AN: This is a 200-word drabble, quasi-tag for Tracker. I leave it open to interpretation on the 'ship front.

The moment he shook his opponent's hand, he knew he'd lost.

Though he knew there was no way to predict the future, in his heart of hearts he knew he would never win. Deep down, locked away with all the other feelings and emotions that can never be revealed, he knew.

So it was no surprise to him when he, while waiting for their next mission to start, saw them kiss each other goodbye in the small alcove near the back of the gate room.

Nor it was it a shock when they announced their engagement, she smiling brightly and delirious with happiness, to those assembled for their latest mission briefing.

Even at their wedding, when he watched them become more than the sum of their collective parts, he felt no disbelief, having known exactly what would happen all along.

But now, as he holds their newborn son in his arms, and gazes down into the child's cerulean eyes, he suddenly feels the pain of a future never known.

And as he looks over to her, she meets his gaze, and he realizes that she knows it too.