Long red hair cascaded down the womans body, the strands stick to her by blood and sweat. Her

breaths come in short heavy gasps while her eyes are tightly closed against the pain that racked

every fiber of her bean. Her wrists bound above her head by chains and feet rapped with wire so tightly

that blood seeped over the silver strings to drip to the floor. Tattered pieces of her clothes hung

from her body, cut so by an array of knives and Kunie. The womans normally tanned skin shown with

black and blue marks from every angle. A crimson stream flowed from her lips as she struggled

against the man before her. He smiled wickedly and spoke in a soft voice that caused a shiver to run

through her. The sound of Childrens screams filled the air.

Her head snapped up and bright green eyes opened in horror. At her reaction the man laughed long

and hard, a display of bright white and pointy teeth that made his long white hair dull in comparison.

The next feature of this man that seemed to jump to your eyes was his skin, so pale that it seemed

almost tranparent, the only noticeable color he showed came from a black beaded knecklace that

twisted around his left forearm and ended around his middle finger. A single bead touched the hilt of a

large dagger that reached a foot in length. The usual silver glistend with the womans blood, her figure

now desperately tugging agaisnt that which bound her.

The man turned as the door creaked open and two frightened pairs of eyes were dragged into the

room by a manacing figure worse than the beaded man himself. A blue eyed four year old hovered

protectively over a green eyed two year old and both screamed in terror at the sight of their mother

hung from the ceiling. Crystal clear tears fell from the womans eyes at the sight of her roughed up

children with their hands tide behind their backs and fear evident in their steps. When did they get

ahold of her children? Those basterds.

The man, whose black haired tipped in red swayed from side to side with his every move, peered at

her in amusement. He look down at her little boy and smiled devilishly. The man stepped up to her till

they stood side by side and whisered in her ear. "Your boy looks just like his father... And your girl l

ooks just like you. But I wonder, which one of them will scream louder for Shinigame when he has his

fun?" The man stepped back as the woman attempted to bash her head into his skull with her own.

Her screams of anguish filled the air as the two children were forced to the floor.