A/N: Alright guys first I gotta say thanks for all of the feedback. I got a few reviews and a ton of PM's that gave some suggestions for what you guys want and here's what a few of you have come up with:

The first one that I chose that I'm starting tonight and will hopefully finish by the time I go to sleep (it's almost midnight and I'll probably work on it till 3 or 4 to get it up for you guys either tomorrow or at the latest Thursday cause I start school again Monday) takes place during Airborn on the airship. It's about Kate wandering the ship during the night after waking up and she finds Matt in the lounge playing piano.

The second one I chose was suggested by one of my friends and I'm going to have some fun writing is about Matt taking Kate, by her demand, to a ball at the Airship Academy.

There was two more that I really liked and am going to try to do were suggested by anonymous reviewers that sent me very detailed pm's.

The one is about Kate searching for Matt and later finding him drunk in a bar after losing the spot on the space expedition and finding out Kate was engaged.

The last one for now is actually two combined into one. Someone asked me if I could write a Christmas one where Matt gives Kate a romantic evening and a surprise proposal at the end but another personal message asked for a similar story just without the Christmas theme. Since it is March and Christmas isn't for a while, I decided to write the story concept of the romantic evening, just not as a Christmas based story.

So there you are, the four stories I will be writing for you, starting tonight. As I said earlier, hopefully the first one will be up tomorrow at some point, but I have a friend staying here tonight so I'm going to go between writing the story and hanging out with her.

Thanks again for all reviews, story alerts, author alerts, story/author favourites and pm's. Hope you guys enjoy!