Summary; What if Bella had died after giving birth to Renesmee? 10 years later, Renesmee is living her life without a mother, and a father, whom she thinks hates her. Edward has been lonely, heartless, and lifeless since Bella's death and barely pays any attention to his family anymore, focusing on music, thinking it's all Renesmee's fault of Bella's death. When Renesmee has had enough of her father hating and ignoring her for 10 years straight, she does something drastic, leaving Jacob and her family in pain, but how long will it take for Edward to realize his daughter is gone? Someone finally knocks some sense into him, and realizes what he's missed out on the past 10 years.

A:N/ So. I thought of this last night, not knowing what to expect out of the writing. If I get responses from it, I'll probably have something up by tomorrow night?

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