Dirge of Beauty

Part 2

As Sora strapped his skateboard to his bag, the microwave turned off with the familiar ding. Breakfast was ready. Shrugging on his backpack, Sora carefully placed the hot croquettes in napkins. Walking towards the front door of the house, he turned once more, mentally checking if he had everything and that the place was okay. His guardian wasn't quite.. reliable from time to time. The door was pulled open suddenly and locked after it was closed again, Sora walking down the front steps satisfied.

It was a sunny today, and Sora felt warm all over. He waved to the passing townsfolk as he ate his food quickly. He was lucky to be surrounded by nice people, who wished him luck in school and for the rest of the day. Some street vendors even offered him samples for his lunch. It was hard to feel alone here. The islanders were his family and this island he loved so much, was his home. It was just the students at Destiny High he couldn't stand. Well technically, a certain group.

As Sora walked, his high school came into view. It was a large and modern building, surrounded by and iron gate. He was in the part of town that didn't play nice with the natural environment of the island. There was a small beach nearby, but it wasn't big enough for Sora. The upperclass townspeople didn't like sand. Sora could barely hear the ocean. The disconnection bothered him greatly.

Frowning, Sora joined the crowd of other students heading to the school, walking past the entrance gate.

"Looks like the witch didn't see us coming today!"

"Ow! Stop it, go away!"

"You know the deal, blondie. It's Friday and it's time to play!"

The first bell hadn't even rung yet and they were already starting. Sora balled his fists and crossed over the school lawn to the school yard. As always, if they can't find him first, they go for his best friend. "Leave Naminé alone." Sora knelt beside the said blonde and helped her up. He got there just in time, they only shoved her. Naminé Shiroi was a skinny girl, pale skin, and bright blue eyes like his. She was popular when she a freshman, but when students found out the she and Sora were childhood friends, everything went downhill. Even though she lost her popularity, she still continued being friends with Sora. She promised to look after him no matter what.

He never understood that statement but she always smiled and shrugged it off before he could ask more. Naminé was a mysterious person. The rumour around the islands said she could see the future. Naminé always knew the day's lunch, the weather, whether some teachers would be in or not, or if a teacher planned a pop quiz. No one bothered to hide that that they thought it was "freaky" and "weird", which was why she was called a witch. Obviously they couldn't even come up with a better name. Sora simply thought Naminé was special, unlike him, and would always protect her. Just like now.

"Naminé," Sora said as he dusted of the blue plaid dress she was wearing. "Are you okay?" She nodded, quickly smiling before she hid behind him, clinging to his arm. Sora frowned and turned to the bullies.

"Oh lovely," Kairi Valor drawled, flipping her long red hair over her shoulder. "Looks like the freak decided to come to school. " When Naminé was demoted to "creepy witch", the school decided that their castle needed a new princess and Kairi was the one who decided to take the crown. She was the spoiled rich girl of the islands. Naminé was equally as rich but not nearly as stupid as her.

The red head turned to her best friend Olette Harte, a timid brunette with braided pigtails. She was a responsible girl, never one to associate with bullies. But Kairi's family were her parent's bosses. And with the threat, "You'll do whatever I say unless you want your parents fired', hanging in the air, what else could Olette do? She was president of the student body, and did whatever Kairi said—and threw that influence around school when ordered.

"Can't you find someone else to bother Kairi?" Sora asked. "Or did Riku kick you out his bed?"

Kairi turned red, glaring back at Sora. "Shut up you freak! Riku loves me!" She stomped over to him, heels making loud sounds on the court. "But what would you know? No one loves you. Your parents just dropped you on the steps of the orphanage!"

Sora had heard all of Kairi's abandoned orphan jokes. This was the sixteenth one. "And its obvious you parents left you on the steps of a whore house," Sora stated blatantly, smiling inside at how Kairi had suddenly reared back, gasping. "Maybe that's why Riku loves you."

Before Kairi could even think of a retort, or just make things worse, Olette placed a hand on her shoulder. "Kairi…The bell is going to ring soon." Kairi scoffed and pushed Sora back a bit before walking around him, heading for the school doors. "This isn't over freaks!"

Once the two girls left, Naminé had let go of him. "Sorry about that Sora. I should have seen them coming. My sight has been fuzzy since last night."

Sora shrugged but smiled. "Don't worry about it Nami." He put a protective arm around her shoulders and steered her to the main doors too. "How come your sight is blurry?" Sora asked."Does that mean you can't see the future anymore?"

They entered the school, a sea of students talking to each other as lockers opened and closed. Naminé shook her head. "It's not that I can't see the future. I think we have a few new visitors on the island. Their unknown aura is messing up my sight. It's so dark and fuzzy." The blonde sighed. "I can't see your future either, Sora."

Sora tensed a bit but then laughed as they entered their first class. "I guess my future has always been dark right? I never knew my parents but I managed growing up alone. I never knew love, but I have a kind heart right?" He grinned and sat down in the classroom by the window, leaving Naminé to stare at her white sandals. "I can make my own future, no matter what you see. So don't worry."

"That's not true Sora. You were loved before. Before all of this." The blonde looked up as Sora called out to her.

"What are you still standing there for Naminé?" Sora took out his binder, not hearing her. "I need the math homework!"

Naminé smiled, shaking her head. She sat down, slipping out the math assignment from her messenger bag. As she took a pencil, she dropped it suddenly, staring at the floor her blue eyes growing foggy as their chemistry teacher, Axel, walked in. All of the students were on a first name basis with the teachers, seeing as it made school more relaxed. Axel was a little reckless for a teacher. At the beginning or the year he told his classes that he was a pyrotechnician and he became a chemistry teacher to blow things up some more. But despite that, Axel had proven that he was seriously smart.

"Good morning losers," The tall, spiky red head greeted in his usual way. Peridot eyes scanned the classroom. "Everyone's here, good. Now lets see," He added after he sat at his desk and opening a thick spiral book he kept his lessons in. "From yesterdays experiment, how many moles of KHP were contained in 30.00mL of the solution?" As hands shot up, Axel smirked revealing pearly white canines. "Don't tell me. Tell your partner. We're finishing the experiment today. Extra credit if something explodes." Right before students began mixing random things in beakers, Axel added, "Unintentionally!"

Sora turned his burner on and turned, suddenly seeing how Naminé still hadn't moved. "Nami," Sora whispered, "Are you okay?"

Naminé inhaled deeply as her blue eyes brightened. She straightened up and smiled at Sora. "My vision isn't fuzzy anymore." She caught Axel's gaze. He had been staring at Sora. "And I can see things changing. A lot of things."

After seven classes, Sora was glad lunch was for his last period, he was starving. The students of Destiny High ate lunch on the small beach close to the school. The sand was white and not littered with junk, thanks to the student council and their morale sessions. Students had a choice of dining inside or having a picnic on the sand.

On a large blanket, Sora sat under his favorite palm tree waiting for Naminé to return from picking their lunch from the buffet tables scattered around the beach. Sora yawned and stared up at the blue sky. It wasn't good to relax like this; he wouldn't feel like working at the restaurant later.

Naminé came back, setting down a tempura bowl besides Sora. "I'm back, and I got your favorite!" She sat in a comfortable position and opened a napkin placing her curry udon in her lap. "And you're welcome—lazy bum!"

Sora smirked and sat up. "You didn't say that when I was copying your notes for history while you were texting Hayner." He dodged the slap from Naminé as he reached for his food.

Naminé blushed. "I was asking him why he didn't call me this morning!"

Sora snorted. "As if you didn't know why already. He's a struggle fanatic. He was probably up all night trying to get those tickets."

He popped at deep fried shrimp in his mouth. "Go ahead, deny it. You can see the future. Not me." When Naminé stuck her tongue out at him and proceeded to eat her udon without another word, Sora laughed. Hayner Crowden was Naminé's boyfriend when she used to live in Twilight Town. They were still together, and despite the long distance, the relationship was still strong. That was the only thing Sora was envious of.

He longed to be in a relationship. But his sexual preferences didn't help in the least. Even though he preferred guys, and it wasn't a secret, everyone was taken. Everyone was in a relationship. And it annoyed Sora to the very end. He would never share his thoughts with Naminé, who looked so happy when she talked about Hayner. It was just that it was never fair. No one would even glance at him because of his ailment. And that hurt. Using his chopsticks, he scooped up some rice from his bowl and winced as it went down his suddenly tight throat.

Oh no. It was happening again.

"Naminé," Sora croaked, squeezing his eyes shut from that pounding feeling in his head. His chest was on fire and he could feel the rush of blood. He grabbed the napkins that littered the blanket. "Naminé its—its happening again!" He covered his nose, trying to staunch the blood flow. He already felt dizzy- how long had it been? Sora fell back against the tree, breathing through his mouth. The edges of vision were hazy and he thought he could hear Naminé, but she sounded so far away.

As Sora came to he felt a weight on his chest. He opened his eyes and scanned the area. The room was white, tiled floors, sky blue curtains dividing the room. He was in the schools infirmary. Lifting his head, he saw a mess of blonde hair in front of him.

"Naminé," Sora called. "Wake up sleepy head."

The blonde started and she rubbed the sleep out of her eye, sitting up straight in her chair. "Hey Sora. How do you feel?"

Sora forced a grin as he sat up in his bed. "Just peachy." Naminé raised an eyebrow in disbelief and he pouted. "Okay, horrible. But I always feel like that after an attack." Sora added, laughing.

Naminé sighed. "Sora, this isn't hemophilia."

The brunette blinked. "But.. the doctor diagnosed me. I inherited it."

"No.." Naminé looked down and fidgeted with her fingers. "I can see a few parts of the cause, but I can't see why."

Sora beamed. "Then you can tell me what it is and then I can tell my doctor!"

"No I can't. It's not my place."

"You know Naminé, I really hate when you go all mysterious on me." Naminé shrugged but then smiled. "So who brought me here?" Sora asked, changing the subject.

"I did." A voice replied before Naminé could answer.

Axel stood by the door, gesturing out. "You can leave now, Miss Shiroi. Sora doesn't need a babysitter."

Naminé frowned, but stood anyway, grabbing her messenger bag. She kissed Sora's cheek and promised to call him at home. As she made her way towards the door, she glanced at Axel. "I'm watching you," Naminé whispered harshly and then she was gone.

Axel laughed and strode over to Sora bed, grinning. "So spiky, how do you feel?"

Sora smiled. "Just fine." He hopped off the bed and grabbed his back pack, releasing his skateboard. "But I really need to get to my job. My shift starts in thirty minutes."

Axel nodded but stopped Sora as came to the door. "I heard your drama class is doing a play on vampires. How do you feel about them?"

Sora blinked and tilted his head to the side. "What do you mean Axel?"

The spiky red head glanced at the wall and shrugged. "Did you want to be a vampire? How do you get into character?"

"Hell yeah!" Sora gushed and Axel reared back, surprised. "I think they're totally awesome!. They're cool and controlled, mysterious and powerful—"

Axel grinned and ruffled the brunette's hair. "Alright, alright. I didn't ask for an essay! Why don't you head to work if you're feeling better?"

Sora smiled at him and nodded. He was still in his uniform, and it was surprisingly blood free- but wrinkled. He got out of the bed and retrieved his belongings in the chair by the door. Throwing one more bye at Axel, Sora ran out of the room. Axel leaned against the door staring after him. "He's the same as before…Roxas."

A window suddenly opened, followed by a strong gust of wind and he was suddenly behind Axel. Sullen blue eyes met his. "I know. But he's not like us."

Axel shrugged. "True. But I'm sure the love is still there. It would be easy to turn him."

Roxas ran a pale hand through his blonde spiky hair. "I know that Axel. But what if he doesn't want to be a monster this time? Go through the pain again?"

"Roxas. Shut up." Axel rolled his eyes. "Despite the pain, you helped heal Sora before and you will help heal Sora now. You don't want him to die again do you?" Seeing as the blonde didn't reply, he continued. "It may be another four centuries before Sora is reincarnated again. And I don't know if I'll be able to find him again. It was pure luck that Demyx was living here and found him."

Roxas shifted uncontrollably. "I know."

Axel pouted. This was getting boring. "Roxas, you still love Sora…Right?"

"Of course I do!"

"Then take action buddy," Axel said, grinning widely. "The rest of us are behind you. We won't let him win again."