Swing My Way

Disclaimer: I do not own Law and Order: Criminal Intent – amazing I know.

Summary: She can only wonder why.

Author's Note: Needed a little break from some of my other works and this little piece crept into my mind. Hasn't been beta'd so all mistakes are mine and mine alone (sorry screwing up any tenses btw). I hope everyone enjoys this.

Also this is dedicated to Kyasurin-chan.

Megan Wheeler knows that Mike Logan is protective.

It's not like it's overbearing but it's there. When he comes into the room she feels just that bit safer because she knows he isn't going to let anything happen to her. She thinks it lies in the amount of partners he has had, that he doesn't want to lose another. How many has he had actually? Like six?

She can still remember when she first got partnered with him. He had been so direct and yet so hidden. She had had to fight to find a way in. She still isn't really there but she is closer. She thinks it's because he's lost so much that he doesn't want to make a big emotional investment.

But at other times she wonders if she's got it all wrong about the partner thing.

Like that time when her ex-boyfriend started stalking her. She hadn't been worried but she had seen the way he tensed when chocolates and flowers made their way to her desk. She saw it and that's why she had held back from telling him about the dead dove that had found its way outside her door. He hadn't needed to know.

She could remember clearly when her ex found her at a bar and how Mike, who hadn't even been sitting with her, had crossed the bar and told him to piss off.

"You can't tell me what to do!" her ex had said.

"Buddy, clear off now," Mike had said, using his height to its advantage. She had seen how the bar had gone silent, how all eyes were on the two alpha males.

"No, she's mine,"

Mike had then said, "No, mine,"

What had happened next could've been prevented. Mike could've easily dodged the punch, and pushed him to the ground and arrested her ex. But instead he let her ex hit him and he had hit back, given it his all before slapping on the cuffs. To the outside eye it looked like he had had no choice but she had known better. He could've stopped it earlier.

So Megan wonders if there is something more.

Like just two days ago when they found themselves at a crime scene. She had felt sick to the stomach as she saw a little girl with long red hair, butchered beside her parents. She could take dead bodies but that was too much. That girl looked like her.

But then he had grabbed her hand and given it a little squeeze. He had winked and then let go to look through the crime scene. With that little squeeze she had suddenly felt braver and with that little squeeze she had gone head to head with the son of a bitch in interrogation.

It really made Megan wonder.

She now sits on a swing, the wind rushing through her hair, her mind running over a million possibilities. She knows so much, but knows so little. It's confusing and frustrating and now she has that little girl's face burned into her retina.

And then she sees him, standing just in her line of sight, watching her.

Her heart skips an extra beat and as she rushes down towards the ground she vaults off the swing. She stumbles slightly as she the force from the swing carries her forward. But suddenly his arms are around her, holding her tightly.

She doesn't know how he got there, what he's doing there – only that he is there.

But she still wonders.