" Kimiko sweatdropped as she tried to remember the eight year old girl's name.

"At least you sorta remember me, Kimiko. It's Suki." The girl smiled at Kimiko as she sat down at Kimiko's table.

"Oh yeah Suki, right. You have a SnowAgumon right?" Kimiko nodded her head as she did a mental face palm.

"Yup!" Suki smiled, "Actually I'm totally surprised to see you here Kimiko."

"Huh? Why?" Kimiko asked.

"Oh nothing I just thought you and your team must have given up on DU after the whole hoax thing with Digimon appearing in the city." Suki explained. "Oh by the way there is no Omega level Digimon, but there is a Hybrid level. You know Digimon like Kazemon."

Kimiko nervously smirked, "Ya got me there. How has your training been going with SnowAgumon?"

"You toss in the Omega level to weed out weaklings don't you? Anyway training's been great! SnowAgumon and I are getting so good!" A smile burst onto Suki's face. "We should team up again in a Digi-Duel!"

'It's been awhile since I've been in a Digi-Duel here, but Renamon?' Kimiko thought as she spoke to her Digimon partner.

"I see no problem in return for a bit to the Digital World, Kimiko. I even doubt that the Shadow Tamers will pick up on us. Plus I could use a good workout." Renamon replied.

"Are ya coming Kimiko?" Suki asked as she got up from the table.

"Yeah I'm coming." Kimiko smirked as she followed Suki.

The two girls weaved their way through the crowds of people in the DU. To Kimiko it seemed like the number of people in the DU tripled since wild Digimon started appearing in the real world. Suddenly Kimiko lost sight of Suki.

"Aw man." Kimiko muttered as she was shoved around in the crowd loosing her footing causing her to fall into a black haired boy about her age as she fell to the ground. "Sorry about that."

Kimiko looked up at the boy to realize that it was Sasuke. She looked up at him and blushed a bit as he just smiled down at her. He put his hand out offering to help Kimiko up.

"Funny finding you here." Sasuke commented as he helped Kimiko back to her feet.

"I could say the same thing." Kimiko huffed as she brushed herself off. "Actually I was hooking up with a girl that I met back before our lives as true tamers began."

"Ah, oh me?" Sasuke smirked, "I'm just escaping my house if you must know."

"Well, who would have thought that two Hackers would be stupid enough to gift wrap themselves for me." Sasuke and Kimiko turned around to find the leader of the Shadow Tamers standing behind them.

"Akane." Sasuke hissed his name as Kimiko glared at him.

Akane smiled coldly at the two, "Aw now come on it has been awhile since you've been here in the Digital Underground, why don't we have a little Digi-Duel?"

Kimiko's hand rested on her side pocket on her blue cargo pants that held her Digivice. Sasuke's hand also rested on his Digivice, which was hidden by his shirt. The two noticed that Kira, Yori, and Sango had joined Akane in surrounding them. Kira smirked coldly at Kimiko and Sasuke tensed up.

"You're seriously not thinking about releasing them here are you?" Kira asked them.

"Shoot." Sasuke muttered under his breath as Kimiko agreed with him with a growl.

"That's right you can't do anything here, too many people would be in the fray." Yori added coldly. "You know you should have just joined us, Sasuke, instead of sticking around with trash like her."

"Who ya calling trash?" Kimiko asked flipping up the flap of her pocket.

"Kimiko, we can't not here." Sasuke warned her to stop.

"I know." Kimiko sighed as she stopped herself from pulling out her Digivice as she turned her attention to Akane, "So Akane who do you really work for?"

The color faded from Akane's face at Kimiko's question, "Our Lord is of no concern of yours. You will meet him soon enough."

Kimiko gritted her teeth as she glanced over at Sasuke, who gave her a small nod of his head. With that the two shoved their way pass Yori into the crowd.

"You know he's not going to be happy if we lose them again." Kira whispered to Akane.

"I know that's why we are chasing after them." Akane growled back at his second in command as he headed after the two tamers.

Kimiko and Sasuke found themselves on the Digi Arena stage with the Shadow six hot on their heels. The two tamers were out of options here, it was ether jump into the DT chairs, get caught by the Shadow six, or fight. Kimiko stood back to back with Sasuke as the Shadow six surrounded the Digi Arena stage. Sasuke bit his lip as he could feel Kimiko shaking slightly in fear of losing right here and now. He was just as afraid as his hand moved towards his Digivice.

"There's nowhere else to run, Hackers." Kira told them with an evilly cold smile.

Sasuke's brain raced as he tried to find a way for him and Kimiko to escape without making a mess with their Digimon. He suddenly felt Kimiko's hand brush his arm as if she was trying to tell him something.

"Go ahead and show them what the Hackers are made of Kimiko!" A voice rang out from the crowd.

Kimiko and Sasuke looked to find Suki pushing her way through the crowd towards the Digi Arena.

"Suki." Kimiko whispered her name.

"I'll stand by you all! I believe in the Hackers!" Suki yelled out to them, "Plus unlike most here, I do know the truth I've seen Akio's Veemon, Yumi's Gatomon, and Riku's Hawkmon in action! I can't wait for you and Renamon to kick the Shadow six's butts!"

"I guess we have no choice in the matter." Sasuke sighed as he pulled out his black Digivice. "Gaomon release!"

"Let's find a rush!" Kimiko yelled as she pulled out her blue Digivice, "Renamon!"

Akane frowned as the crowd inside the DU gasped in amazement of the two real Digimon as he pulled out his own Digivice, "D-Dock one release."

Standing in front of Renamon and Gaomon was Akane's Digimon partner, BlackGuilmon. BlackGuilmon growled venomously at Renamon and Gaomon as the three stood locked in a stare down. Renamon remained calm as she looked around at the kids gathering around the Digi Area, yet a small part of her feared fighting here, which would endanger the gathering spectators. She glanced down to her companion, Gaomon, to see his muscles tensing up. It was clear that he was having the same thoughts she was about this battle. Plus, Renamon also knew that her partner was feeling the same way.

"I'm growing tiresome of this stare down, BlackGuilmon attack." Akane started the battle right there calling out commands to his Digimon.

BlackGuilmon let out a growl as he charged for Renamon and Gaomon. "Crimson Pyrosphere!"

Kimiko bit down on her lip as the attack came flying towards them. She quickly whipped out a modify card from her pocket, "Digi-Modify, Fire Crystal activate!" She yelled as she swiped the card through her blue Digivice.

Just after Kimiko had pulled the card through her Digivice, Renamon's purple gloves glowed and became bright red in color. Renamon quickly jumped in front of BlackGuilmon's attack. With her arms in front of her, her now red gloves absorbed the attack.

Both Kimiko and Sasuke let out a breath as the attack was being absorbed into Renamon's gloves. "That was too close for comfort. Gaomon, we clearly don't have the upper hand here." Sasuke pointed out to his Digimon.

"I know, Sir. What do you want me to do?" Gaomon asked.

"I don't know." Sasuke cringed, "There's no way Renamon can just keep absorbing BlackGuilmon's fire attacks, after a while they'll start inflicting damage to her. But we can't just start dodging them either, not with all these people here."

Gaomon frowned as he looked back at his partner, 'I can't stand seeing Sasuke like this, but what can I do there's no way I can fight or digivolve here.'

"Kimiko." Renamon snapped Gaomon out of his thoughts as she called out to her partner.

Kimiko didn't say a single word as she looked at her Digimon. She didn't have to in order to know what Renamon was telling her. Kimiko gave a small sign of hope through a smirk. The subway tunnels where they met and fully became tamer and Digimon.

"Sasuke follow my lead." Kimiko looked over at Sasuke and motioned for the subway tunnels with her head.

Sasuke followed her motioning with his eyes and smirked. The tunnels would be perfect! They could fight with ease in there. Sasuke then gave Kimiko a small nod of his head meaning he understood.

"Gaomon! Head for the subway tunnels!" Sasuke ordered his Digimon to leave the Digi Arena stage.

"Sir, yes, sir!" Gaomon nodded his head and headed into the crowd.

"Not so fast!" Akane yelled, "BlackGuilmon!"

"Crimson pyrosphere!" BlackGuilmon attacked Gaomon.

Gaomon was at the edge of the stage when he countered the attack, "Double Backhand!" He timed his counter attack just right to send BlackGuilmon's attack right back to him.

"Let's go Renamon!" Kimiko yelled as she and Sasuke headed for the tunnels.

The four ran away from the Digi Arena stage heading for the tunnels leaving the DU and the Shadow Tamers behind them. Akane clinched his fists at the sight of two hackers fall right out of his grip. Kira looked at him with shock as he started after them.

"Akane let them go." She told him, "Its not worth it. Besides He is waiting for us."

"I don't care." Akane growled at her, "I'm not going to face Him again with news of two Hackers slipping right through my grip. Come BlackGuilmon."

The black dragon Digimon followed faithfully behind Akane as he made his way after Kimiko and Sasuke. Akane finally found Kimiko and Sasuke deep within the tunnels.

"This is the end of the line for you, Hackers." Akane laughed evilly at them.

"I do believe that was a challenge." Sasuke commented to Kimiko.

"I quite agree with you." Kimiko nodded her head as Akane pulled out his black and deep red Digivice.

"Is that so, BlackGuilmon dark digivolve." Akane ordered his Digimon to digivolve.

"Sir that doesn't sound good." Gaomon commented.

"Kimiko?" Renamon stood waiting orders from her Tamer.

"BlackGuilmon digivolve to DarkGrowlmon."

BlackGuilmon had digivolved into an even more virus version of Growlmon. His body was coal black with blood red markings.

"I have a bad feeling about this." Sasuke muttered under his breath.

"We have to digivolve!" Kimiko yelled at the Digimon. "I doubt that we can win otherwise."

Suddenly, DarkGrowlmon attacked, "Hell Pyro Blast!"

Kimiko found herself right in the path of the attack, "Kimiko look out!" Sasuke yelled as he, Gaomon, and Renamon rushed towards her.

This act caused a bright light to flood out of both Sasuke's Digivice and Kimiko's.

"Gaomon digivolve to Gaogomon!"

"Renamon digivolve to Kyubimon!"

Just as Sasuke was able to reach Kimiko and pull her to the ground a large blue wolf countered the oncoming attack, "Spiral Blow!"

"No one attacks my Tamer like that." Kimiko and Sasuke looked up to find Kyubimon spreading out her nine tails, "Fox Tail Inferno!"

The Hackers watched as the attack hit DarkGrowlmon causing the champion level Digimon to revert back to his rookie level.

"Blast it!" Akane growled as he ran back toward Digital Underground.

"Hey get back here!" Sasuke yelled after him as Kimiko grabbed onto his arm.

"Let him go back to who ever he is working for, we won." Kimiko told him as she smiled up at their Champion level Digimon.