Authors Note: I was going to put this as a different story

Authors Note: I was going to put this as a different story. But then I changed my mind…mainly because I couldn't find the story in books. Enjoy. By the way…who cares if it's crap. Just trying to do my best. But it will get better

Good Ideas

Sirius Black was sitting in the common room with his 3 best friends one night when he suddenly got a BRILLIANT idea.

"Hey guys?" asked Sirius

"Yeah man?" replied James who was playing a game of exploding snap with Lupin.

"Put that game on hold for a minute and listen to me"

"You know well that we can't put a game on hold. If we do it will explode" said Moony putting a card down.


"You were saying?" asked Sirius with a grin on his face trying to keep his laugh back at the sight of his 2 best friends whose faces were covered in ash.

"Please…what were you going to say?" Peter asked

"Well I have a very good idea. You know how we write notes to each other in class?" Padfoot asked

The 3 of them nodded

"Well I was wondering if youse would like to start a letterbook with me. We could put all our notes and everything else in there so when we get older we can have good memories to look back on" explained Sirius

"That sounds like…" started Moony

"A very good idea. Who knows what we'll put in there." Said Prongs

"But this has to stay between us okay?"

"Dude…I would never let our secrets out…well maybe the one of Lily Evans which I've already told you guys. But you wouldn't tell anyone else right?" asked Prongs looking at his friends anxiously

"Of course not mate. Your secret is safe with us" said Padfoot

"And Moony's 'furry little problem' is also safe. But I would like to get Snivellis in that shack with you one day. That would be exciting." Said Wormtail

"It would be dangerous Wormtail" said Moony lowering his voice

"I know…I was just saying" said Peter

"Guys, guys, guys. So are we doing this book or not?" asked Padfoot.

"You have a book?" asked Moony

"Yep" Sirius said and pulled out a blank book from his bag.

"Sweet" said Prongs

"Let's start it tomorrow in Binns class. Unless Moony has to takes notes"

"You guys start that and I'll join in during the lesson" said Moony standing up "I'm going to bed. Night all"

"Yeah me too. Coming Peter? Peter?" asked Prongs to Wormtail who has fallen asleep in his chair.

"Just leave him there" said Moony

The 3 friends went to bed. But Padfoot stayed awake and thought of the next day's events. And how exciting they would be.

Authors Note: I know the first chapter was a disgrace but I promise it will get better.