Title: A Moment in Time

Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood or its characters.

Pairing: Janto

Warning: Slash, language

Summary: A Jack from the future falls through the Rift and spends a few hours with Ianto.

Spoilers: I've only seen up to the end of the First season (I'm buying the second season soon) so there shouldn't be any spoilers unless you haven't seen even that much.



Chapter #1: Falling Through


YEAR 2008


"Oi! Tea-boy!"

Looking up from fiddling with the coffee machine at the shout, Ianto sighed and turned to Owen. "Yes?" he asked politely, "Did you need something?"

Owen raised his empty coffee cup up in the air, not bothering to look away from his computer screen. "Yeah. Fill me up, would ya?"

"Of course," Ianto said, abandoning the coffee machine to walk over to Owen and take the cup from his hands. Walking back to the coffee machine and waiting a few moments for the pot to finish filling up before taking it and pouring Owen another cup. Returning the cup to Owen's side, he then turned to see if the other's needed another fill-up too. They did.

That was his life nowadays. Ignoring the occasional trip down to the archive to file away another alien artifact or up to the Tourist Office to deal with a customer, his days were usually spent keeping the others in coffee and cleaning up after their messes. And to think, he used to have so much promise.

Ianto shook his head with a frown as he got together a tray, trying to clear his head of such thoughts. What was he thinking? He was useful. Who else knew the archives inside and out? Who else could run the Tourist Office? So what if it seemed that all he was nowadays was a glorified secretary. He had a job. That was all that mattered.

Knocking on the door to Jack's office and hearing the answering "Come in!", Ianto eased the door open and entered the small room. "Your coffee, sir," he said, holding up the cup he held as if to validate his statement.

Jack looked up from his paperwork and smiled at him. "Ah, Ianto. Just the person I wanted to see. And can I say, love the suit."

Ianto carefully placed Jack's coffee—two sugars, one milk—down on his desk and stepped back, folding his hands behind his back. "Thank you, sir," he said stiffly. He really didn't want to get into what Jack was clearly aiming at. It just made him feel all the more like the secretary he might as well be, screwing his boss like he was trying for a promotion. Never mind the fact that Ianto was actually starting to feel something for the other man. It just showed him what an idiot he could be because Jack would never think of him like that. Jack was just using him for a bit of fun, that was all. "Can I get you anything else while I'm here?" Ianto asked, hoping for Jack to say no so he could leave.

Jack smiled again, standing up from behind his desk and approaching Ianto slowly. "Well, now, that's the thing. I can think of quite a few things you can definitely help me out with." Getting closer, Jack ran a hand down Ianto's chest and Ianto carefully held still, not wanting to move a muscle in case that gave Jack the wrong idea.

Carefully pushing Jack's hand away, Ianto took a step back. "Careful, sir," he warned, "We're at work."

Jack only stepped closer again, taking hold of Ianto's suit folds and pulling Ianto's hips in to meet his as he did so. "I'm sure the boss won't mind."

Ianto still held himself still, not quite trusting himself. "Yes, but anyone can hear us," he said, trying again to escape the inevitable.

"Not if we're quiet," Jack breathed, moving his head in so that his lips just barely brushed Ianto's own. "We can even make a game of it," he finished cheerfully, bringing his head back to smile brightly.

That smile almost did the trick. Ianto was wearing down, his hands coming up to clutch at Jack's braces of their own accord as he closed his eyes and breathed in Jack's scent. "But . . ."

And that was when the Rift alarm went off.

Ianto's eyes popped open and he quickly pulled away from Jack again, smoothing his hands over his suit as he got himself under control.

Jack scowled, not liking that his plans had been interrupted. Walking over to the door, he flung it open and stuck his head out, calling down to the others. "What is it?"

"There's been a spike in Rift activity," Tosh answered, busy tapping away at her computer, looking for the location.

Jack immediately became all business, going back into his office to grab his greatcoat and then quickly descending the stairs. "Where?" he asked as he came up behind Tosh at her computer.

"I'm not sure. I haven't been able to pinpoint the location just yet," Tosh answered.

"Well, then come on," Jack said, urging her out of her seat as Gwen and Owen grabbed their own coats and made for the exit. "You can pinpoint it from the car."

Tosh nodded and quickly gathered up her laptop before swiftly following behind Jack's retreating form. Before he knew it, Ianto was left alone in the Hub and he came down from Jack's office with a sigh as he looked around the deserted room.

It was a mess, he eventually decided, and resolutely began to clean.



YEAR 2039


Pulling up to the The Rose Garden, a small, out of the way, bed and breakfast that had been popular at the turn of the 21st century, Jack turned off the engine and hopped out of the car. "This the place, Sara?" he asked, turning to the dark-haired British tech-genius he had hired only a year ago.

Sara checked the car computer then nodded. "Yep. The Rift energy is coming from inside." Turning off the computer, she grabbed her bag then climbed out of the car and looked up at the dilapidated building. "Doesn't look like much," she commented.

"I'm sure in its day it was beautiful," Jack said, already hurrying up the stairs and using a bit of alien technology they had recently scavenged to open the door. They called it the 'any-key'. "Full of people and charm," he continued, really more for something to say than anything. He looked around the entranceway that was revealed by the open door. Everything was covered in a thick layer of dust, outdated furniture and ornate mirrors left to rot. This place had been abandoned nearly ten years ago and the years definitely showed.

Sara looked past his shoulder and snorted. "Oh yeah, I can really tell. Looks right cozy."

Jack just shot her a look as he went further into the room, glancing into the sitting room that sat just off to the side as he went all business. "Can you pinpoint which room the Rift energy is coming from?"

Sara took out her scanner from her bag and checked the screen. Apparently not getting what she wanted, she tapped a few buttons and checked again. "No. It just says it's in the building," she finally said. "I can probably pinpoint it when we get closer, but for now I've got nothing."

"Alright then we'll do this methodically," Jack said with a nod. "First this floor then the next."

Sara nodded and held the scanner out at a good distance from her, turning round in a slow circle to see if she could possibly get a direction to start the search. The beeping seemed to get a little stronger from the right so she went over in that direction, Jack following her lead.

Half an hour later and they were still looking, now up on the second floor.

"How's the signal?" Jack asked, peeking into one of the bedrooms before turning back to her.

"Getting stronger," Sara replied, still holding the scanner out. Moving closer to the end of the hallway, the beeping suddenly became much stronger, getting loud and fast, and Sara quickly called her boss over. "Over here!" she said, dragging Jack away from another peek into another bedroom. "I think this is it."

"This?" Jack asked, walking over to her and looking around the hallway. Nothing seemed different about this corner of the hall, but maybe . . . He walked around the corner to see if anything was there. Nothing was so he turned to return back and stopped suddenly. "Sara . . ." he said slowly, just wanting to hear her voice.

"Yeah, Jack?" she asked, not having looked up from fiddling with the scanner. The beeping had gone suddenly quiet and she wanted to figure out why.

"Sara," Jack said, still slowly, "Do you see what I see?"

"What?" she asked, finally looking up from the scanner only to stop short at the sight of her surroundings. "Jack . . . ?" she asked almost hesitantly as she stared at the brightly colored flowered wallpaper. "Why does everything suddenly seem new?"

"Because everything is new, Sara," Jack said, turning around in a slow, wary, circle, his voice guarded. "I think we were just sucked through the Rift."

"What?" Sara demanded as she turned to him, sounding a mite bit frightened now. "But . . ."

"Now we just have to stay calm," Jack said, turning back to his employee, "I've been through this before. I have. We just have to stay calm and everything will be alright."

"But Jack!" Sara said as she lowered the scanner, his calm assertion obviously having no effect on her. "We've been sucked through the Rift! There's no way home from that! We're—

"Are you two alright?" a cleaning lady asked, having been drawn around the corner by Sara's loud voice.

Jack immediately smiled his charming grin. "Oh yeah. Perfectly fine. Just having a little chat with the missus about where we wanted to go today. She says shopping. I say no."

Sara bit her lip and tried to reign herself in. She needed to keep it together. Jack was counting on her to not go completely crazy.

The cleaning lady smiled, apparently satisfied that nothing was wrong, and continued on her way, the wheels of her cleaning cart squeaking in mild protest as she pulled it past them and down the hall.

As soon as she was gone, Sara turned back to Jack. "What are we going to do?" she hissed furiously.

Jack opened his mouth, about to say something when he was cut off.

"I'll tell you what you're going to do," a familiar voice cut in as a carbon copy of Jack came around the corner, his gun drawn. "You two are going to stay silent and come with us peacefully. Nothing clever."

Jack stared at himself exactly thirty-one years ago and said the first thing that came to mind. "Well shit."



YEAR 2008


The air was full with tension as they rode back to the Hub, everybody looking between the two Jacks and comparing them in their heads as the two Jacks just sat there and prayed nobody would ever get up the nerve to ask.

Unfortunately, neither Jacks' prayers were answered and Gwen finally voiced the all important question, "So when are you from?"

Up front, Present Jack's hands clenched the steering wheel tighter as he glanced quickly at the rear-view mirror while, in the back, Future Jack smiled almost nervously and replied, "Do we really need to get into that here?"

Seated shotgun, Owen twisted round to regard Future Jack seriously. "Oh come off it, mate. You're goin' to need to tell us sometime. You know the procedures."

That made Gwen look at Owen. "What procedures?"

"Not now, Gwen," Present Jack said and then went quiet, his eyes back on the road. Clearly that was all he was going to say about that.

Not too happy about it, Gwen still decided that she could wait to find out. Right now, she was really more interested in finding out when this new Jack came from. So she turned back to Future Jack only to find him staring out the window, jaw clenched. She sighed. Obviously she wasn't going to be getting anything out of him any time soon.

"Oi!" Owen said, obviously ignoring the stubborn set to Future Jack's jaw and trying to get his attention. "I said come off it. What year are you from?"

Jaw relaxing just a little bit, Future Jack looked down at his hands and didn't seem to be really listening or willing to answer. But just before Owen could really start to be annoying, he opened his mouth and told them. "2039."

Doing some quick math, Gwen blinked. That was thirty-one years from now and Jack hadn't aged a bit. But it made sense really. Gwen had known he was a lot older than he looked. Obviously the not dying thing came with the added bonus of not being able to age.

But, hearing the year, Owen and Tosh just stared.

"But – but that's thirty-one years from now!" Owen said, clearly startled by this new information.

"And you look exactly the same," Tosh said as though Future Jack wasn't aware of this fact.

Future Jack turned to Tosh and smiled, but his heart clearly wasn't in it. "Would you believe I just aged extremely well?"

"No. Not really," Tosh said.

Owen agreed. "Nobody ages that well."

"Nice try though," Gwen said with a smile. "Really."

That made Future Jack's smile become a little more real as he looked down at her. "Oh I missed that. Gwen and her never-ending compassion. Got you in loads of trouble. Almost got you fired."

Gwen's smile grew as she remembered. "It did. It does."

And with that they pulled into the underground parking lot.

"Alright. Everyone out," Present Jack said as he turned off the engine and hopped out of the car. Not waiting for everyone else, he just started off for the Hub.

Gwen waited as Future Jack and the woman got out of the car and seemed to have a short whispered conversation before they followed the others. It got a little heated and then Future Jack seemed to be able to calm the woman down. Gwen smiled as the two of them smiled at each other and then continued on their way; Gwen bringing up the rear and making sure their visitors didn't just bolt. It had happened before and she was just being careful.

Not that it seemed like Future Jack or the woman—she really should find out her name—were going to be any trouble. They had been perfectly reasonable and calm the whole ride there.

Besides this was Jack, future version or not. Jack was always the one fixing messes not causing them.

The short walk to the Hub was as calm and mannerly as the entire operation had been and Gwen was just looking forward to a cup of coffee with a possible conversation about the future when she nearly ran into Future Jack's back.

Wondering what the problem was, Gwen looked around the blockade to find that Ianto had just come up from the archives and was looking at the two Jacks in confusion.

"Ianto," Future Jack whispered as he stared wide-eyed at the confused Welshman, his voice disbelieving and sad, worshipful and ecstatic all at once.

Ianto just continued to look confused. "I'm sorry. Did something happen?"