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Summary: This story is played sometime in the 1800. It's a Victorian romance about a young lady named Amu Hinamori is looking for her perfect match. Her blacksmith, Ikuto Tsukiyomi, has fallen for her beauty but does she feel the same? Amuto.

Beauty without Love

Chapter 1

Smiling girls, rosy boys,

Here, Come buy my little toy,

Mighty men of gingerbread

Crowd my stall with faces red,

And melting maidens you behold

Lie about them, all in gold;

And see, the sun shines passing fair,

And breezes wanton with their hair.

"Miss, what is it that you are singing?" the maid asked as she brushed Amus silky pink hair.

"Oh, sorry. Was I singing it out loud?" Amu apologized. Her cheeks were flustered with embarrassment. This was the first time that she had ever sang in front of someone. Usually she would do it in her own company were no one could hear her.

"No need to apologize, miss. Your voice is lovely." the maid said and put the brush down. She was suddenly alerted when a gentle sneeze escaped from the young Amu. "Miss, you really should keep yourself warm after you take a bath."

"You're right. The last thing I want is to come down with a cold." Amu said and slipped into her bed under the cozy bed covers.

"I'll get you your fresh water, miss." the maid said and exited the room, leaving Amu with her thoughts. She stretched a bit to see outside her bedroom window. It seemed to be so peaceful at night, but of course she couldn't be out so late even if she wanted to. It was dangerous and improper for such a lady of her standers to be seen out at night. Amu was interrupted from her thoughts when the maid stepped in the room and placed the glass of water on the nightstand near the bed. She bowed politely before leaving again. Amu let out a big sigh and sunk down in her bed before drifting off to sleep.

Next morning

"Good morning, miss. The master is waiting for you in the dinning room." the maid said and went to finish the laundry.

Amu nodded and made her way to the dinning room where her breakfast awaits her.

"Good morning mother, father." she greeted politely and sat down. Within seconds her breakfast was placed in front of her. She thanked and excused the maids before eating her delicious meal.

"Amu, dear, there is going to be a big formal tomorrow evening. I thought that maybe we could attend." Midori, her mother, said.

"Sounds like fun. I'd be delighted to go." Amu said with a cute smile.

"You know, Amu. It's about time that you found a suitable partner." Tsugumu, her father, said. His been bringing this up every morning.

"I know father." Amu has always dreamed about marrying a nice young man, but they are so hard to find. Where is Mr. Right?

After everyone calmly ate their breakfast, it was time to head over to the Fujiakis for tea and light refreshments. As they steped outside, they saw their blacksmith by the horses and the carriage.

"Mr. Tsukiyomi, did you put on new iron shoes on the horse?" Tsugumu asked him.

"Yes, sir. I got here early to take care of it." Ikuto, their blacksmith, said and bowed. "And please call me Ikuto."

"Alright, Ikuto." Tsugumu patted his shoulder. "You are a true gentleman and someday you will make some woman very happy."

"Thank you,sir." Ikupo put on a charming smile and fro the corner of his eye he noticed a slight blush on Amus face. "You look beautiful, Miss. Hinamori and you too Mrs. Himaori."

"Thank you, Ikuto. You are such a handsome young man. We most have you over for dinner sometime." Midori said.

"That won't be necessary." Ikuto said and helped her into the carriage.

"Nonsense. You're practically family. Don't you think we should invite him over at sometime, Amu?" Midori asked her daughter.

"Yes, I do believe it would be fun. I really hope that you can come." Amus heartbeat increased when Ikuto gentle took her hand and helped her in the carriage as well.

"For you, anything." Ikuto bowed once again as he watched them ride away.

At the Fujisakis

A slight knock was heard from the door.

"Ah, the Hinamoris have arrived." the Fujisakis maid said and let them in. "Right this way, please."

Amu admired the painting and decorations as they followed the maid. "So beautiful."

Both families were having delighted conversations and enjoying the sweet taste og green tea. What a wonderful way to spend the day. Nadeshiko and Amu were starting to get bored so they decided to go for a walk in the garden.

"Mother, father. Please excuse us." Nadeshiko said before she and Amu stepped outside.

Amu closed her eyes and inhaled the scent of the beautiful roses when someone suddenly popped up in her head. He has been on her mind a lot lately. She can barely get through a day without thinking about him and every time he is around, her heart starts to beat a million times faster "Ikuto..."

"Who is Ikuto?" Nadeshiko asked and Amu realized that his name had accidentally escaped her lips.

"N-Nothing." Amu said.

"Oh, really?" Nadeshiko asked with a suspicious look.

"He is our blacksmith." Amu caved. She could never keep a secret from her best friend. It was almost like Nadeshiko had a 6th sense.

"Ah." Nadeshiko said like she had just made a great discovery.

"What was that Ah for?" Amu asked as they suddenly stopped walking.

"Nothing, nothing. I just want to know what he is like." Nadeshiko said.

"He is the best blacksmith in town. He has become very close to our family. He is nice and.."

"... handsome?" Nadeshiko finished for her.

"Isn't that a little bold to say?" Amu said.

Nadeshiko giggled. "Let's go back."

Both of them walked back to the mansion in awkward silence.

Back at the Hinamoris

"Amu dear, could you please ride down to town and get Ikuto. Dinner is almost ready and let us invite him." Midori said.

Amu nodded and made her way to his house. When she got there, there was no answer when she knocked on the door. She wondered where he could be right now and checked if the door was unlocked, which it was. The sight before her was very shocking. Ikuto was home but he wasn't wearing a shirt. There he was sleeping peacefully on the couch and Amu couldn't stop her eyes from traveling up and down his bare chest. She grabbed a hold of the table to steady herself but accidentally knocked over something and woke up Ikuto.

"Amu?" Ikuto rubbed the sleep out of his eyes.

"Em... m-my f-family and I just w-wanted to invite you to d-dinner." Amu stuttered.

"Oh, that is very kind of you." Ikuto wondered why her face was so red until he noticed his appearance. He smirked when he when he saw that she couldn't take her eyes of him. "Do you have a fever? Your face is all red, Amu."

Amu brought her hands up to touch her face and indeed was she burning up. Her heart was about to beat it's way out of her chest when she saw that he was approaching her. He slowly brought his hand up to touch her forehead and Amus knees were trembling but Ikuto steadied her by putting his arm around her thin waist.

"Are you feeling...weak?" Amu couldn't help but to think there was a double meaning to his word.

"Y-You s-should get d-dressed?" Amu pushed herself away from him.

"Oh, right." Ikuto recalled that she had invite him to dinner. "I'll be back in a moment."

Amu was sitting on the couch and replaying the most recent event in her head. Just thinking about it brought a pink blush to her face. She was interrupted from her thoughts when Ikuto entered the room, looking more handsome then ever.

"Shall we, Amu?" Ikuto said and held out his hand to help her up.

"Thank you, Mr. Tsukiyomi." Amu wondered why he kept saying her name like that.

"Ikuto." he corrected her.


"Call me Ikuto."


"Say it."


At dinner

"Everything was delicious. Thank you so much for inviting me." Ikuto said after everyone had finished eating.

"You are a true gentleman Ikuto. Actually, there is a reason I invited you today." Midori said.

Both Amu and Ikutos heads shot up with a curious expression.

"Amu, you know that formal that is coming up soon? That will be a special moment in your life." Midori said with a big smile.

"You are going to meet your finance there."

To be continued...

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