TITLE: "Lyman's Terms" (1/1) AUTHOR: Marie-Claude Danis EMAIL: mc@verticalcrawl.com SITE: http://verticalcrawl.com/westwing SPOILERS: none RATING: PG

Honest to god, I actually want to do something serious in this AU, and I can't believe it came out in wacky poem form instead.

Have a laugh. It's on me.

* * *

josh shoved a handful of papers into his briefcase while shrugging on his jacket


the large door creaked open and a smiling blond head popped in "night!"

"tell charlie i'm gonna fry his ass if he doesn't locate my coat by morning" he reached for the glass door and shuddered when the cold wind hit him

"how do you lose a whole coat?" "i'm gonna fry his ass" "i'll leave him a note" "goodnight, donnatella" "goodnight, sir"

she flashed a beaming smile at him and then he was in the cold night walking briskly along the building he wondered if he could maybe lose the secret service if he broke into a run