When You Were Mine Chapter One- I'll Protect You..

Another Amuto story ;

I do not own Shugo Chara!

Amu and Ikuto are best friends they were best friends since they were five years old Amu is in 9th grade and Ikuto is in 10th grade it's the first day of school and here is where our story begins…

Amu: ahh! I'm so scared it's school! And I'm a freshmen!! I'm gonna get beat up!

Ikuto shows up next to Amu

Ikuto: don't worry Amu I'll make sure you don't get beat up!

Amu: thanks ikuto I can always count on you!

Amu hugs Ikuto

Ikutos POV

When I said that I would make sure no one would beat her up I was serious..

I have recently developed feelings for Amu.. I'm not sure when I'll confess.. I just..

When she hugged me I felt a blush coming.. I immediately thought of something else so I wouldn't blush.


Amu checked her watch

Amu: oh my god!! We're going to be late

Amu grabbed Ikutos hand and ran dragging Ikuto with her

They soon both arrived at there homeroom they were in the same classes

Ikutos POV

Yes!! I'm in the same classes as Amu, I just hope I don't blush when she gets near me..


Everyone lined up on the wall so the teacher could assign seats

Teacher: okay lets see… okay lets start with Hinamori Amu you will sit in row 1 seat 1

Amu walked over to her seat which was right next to a window

Teacher: okay now tsukiyumi Ikuto you will sit…right behind Hinamori Amu

Ikuto walked over to his seat and whispered in Amus ear

Ikuto: now I can really make sure no one touches you

Amu smiled and turned around

Amu: thanks ikuto smiles

The teacher finished assigning seats there was an empty seat across from Amus desk she wondered why it was empty..

The whole day ikutos seat ended up in front of behind or next to Amus seat

At the end of the day Amu walked out of the school then…

A boy came up to her and said

Boy: Yo freshmen!

Amu: huh?

Boy: ready for a beating?!

Amu: gulp uh.. w-what do you me-mean??

The boy came up to Amu and cornered her, her back against the wall and the boy in front of her, Amu shut her eyes for the pain to be over then suddenly she heard someone get punched. Amu opened her eyes and saw the boy on the floor and ikuto panting.

Amu: ikuto?! What's wrong?? Are you okay??

Ikuto: smiles I'm fine what about you?? Are you okay?? Did he touch you?? Hurt you??

Amu: chuckles I'm fine I'm fine.. Oh and ikuto?

Ikuto: yeah?

Amu: thanks

Ikuto: I told you I wouldn't let anyone touch you Amu and I'll keep that promise

Ikuto walked Amu home

Amu: ikuto you didn't have to walk me home..

Ikuto: its okay I wanted to make sure you got home safe

Amu: oh ikuto! why do you seem so paranoid?

Ikuto: I'm not.. hides blush okay I got to go now bye Amu!

Amu: Bye ikuto!!

Ikuto ran home his face burning from his blush

Ikuto thought "I can't believe I'm blushing! This isn't like me.. sigh Amu.."

He saw again how Amu almost got beat up


Ikuto walked out of the school, he saw someone in an alleyway with pink hair

Ikuto: AMU!!

Ikuto ran towards the pink haired girl and saw a fist moving towards her face, ikuto ran up the boy and punched him in the stomach.

Flashback over

Ikuto: sigh Amu.. I promise.. I'll never let that happen again..

Soon ikuto arrived home when his sister Utau heard the door open she jumped up and ran towards ikuto


Ikuto dodged the running Utau coming at him

Utau fell on the floor she began to cry

Utau: Oww!! Wahh! Ikuto I'm crying!! Help me it hurts!

Ikuto: No, its your fault you ran towards me

Ikuto went into his room and locked the door

Utau got up and sat on the couch pouting

Ikuto laid on his bed then his chara Yoru came to his side

Yoru: thinking about Amu again ikuto?

Ikuto: shut up Yoru..

Yoru: hehehehehe..

Ikuto flicked Yorus nose

Yoru: NYA! IKUTO!!

Ikuto: its your fault for asking

Yoru: pouts and climbs into his egg

The next day (its winter so its snowing.. Yeah… I'm not sure ha-ha)

Ikuto got out of his bed and got dressed, he decided to pick Amu up from her house. When Ikuto got to Amus house he noticed Amu was on the floor in the snow.

Ikuto: AMU!!

Ikuto immediately ran to her and looked at her

What happened:

Amu came out of her house she felt a little dizzy this morning.. She thought it was just a little headache when she got outside she saw that everything was moving around she fell to her knees and then laid down in the snow unconscious

Ikuto picked Amu up and ran towards the nearest hospital, he signed the forms

Doctor: what relation do you have to her??

Ikuto: I'm.. her….. Cousin..

Doctor: oh okay

Soon Amu was on a hospital bed, Ikuto sitting on a chair next to her

Ikutos POV

I said I'd protect her.. And this is what happened.. I guess I can't really protect her.. But.. I just can't let her go.. I… I just don't know how I developed these feelings.. We've only been friends… just friends… sigh

Amu: opens eyes huh?

Ikuto: Amu!

Amu: turns head and faces him Ikuto? Why are you here? Why am I here? What happened?

Ikuto went up to Amu and sat on the bed

Ikuto: well I decided to pick you up to go to school.. And when I got there you were on the floor unconscious so I ran to the hospital and here you are and I'm waiting for you until you get better

Amu: Oh.. Thanks Ikuto! You're my best friend! hugs Ikuto

Ikuto: blush thinks: best friend?

Doctor: okay Ms. Hinamori you may go now, just take it easy you fainted because of stress so be careful, you were lucky that your cousin was there to bring you here.

Amu: Cousin?

Ikuto: Cousin..

Amu: Oh.. Cousin yeah of course haha

Doctor: ? Don't you know he's your cousin?

Amu: I do its just he's a very distant cousin

Ikuto thinks "distant??"

Doctor: oh I see okay you may change and leave have a nice day and remember be careful.

Amu&Ikuto: nod

Out of the hospital..

Ikuto: Amu..

Amu: hm?

Ikuto: I'm sorry I wasn't there sooner..

Amu: what do you mean Ikuto?

Ikuto: I wish I was there so you wouldn't have fainted..

Amu: Ikuto? What are you talking about the doctor said I fainted because of stress remember?

Ikuto: yeah.. Well.. I wish I could've protected you better

Amu: oh Ikuto! hugs

Ikuto: blush

Amu remained hugging Ikuto until they got to school it was 12:59

Amu: an hour left of school..

Ikuto: wanna ditch?

Amu: I guess

End of Chapter! hope you're enjoying it!