I kept on running, running despite that my legs were hurting me, running despite that it was becoming dark. The sun was setting over the horizon, over the hill that I was running towards. I looked back; the beautiful and magnificent town that I was once in was just a speck of dust in the distance.

I used up all of my energy for running and dropped down to my knees. Covering my face with my hands I screamed and cried hysterically as I let go of my tears. No one was around to see me; no one was around to comfort me. I don't know where Seishiro went, it just felt like everything was ceased to exist.

Then when I thought I sensed something familiar but yet wasn't, I felt a hand clamping onto my shoulder. I looked up and saw Seishiro at my side; I didn't realize he was there because my mind was focused on wanting to see Kamui. . . but. . .somehow. . .I feel his presence. . .but it wasn't right.

Seishiro kneeled down beside me, moving his hand to my cheek and wiping away the tears but more tears were force to come out.

"I don't understand why you're still crying when I'm here." Seishiro frowned, gazing at me questionably as I continued to break down. "Are you mourning over your dead brother?"

The word dead struck me painfully, but somehow it wasn't true, Kamui wasn't dead, I could sense his presence, he was alive, but why was there something different about it? Am I going mad? Or at least more mad? I could just be imagining it. . .

"He isn't dead. . ." I proclaimed silently, looking straight at Seishiro with determined eyes.

"And why do you think so? Is it because you want him to be?"

I suddenly dropped hope at that, maybe it is because I want to believe that he's alive. Yeah, he couldn't be alive, why would I be able to feel his presence here anyways? He couldn't be here, unless. . . I sensed for another familiar presence and instantly found it. My eyes glowed gold and my claws were tempting to come out.

I was about to break off into a run but Seishiro grabbed hold of my arm and pulled me back to the ground. His arms wrapped around me possessively and I felt completely numb. My eyes changed back to green and my head swayed to the side subconsciously with a blank look. I was being treated like a doll. . no. . .I'm always treated like a doll . . . always being played around with in games that I couldn't win but was forced to play.

I felt his embrace tightened, practically squeezing me, practically suffocating me. He wasn't going to let go, I was his, he was mine, but I just can't accept that. Willingly but painfully I preyed his arms off of me with my claws and retreated several feet away from him.

My eyes returned to their bright golden hue color, glaring darkly at Seishiro who was looking quite displeased and shook his head curtly. He gradually with graceful steps headed towards me but I stepped back at each raised and landing of his feet. I shielded myself with my claws that were long and whip like, ready to attack but I didn't want to, but I had to.

"I don't want to hurt you, Seishiro." I kept walking backwards at a slow pace and Seishiro imitated the same rate of pace.

"Then why do you have your claws out?" Seishiro asked curiously, each step her took made my heart frighteningly skip a beat, I was surprised that my heart didn't stop beating already.

"I . . . I don't know. . ." I admitted, I really didn't want to attack, but if it was to get me out of this hell. . .

I swiftly rushed forward in a zigzag pattern, arms outstretched with my claws slashing at the air like whips. Tears flew out of my eyes as I looked at Seishiro who stood perfectly still with that everlasting smile on his face. That smile that always mocks me. . .

I jumped in the air but Seishiro disappeared before I could sweep downward to attack. When I landed, Seishiro wasn't in sight as I frantically looked for him. But oblivious, he was always at my sight all the time; I can just never see him. A strong impact threw me unexpectedly to the ground. Seishiro had his sword plunged into my abdomen and I painfully coughed off blood. The small trail of blood stained my bottom lip and meandered down to my neck.

"I am rather disappointed that you tried to attack me, again." Seishiro rested his head on the handle of his sword while keeping it plunged into me. I tried not to scream as he kept the sword in place, I wanted him to take it out, it hurt so much, but that wasn't the only thing that was hurting. . .no. . .there was a greater pain . . . and this stab wound was nothing compared to it. . .

"I . . . I just want to see Kamui. . ." I murmured, my mind was becoming fuzzy by the loss of blood. "I want to see him so bad. . ."

"But I'm here, Subaru." Seishiro exclaimed as he leaned down and gladly licked the blood off of my neck. I winced and turned my head away but Seishiro forced me to look at him, and not only his face but his eyes as well. "You are mine."

He retracted his sword but kept me pinned down with my body feeling completely numb again. Blood freely poured out, staining my clothes in a deep red but pretty soon the wound would be healing up. Although, not all wounds that I receive heal. . .

I just laid there, staring up at the sky miserably, seeing all the stars that were all free and were mocking me of their eternal freedom in the sky. I didn't respond, there wasn't a need to speak. I just stayed there on the ground with my swollen eyes blurring and hearing my voice being called soothingly in a whisper of "sweet dreams."

I woke up with a start, my breathing fast and unaware of my surroundings before recognizing that I was still in the field and that it was almost dawn. Seishiro wasn't around, I sensed that he was back at the village, probably doing an errand, I don't know. . . I stood up, my side hurting slightly but the wound was healed now.

I staggered weakly through the field before sensing a too familiar but yet different presence nearby. No, it couldn't be . . . my mind was probably messing with me again, but I couldn't help but run as fast as I could towards the scent. It was different, but yet so similar . . . but it was definitely Kamui's presence.

I soon came across an old looking tent that was settled on top of a small hill. I entered the tent with no hesitation, knowing that my mind wasn't fooling me, nor were my eyes as they settled upon what was in front of me, driving me to tears once more.

Lying on a parchment like hammock that was attached onto two long, wooden poles on opposite ends was Kamui. . . and he was breathing. Although his breathing was steady, he was still alive with bandages wrapped all over him, especially his arms. Wait, why were there bandages on him? Yes he was fatally wounded, but vampires heal fast, but the questions that bugged me the most were why does his presence seem off and who was taking care of Kamui?

Before I could get closer to examine Kamui, I felt another too familiar presence behind me. My eyes glowed gold and claws extended out. I stood in front of Kamui, guarding him protectively as I glared darkly at Fuma who smirked indifferently who stood at the entrance.

"Why give the person who saved your brother's life that look?"Fuma asked.

I didn't let my guard down at that but asked: "Why does Kamui's presence feel different? What did you do!?"

Fuma cocked his head in confusion. "Can't you tell? Surely you've been around them to recognize their presence. I made Kamui human to save his life."

A/N: Yay, twist~ yay, Fuma~ And yay, Kamui is alive! And yay, an evil cliffhanger~ ah, don't you all just love those?