Disclaimer: I don't own Red Faction, THQ does.

AN: Set in Red Faction 2, at the beginning of your fight against Sopot. It puzzles me that there're only four stories on this game series and only one of them is complete. So here's my addition to a defunct fanfiction area.

He doesn't have a name. Like the majority of Sopot's guards, he's a clone and clones only have numbers given to them. He really wouldn't care for one anyway, that's how they were raised. Names would only add to the sense of individuality that their not supposed to have. In fact, they're genetically pre-programmed to be as docile as is possible with genetic tinkering.

Now they're going to try capture or kill a couple of Red Faction assassins that had managed to get inside. Apparently, they're some kind of experiment gone wrong and they're here to kill Sopot. It doesn't matter if he dies or one hundred of them die stopping them, Sopot must be protected at all costs. (In the back of his mind, he wonders why they don't use droids but he quickly abandons that line of thought)

As they move into position, his sergeant (Clones are never higher than sergeant) calls out to the Red Faction assassins in the small, box-like room. He tightens his grip on his CMP-32 machine pistol, a solid, if unspectacular weapon that's issued to the majority of Sopot's guards (He's wishing he had one of those new NCMG-44's now, but it's too late to worry about that)

"Hey you! Come out with your hands up!" his Sergeant calls to the assassins. The blinds go down and the shooting begins. A single grenade blows him apart, all that's left of him is a couple of bloody stumps and a forgotten file in some medical facility. He is the first of many to die that night, trying to save Chancellor Sopot.