He is a noble, she is a human. By right, they can never be together. However, Aido is certainly determined to fight against the odds, to bring home Yori as his lady wife, to stay by his side. The Challenge is thus launched, to make Yori into the next mistress of the Aido family.


This story occurs about 2 months after the deaths of Rido Kuran and the Ancient Council.

"Damn it, Hanabusa, you ought to know better! There is no way that you two can be together! She is a human, you are a vampire! Worse, you are a noble and only son to the noble house! Get her out of your mind!" Souen Ruka snapped, as she swiped her hair over her shoulder, glaring at Aido all the while.

"Shut it, Ruka, I have made up my mind and will not change it! After the death of the Vampire Ancient Council, who will be around to oppose to this? Yori is one fine girl and I am all for her to be my wife!" The "Idol" of Cross Academy glared back at his childhood friend.

"Guys…." Akatsuki Kain started, as he looked up from the book which he had been trying to read for a long while now. Bad move, as both Aido and Ruka turned around to snap at him as one.

"Shut up, Akatsuki!" both vampires then turned back on him and they continued to look daggers at each other. Taking a breath, Ruka asked Aido "What is it about Wakaba-san that draws you anyway? There are so many female vampire nobles around! With your family connections, you can have anyone that you want! Plus, Kaname-sama is now in power. Should he speak up for you, any girl would be more than willing to be your bride!"

"Yori is different! She is unique, kind-hearted, talented, sweet, beautiful, and caring! She is unlike the others who I know! As you know, some female vampire nobles care naught for others except for themselves! I have seen one too many!" Aido replied, as he looked out of the window. At his words, Ruka spluttered as she replied in her most icy tones "Excuse me?!"

"I am not referring to you, Ruka, though you can be a real brat at times." Aido said, as he continued to look out at the night sky, where a crescent moon is now hanging high. All 3 of them are in the Main Library, where they are supposed to do some kind of research. However, the moment the 3 of them are alone, Ruka, for lack of a better word, attacked Aido with questions with regard to Yori as Aido had made an announcement a few nights ago that sent shockwaves throughout the vampire society. Till now, a great debate is going on with regard to Sayori Wakaba, a human girl, marrying a vampire noble, Hanabusa Aido.

Apparently, during the attack on Cross Academy, Aido had unknowingly, fallen for Sayori Wakaba, the best friend of the current Queen – Yuki Kuran. Despite being told that her best friend is a vampire, a pureblood to boot, Yori did not even freak out. Most people would, won't they? Instead, she was more worried for the well-fare of Yuki than anything else. Secondly, when Aido was ordered to bring the Day Class girls to a safe location, Yori did not go into a fit, like so many others. Instead, she even helped him to get the girls to move quickly. And once they arrived at the location, Yori was the only one who had thanked him graciously and sent him off, instead of clinging to his arm, pleading that he should stay on and protect them etc. At that time, Aido already had a very good impression of Yori. In fact, to him, she is an enigma.

After the attack, when the enemies were disposed of and the return of peace, Aido was seen actively seeking out the company of Yori. To him, she is a never ending surprise, a girl that is so very different from others, both vampire and human alike. Hence, there is a need to solve this enigma, this mysterious air of hers. Or this was what Aido had told himself when he was planning on their next date. Eventually, it was Yuki who made him realize his own feelings as she left him with a single message "Hurt Yori and you will have me to answer to."

And so, this leads to the current fix that he is in now.

Turning around, he faced Ruka and his cousin, who is now trying to soothe Ruka's temper. Looking at the lovebirds, his heart ached as he said softly "You guys will never understand. Both of you are lucky to find each other, suitable to each other class and to be in love as well. For me, I know Yori is the one but I have to fight the constraints of society just to marry her. Whatever it is, we have come this far and for me to break it off now, it's highly irresponsible, and not to mention, Yuki-sama will kill me. I will love no one else like I love her."

At his words, Ruka sighed, as she sat next to Kain, who placed his arms around her. Leaning back into his embrace, she stated "With that announcement of yours made during the ball, everyone is in an uproar over it. The expressions on your parent's faces are the ones that I cannot forget. For once, your father was at a loss for words while your mother and sisters looked as if they were going to faint. Did they give you hell after the end of the ball?"

"They certainly did. And they made sure that my parents and I were around to witness it as well." Kain spoke up, as he stroked Ruka's long hair, tugging at a stubborn curl. "I do believe, it's the first time that Hanabusa got lectured by his father. They were going on as to how he got to fulfill his duties as the heir and so on and so forth. In fact, every reason that you stated earlier was at least repeated twice to Hanabusa by his mother and sisters."

"As I said, there is no way for them to get married and hence, it's better to get her out of your head, Hanabusa." Ruka stated, as she looked over at Aido, who bared his fangs at her. Just as he was about to snap at her, a new voice rang out. "There is a way and it's up to you, Aido-san, whether you wish to take it or not."

All 3 of them looked up at the newcomers, who had just entered the Library silently and are now walking towards them. With a gasp of shock, all 3 of them rose up on their feet and bowed. Smiling at them all, Yuki said "At ease. Let me introduce you all to my friend – Hitachiin Hikari."

"Yes, Yuki-sama. A pleasure to meet you, Hitachiin-san." Both Aido and Kain bowed while Ruka did a perfect curtsy.

"Why so formal? Or is it because I have Yuki-chan with me here?" Hikari smiled, as she nudged Yuki, who grinned at her. "Seems like I cannot have you around, Yuki-chan. You scare people witless!" Turning around, she smiled at the lot, who looked stunned at the way she addressed their queen. "Please address me as Hikari. And please don't look so surprised. I knew Yuki a long way back, when she went to the beach with the Chairman and Zero. We met on the beach and played together, at least for those few days. Over time, I got to know Yori-chan as well. In fact, all 3 of us are pen pals."

"I was coming to visit Yuki-chan when the attack on Cross Academy occurred." Here, Hikari's smile faltered for a bit as she recalled the events "I was attacked by a vampire but luckily, Zero fought him off. From there, he brought me to Yori, who told me everything. Over the next few weeks, Yuki and I have seen how the relationship between you and Yori have blossomed, Aido-san. Yuki told me about the announcement that you had made a few nights ago. I suppose you are figuring out a way to make Yori-chan your bride?"

At this, Aido nodded. "What do you have in mind, Hikari-san? If it works, Yori and I will forever be in your debt." "Rubbish! What debt? So long you treat Yori and she is happy, that is enough. However, if you hurt her…" Hikari eyed Aido, who looked a tad uncomfortable under her piercing look. "You will get it from me." She finished it quietly. It is a promise, not a threat.

Silence filled the air as everyone looked at Hikari, who now smiled charmingly. Yuki then took the chance to seat everyone down as she sat down on the sofa herself. "Other than the class issue, I suppose, there is no other objections as to why Yori cannot be your bride, Aido-sempai. Am I right?"

"Yes, Yuki-sama."

"Then, in that case, let's get your parents to accept Yori-chan as to who she is first. That is the most important. If they are convinced that Yori-chan is as brilliant as what you said, there is no reason why she cannot marry you. The class issue can be settled by Yuki-chan and Kaname, especially if they order you to marry her. From there, your parents cannot complain. If the rest of the society decides to shun the Aido family because of this, they will have to answer to their King and Queen. After all, the bride is special to the Queen and will be serving her as her one and only lady-in-waiting." Hikari said, as she leaned back into the sofa. At this, Ruka gasped "lady-in-waiting? We are bringing back this system again? For ages, the Souens have always been the ladies-in-waiting!"

Yuki took over "I am sorry, Ruka sempai, but I will have only one lady-in-waiting. That is more than enough. In reality, I do not need one but this is for Yori-chan. Plus, I do love her company. As for you, Ruka-sempai, you will always be one of my court ladies." Turning to Aido, Yuki fell silent for a while before speaking "Kaname will be speaking to your parents on this matter. A competition will be held, to showcase the talents of what a female noble vampire should have. If she wins all the challenges that I propose, then, your parents will have to accept her for who she is and not reject her just because she is a human. If she fails, she will leave you." Biting her lip, Yuki breathed before continuing "Yori-chan had already agreed to this. Are you willing to take on the challenge, Aido-sempai?"

Aido swallowed, as he looked at the young Queen. Everything depends now on this challenge. If they win, they will be living in bliss for the rest of their lives. If they lose………. Aido does not know whether he will ever recover from the heartbreak. "I…….I agree….." He finished off weakly.

"Alright, so there will be three rounds – the qualifications of a lady, the hosting duties and finally, a surprise round as determined by Yuki and I. Your parents will send your sisters as her competitors. Yori will need a lot of support from you during this period, Aido-san. I hope you will not disappoint us." Hikari said as she stood. "Help her prepare if you can, but we have faith in Yori-chan. She is as qualified as any noble and will do well. The first round will take place a week after from today. It will be held at the Kuran's mansion." So saying, she and Yuki left the trio, who looked on silently, each wrapped up in their own thoughts.


So, how would the challenges be like? Would Yori win the challenges set? Would Aido and Yori have their happily-ever-after? Stay tuned for the next chapter!

To my readers, it has been a long while since I last wrote a new story! This is my latest pairing, Aido and Yori and I do hope you will enjoy it. Comments are welcomed. )