Ch. 12 Akatsuki vs. Orochimaaru Part 1

A Boy and His Sensei

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Previously: How am I going to stop Madara? Itachi thought to himself as he followed his partner to the meeting location.

Itachi walked into a cave where the other members of Akatsuki were preparing to meet to bind another of the great tailed beast. The Sanbi had been captured and was being brought to be bound. In the room, Tobi, Pein, Konan, Zetsu, Itachi, Kisame, Hidan, Kakuzu, Deidara, and Sasori stood ready to do their part in the binding.

The members of the group stood on their respective positions. Each member concentrated and the giant demon statute drew its power from the chakra of each member of the Akatsuki for the binding. Each binding took a lot out the members, so it had to be done in a protected location with several seals and traps to prevent the process from being disturbed.

While the binding was going on, Itachi was mentally reviewing the situation that stood before him. The man who led to his exile was pretending to be this idiot "Tobi", but in reality, he was one of the five strongest ninjas of all time in his prime. Though he was a shell of his former glory, he retained his ultimate control of time and space with his "phasing" ability. It would be extremely difficult to attack a being who could not be struck by ninjutsu or taijutsu blows. When you add in the fact that his eyes were beyond the realm of genjutsu, he was a difficult opponent to defeat.

In addition, the true purpose of capturing the tailed beast has not been revealed. Pein was explaining a plan to destroy the power of other ninja villages to bring peace, but the methodology was not truly his to explain. He was merely a puppet of the Akatsuki "idiot", Tobi. Would the beasts be bound to new hosts? Could they control the beast? How do you control something that is a force of nature?

While Itachi was deep in contemplation, Tobi was reviewing his fellow Uchiha. I think that Itachi is ready to move against me. His body betrays his comfort with our plans. He holds Kisame back subtly with his strategies. I must prepare to remove Itachi from this equation and bring Sasuke to embrace his destiny as the avenger of the Uchiha clan.

Zetsu knew that Madara was plotting to reveal the truth, and he was willing to be the right hand man of the strongest shinobi of all time. The plant man was a master of espionage and information gathering for his allies. He was virtually undetectable as he could emerge and move freely through the earth. In fact, Zetsu was often observing Itachi and reporting the information to Madara. In fact, he had provided a subtle poison that only Zetsu could adminster through his plant abilities through the plants that Itachi and Kisame would rest near. Zetsu's abilities allowed him to graft his body to those plants and release the poison through the plants system. It would seep from the plant's trunk , and the poison was aimed to slowly speed up the illness that plagued Uchiha who had attained the Sharingan's ultimate form, Magenkyo. Over time, Itachi's eyes were rapidly losing his vision and his heart was being weakened. Madara believed he could defeat any opponent, but he knew that a shinobi as skilled as Itachi who also possessed the Sharingan could be a formidable foe. He knew that Itachi would have detected a traditional fast working poison, but this formula would allow Itachi to be useful to the Akatsuki's goals while not being a threat to his plans. In the end, Madara would have Itachi removed, when he no longer proved useful and retain those powerful eyes.

Orochimaaru's Lair:

In a lair under the Hidden Sound Village, a boy with shark like teeth squared off against Sasuke. Sasuke charged at the boy and screamed "Chidori" as his lightning blade struck the boy square in his face. However, unlike other traditional opponents, this boy simply absorbed the blow like a lake absorbs the impact of a boulder crashing into a lake. Suigetsu simply reformed and smirked at Sasuke. He knew that the Sasuke would have killed him a thousand times over, if it were not for his unique composition of his body. "Sasuke, you are truly a worthy ally, but what fuels your desire to be strong?"

"It is just the simple goal of avenging my clan." Sasuke explained a matter of factly. Sasuke leaped back and release his "Phoenix Style Fireball Jutsu" and tried to evaporate his opponent. Sasuke did not have anything against Suigetsu, but he could not hold back against opponents. It was the only way he could improve to take on a shinobi of Itachi's caliber.

Suigetsu knew that this could be bad, so he simply merged into the ground to avoid a direct impact. He reemerged behind Sasuke and launched out with his blade to impale the Uchiha where he stood. Sasuke reacted quickly and jumped away from the decapitating blow that Sugeitsu was planning to deliver.

Sasuke's Sharingan was ablaze, and he was able to use it to be reacting quick enough to avoid the blow. At that point, Sasuke knew that Sugeitsu's weakness would be to fire based attacks. He launched another fireball at Suigetsu who was only able to partially dodge it. The fire evaporated a large part of Suigetsu's water like body and left him in a lot of pain. Sasuke seizing the advantage used the momentary charring to launch a "Great Fireball" jutsu that Suigetsu was able to only avoid by putting up a water wall to help absorb the blow. However, with the jutsu and the fire attack that he was not able to avoid, he was not in good shape. He did not see Sasuke use the momentary blind spot that his water wall defense had caused to then electrify his entire body and send out a powerful lighting strike that conduct through the water. Sasuke knew that Suigetsu's skill was to use his water to avoid direct strikes. However, since electricity conducted through water, it would still be able to cause him numbness. Without his bearing on his surrounding, he felt like his whole body was on fire. He could feel that his water based body was evaporating at such a fast rate that he would not survive. He began screaming , and writhing in pain unaware that his body was not evaporating. He was caught in a genjutsu that magnified his worst fear.

At that moment, the Snake Sannin, who was watching the spar, emerged from the ground clapping to his two pupils. "Well done Sasuke! Kabuto, help our poor aquatic friend recover."

Orochimaaru was not sure about Sasuke's loyalties, but he was confident that unlike Itachi who was able to repel his attempt to take over his mind. He had two different advantages that he did not have then, as Sasuke's anger made him more vulnerable to a mental invasion, and Sasuke was infected with the Curse seal. The Curse seal exerted a mental link between the person with the seal and Orochimaaru, which he could use to his advantage.

"Ku,ku,ku…Sasukekun, you have done well, but we have a long way to progress before you are ready to face your brother." Orochimaaru snidely reminded his prized pupil. As they turned back, they could see Kabuto was helping lower Suigetsu into a water based tub to help reconstitute his body and recooperate.

"I know Orochimaaru that there is more to do, but my limitation is with you as a teacher." Sasuke calmly mocked the Snake Sannin earning a look of anger from Kabuto.

"Sasuke, show Lord Orochimaaru more respect!" the second in command barked at Sasuke. Sasuke only sneered with contempt filled look.

In the Akatsuki's lair:

As the binding of the Sanbi was nearing completion, "What is the status report, Hidan?" Pain asked.

" We are having trouble finding the Gobi, as he has been wandering the elemental nations." Hidan responded nervously knowing that this would agitate Pain.

"We must capture the lower tailed beast and use their power to help us hold the Kyubi's power." Pain announced. "Redouble your efforts, as we are running out of time, Hidan? Where are we with the Shukaku, Hachibi, and Neko?"

"I am working with my man to bring the Shukaku to us. He has slowly been laying out our entrance and exit route, as invading the Village Hidden in the Sand is not a easy task." Sasori of the Red Sand succinctly explained.

"The Hachibi and Neko are two elite Jounin for the Village Hidden in the Clouds. With the Hachibi's brother the Raikage; we will need to use a different strategy to draw them out." explained Kakuzu.

"Well, I do have one good piece of news. I have discovered the whereabouts of our former teammate, Orochimaru's hideout. I want a team sent to retrieve our ring. Orochimaru is a wild card that I want eliminated. Hidan and Kakuzu, please go and retrieve the ring." Pain ordered.

"I wanted to get Orochimaru. I hate to keep him waiting for the punishment of abandoning me in that trap." Sasori hissed.

"Sasori, I know that you are angry, but as you are closer to succeeding in getting us the Shukaku; I cannot risk that your focus be diverted. Also, since Hidan and Kakuzu are not in a position to get the Gobi; I would rather their talents be diverted to collecting our ring. We will need the ring for the final binding of the beast." Pain explained to Sasori.

The meeting was dismissed and the pairs left to their respective missions.

Orochimaaru's Lair:

Hidan and Kakuzu got the instructions and were dispatched to find Orochimaru. Itachi contemplated the Pain and the power that this powerful ninja possessed. He wields the Rinnengan, and is as strong as the Sage of Six Paths. How do you defeat such a powerful ninja?

The next day, Hidan and Kakuzu find the secret lair of Orochimaru. As they were two of the most powerful members of Akatsuki, they rarely relied on stealth, and they had their immortality to overwhelm their opponents.

Kakuzu performed hand signals quickly, and he was able to perform a earth jutsu and he shouted "Earth's One Million Spear", and the ground surrounding the lair was impaled with several sone spikes. In the bushes, Sound Chunnin who were positioned to guard the lair, were destroyed in minutes. A few moments passed, but the wall of his underground lair was cracked by a large, piercing rock; wall crumbled around the spike.

"This is going to be a great bounty. Don't you think Hidan?" Kakuzu casually announced as they walked up to devastation.

"Blood will be spilled you, heathen in the name of Jashin. Who cares for money, when you can serve the noble Jashin?" Hidan barked at his teammate. Their pairing was because they could work together, and also Kakuzu was the only person who could definitely survive the random rages of the blood thirsty Jashin follower.

Upon cue, hundreds of half deformed experiments of the cursed sealed were released upon the Akatsuki members. Hopefully, this will slow them down. I always hated that Jashin lunatic and Kakuzu as they are basically immortal. Orochimaaru was thinking as he was preparing to evacuate if need be. This lab was difficult to leave as he many experiments that were showing signs of being fruitful.

With his large scythe, Hidan was making short work of the experiments. Orochimaaru was careful to not waste resources, and he sent out the weakest of the experiments first in a attempt to wear these S-class ninja down.

Blood was raining across the half crazed smile of Hidan from the bodies of the experiments who stood no chance. The blood drenched him, and he was lost in a euphoric joy of serving his lord, Jashin.

Kakuzu was less enthusiastic, as he was only concerned with killing Orochimaaru, Kabuto, and Sasuke; as they were valuable shinobi in the Bingo Book. Why spend the time, if it was not profitable? He launched a boulder into group of experiments emerging from the lair, as he was screaming curses at Orochimaaru for delaying the inevitable.

"Kabuto, prepare the journals, the field notes on the experiments, and inform Sasuke to be ready to leave." Kabuto nodded and he quickly left to find the heir of the Uchiha clan.

Sasuke who heard the devastation was startled from his room. This is it. I can finally test my mettle against true opponents. No one willing challenges Orochimaaru with such a bold entrance. Sasuke took this moment to charge to sound of the noise.

"Wait up Sasuke! Do not go that way, as you may not be ready!"Kabuto yelled to a bolting Sasuke.

Damn! This punk is going to force us to present ourselves to Hidan and Kakuzu. Those are both enemies that could defeat Lord Orochimaaru. I have to alert my lord to see if he wants to protect his precious Sasuke and those special eyes. Kabuto rushed back to tell his lord.