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Well, thanks to the lovely Tearlit and her funny HP Muse, I was able to come up with this little drabble. I hope you like it!

Here's to You, Mum

"Hey, mum?"

Sirius never got along with his mother. He was always doing things that she disagreed with and ended up with her feeling thoroughly displeased. Regulus accused him of doing these things on purpose, but that was ridiculous. Why would he want to displease his mother?

"Yes, Sirius?"

"What do you think of my new hairdo?"

Mrs. Black looked at her eldest son. She blinked. She pushed her specs up her nose and looked at him again. Ultimately, she shrieked and fainted.

Sirius patted his bright blue hair. "Well, Reggie's right; I do do it on purpose," he mused.


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