This story is based off of Look for Me by Moonlight by Mary Downing Hahn, but I did try to make it possible to read even if you haven't read the book. Anyways, all characters and whatnot belong to said author. This is a different ending for the book. Oh, and the summary was taken from the intro of the book. No plagiarism intended - it's not mine.

Gist of the story thus far, for anyone who wants to continue reading: Ancient Underhill Inn, now inhabited by teenager Cynda and her family, is being visited by the mysterious Vincent. Her infatuation long gone since the revelation of Vincent's true identity as a vampire, Cynda worries about her fate as well as the wellbeing of her family as Vincent becomes alarmingly more volatile. As a source of strength, Cynda looks to the ghosts of Vincent's past victims from Underhill Inn. When Vincent begins to speak of offering immortality, will Cynda be able to resist temptation?

Not a romance, unfortunately.

"If you become mine…"

An icy finger travels up and down my neck, stroking the two red marks that claim me as his. I roll my body away from Vincent, but his grip tightens and I am dragged back into his cold embrace. I keep my eyes closed, the thought of his black eyes aglow with triumph causing a nauseous feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Todd, my younger brother and the monster's new plaything, jumps up and down at the foot of my bed, my mattress groaning in protest. I open my eyes to watch Todd gleefully soar into the air, oblivious to the dark promises Vincent is making.

Vincent stirs next to me and whispers into my ear, "Precious Toddy, such a sweet boy. For a half-brother, you are quite devoted to him."

I want to protest, to demand Vincent leave Todd alone, but the bed suddenly shifts violently as Todd walks toward us. He lazily plops down next to me and sighs heavily.

"I want to play," Todd whines and starts poking my arm. I shift my eyes over to Vincent; his arrogant smirk makes me cold. I shudder and Vincent pulls me closer.

"Toddy," Vincent coos, "wouldn't you like to live forever with Cynda and me? Tell Cynda you would like for the three of us to live forever together. We could be the perfect family." He begins to stroke my hair.

"Cynda's no fun," Todd pouts. He angrily crosses his arms and huffs in obvious distaste.

"Don't be so mean," Vincent reprimands sternly. "Your sister has her uses." He chuckles; I feel his breath on my neck, teasing the two little marks.

Todd crawls over me and shoves Vincent in a blatant attempt to get his new hero's attention. I sit up, ready to defend him from the monster, but Vincent only laughs and drawls a giggling Todd into his arms. "I want to play!" Todd cries a little too loud, and I see Vincent cautiously glance at the door.

"Be quiet, Toddy," Vincent warns. "It's late, and your parents think you're asleep. If you're too loud, your mother will come and make you go back to bed. If you want to stay with us, you have to be quiet."

"But I want to play." I recognize the signs of a tantrum coming on. Irritated, Vincent swiftly stands, Todd struggling in his arms. I reach out to my brother, but Vincent twists his body to prevent me from touching Todd.

"Don't," I murmur, not sure if even I heard my weak attempt at protesting. Vincent looks back at me and smirks.

"Say goodnight to Cynda, Toddy." His voice no longer holds any mirth, it is harsh and bordering on angry. "I'll be back, Cynda," Vincent promises with a backward glance at me.

After the door has closed, I roll over on my side and stare out the window. Even though it is dark outside, I can see the ghosts of Vincent's victims hovering on the snow, their pale features almost camouflaging them. Their mournful song is heard through the closed windows, even in death they are crying for Vincent.

It is sad, but I feel a sense of unity with them. I reach out a pale hand toward the ghostly figures. Perhaps tonight will be the night I join them.

Several minutes pass and I feel myself become drowsy. I have slept all day, but Vincent's terrifying visit has drained my already weakened body. I am almost asleep when I hear his customary knock on the door. For the second time tonight, I walk submissively to the door and open it, resigned to fate.

The door is barely ajar before he storms into the room, almost shoving me aside in the process. He continues to walk further into the room then sits down on my bed. He looks thoughtfully at me.

"Come here, Cynda." Vincent pats the empty spot next to him. I want to hang my head and whimper; but instead I force myself to keep my head high, although I am unable to look the monster in the face. He sighs impatiently and grabs my wrist and jerks me forward. I fall onto the bed with an ungraceful flop on my stomach.

Before I can sit up, Vincent places one cold hand on my back, pinning me down and forcing me to remain still. He leans closer to my ear and says, "Such an adorable boy, Todd is. I'm going to miss sinking my teeth into his young flesh."

I crane my neck to look Vincent in the face. He smiles viciously and begins to stroke my back. He continues, "But all good things must come to and end. I'm sure your father and stepmother will miss him terribly." He sighs in fake empathy.

"What?" I manage to croak.

"Cynda." He suddenly removes his hand from my back and holds his arms up in mock surrender. I sit up, eyeing him suspiciously. "How about you and I come to an agreement?" He pauses, waiting for me to encourage him; but when I don't, he resumes his speech, obviously disappointed with me. "Come with me, or I'll indulge and little Toddy won't survive. Think of how tragic that would be."

I look at the floor, disgusted with how I got myself into this situation. The prospect of spending eternity with this monster is an unthinkable horror. Was it only a week ago that I would have given anything to elope with this mysterious, dark stranger away from Underhill Inn, away from my family? Such dreams seem petty and naïve now.

"Why?" My voice is little more than a whisper.

"Why?" he laughs. "Because I'm lonely and I have never felt such love for anyone as I feel for you." His voice is laced with sarcasm. He is mocking my naïveté again. Appalled, I stand and move away from the bed. Vincent smiles and reclines across the old quilt; I feel his eyes watching me as I travel across the room to the window.

"You're so amusing," he says. "And to think I almost didn't stop the night of the snow storm. Over the past sixty years I had almost forgotten the charms of Underhill." I can almost feel his satisfied expression. I know that if I turn around to look at him, his dark features would be twisted into a smug expression as he stares at the ceiling, celebrating his own genius.

"Call it an ego thing," he continues. "But I want someone to be entirely devoted to me and dependent on me, and who would be more entertaining than you? Your silly emotions are so amusing and dramatic." Suddenly the air around me is colder, and I feel him behind me. He brushes aside my tangled hair to one side of my neck.

I involuntary inhale sharply when I feel a pair of lips of my neck, but to my surprise, the painful nip of his teeth never comes. Instead, his icy kisses travel up my neck, causing me to shiver. I feel his lips twist into a smirk.

"Think of it, Cynda," he says huskily. "Living forever with the only person who has ever listened, ever cared. I won't abandon you like your mother or ignore you like your father." I struggle to shake my head, but he doesn't pay attention. "And dear, sweet Toddy will live to see another summer," he chuckles darkly.

His cold kisses depart from my neck, and he tenderly pulls me into a tight embrace. I groan in protest. My head is abruptly shoved against his chest as he tightens the embrace. He places his cheek on my head and crosses his arms around my stomach.

"But such an imperative decision should never be made hastily," he whispers. "We'll talk tomorrow."

With one finally kiss, he breaks the embrace, and before I can blink he is by the door on the other side of the room. As he quietly opens the door, he looks back to me and calls, "I'll come to thee by moonlight, my dear." Then he disappears into the hallway.

I watch the door close; I want to throw something at it. Instead I return my gaze to outside the window. The ghosts are still outside, wailing. I pity them. Yet…I also envy them. How I wish to be done with this and away from Vincent. Even death seems more inviting than the dark creature's embrace.