…and now for this important announcement…

This story has been written and this link will soon be archived.

Please visit and bookmark the new story for further updates.

Follow from my profile. Here's the Link: .net/s/5549994/1/Ascension_of_the_Morning_Star

This Story was created as a part of a large series/novel tentatively titled "Evening Star/Morning Star" and it has been rewritten by the original author and will be posted as part of the series under the final title: "Ascension of the Morning Star".

Whether or not you realized this story was a part of a bigger project I very much appreciate your interest in my writing and I hope that in spite of the long hiatus you might be enticed to see the final product: Ascension of the Morning Star

The entire novel includes 13 lengthy chapters. This will prove to be about 100 or more posts!

Here's a sneak peek:

After all the planning and wedding hoopla, Bella's changing is not a dream come true. The journey will force the Cullen family to confront their humanity and their experience will rock the mythical world. Destiny is never assured; but it often is obvious even if we do not choose to accept it. Ascension of the Morning Star details how Bella's unique destiny will dramatically change not only the Cullen's but the entire vampire world. This is an ALT BD, and covers much of the ground skimmed, overlooked, and in some cases neglected, including the build to the wedding, the decision to be changed, and all the experiences that surround Bella's journey to immortality. Did you ever think it would be easy for her? Of course not, but...nothing is impossible...not for Isabella Swan Cullen.

(It's really amazing, if I do say so myself!)

Please, come check it out and let me know what you think! THANKS!

Rosalind Leconte