Authorts Note:

Hello all.

I've come with sad news today.

Two weeks ago, my dear computer, Gary, died from diet soda.

And that computer, Gary, had all my lovely stories saved on them.

So for now, I am giving up at these stories:


Coming to Terms.

Stay With Me.

The Great Escape.

& BOCD High.

So for now, A Beautiful Smile to Hide the Pain, and My Life Would Suck Without You, are the only two I would be POSSIBLY updating now.

ABStHtP, is going to be updated more frequently, once I get back into writing.


I have got another idea.

It's AU, AH, and OOC.

And I need a beta.

(Twilight, BTW.)

If you want to know the idea, and would possibly be interested in helping me, send me a message (PM,) and I'll get back to you.

I just need someone who can catch easy mistakes, and is good a grammar and spelling.

I'm fairly good at both, but I don't have Microsoft Word, so WordPad doesn't catch all my mistakes.

Thanks everyone!