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Fragile Nights

Vegas: the city that never sleeps. That's actually pretty accurate. The city seemed to be constantly moving - dancing even - with bright, neon glow-sticks. Even in the middle of the night, the atmosphere that clung to the cool breeze was lively and restless; and it was infectious too. For an adult, Las Vegas was ensnaring. It had everything to make a person believe this is where they could live their American Dream. The clubs and bars, the casinos, the hotels, the celebrities; there were so many attractions. Nothing could compare to the weekends in Vegas. It was something every young person looked forward to, the time when they came of age and could drive to America's playground on a drug-fuelled road-trip just for the hell of it.

To live out 'Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas'; it was a box that needed to be ticked.

However, despite everything Vegas has to offers, there were five young teenage boys in a hotel room who appeared very disinterested about the city they were currently in. Not to say that the said-teens disliked Las Vegas of that they were spoiled brats who could never be satisfied... it's just that they would have been equally as thrilled as they were in any other part of the United States. It was not any of the afore-mentioned attractions that had brought them to Vegas. No. The thrill they felt within them was for a completely different cause, one that they would have felt anywhere else in this country. The reason for this thrill? Why - that would be because of the American Beyblade Tournament.

Although, when I say five teenage boys, I should say four. One member of the group seemed to show a lack of interest in absolutely everything around him.

Back to the story.

Inside the boy's hotel room, no noise from outside was able to creep its way in. That's right. Not the late night traffic of limos and taxis, not the music from nearby clubs or the drunken roars of laughter flying through the air from those who were living up the night-life. Their room was many floors up, you could see out over the entire stretch of the city from their balcony. Plus the glass on the window was very thick, giving the teens the complete silence needed for a peaceful nights sleep. No light managed to enter the room either, despite the all around glow Vegas emitted. And that was because the thickest and most heaviest black curtains fell from the ceiling all the way down to the floor in front of each window. Yeah, this hotel had all the necessities for a relaxing vacation; delicious food, king-size hot-tubs, luxury furniture and giant, comfortable beds.

So if the hotel was so great, why weren't any of the five boys asleep at this late hour?

Well, if you take a step inside the room, it became quite obvious. Now, any noise from outside the room was nothing more than a tiny tremor in the air, however, any noise from inside their room, well that's simply a different matter.

Within the room, there was a small kitchen area with a breakfast table, a living area with sofas, armchairs and a large TV, plus 3 double beds, in which were four boys, two with a bed each, and the other two were sharing the bed on the right. Each one of these boys was a member of the Japanese Beyblading team, and right now, each one of them had lines of exhaustion and frustration appearing on heir foreheads.

One of the occupants on the right bed sucked in air though his teeth before rolling over and breathing out through his nose in an angry sigh. As he rolled over, a mop of his loose, long, raven-coloured hair obscured his vision. In one quick, annoyed and flustered swipe, he raised his hand, which had been tightly gripping his pillow, and swept the offending hair away from his eyes. He sighed again as he saw two tired, sky-blue eyes looking at him.

"You okay, Max?" the raven-haired teen asked, knowing very well that his American friend sharing his bed was far from okay. He watched as those tired eyes closed before slowly opening again.

"I suppose..." Max muttered before stifling yawn and shuffling lower underneath their quilt.

"Yeah right," came a voice in a very pissed-off manner from their left.

Max moaned slightly before placing his head underneath his pillow and pulling the quilt even higher, knowing a there was an argument coming, an argument he was too tired to get involved in or try to prevent. The raven-haired boy sat up quickly, despite being as tired as anyone else in the room.

"Tyson," he growled as low and quiet as he could, "don't start, not now."

The boy on the furthest bed away, pushed up against the left end wall where the door to the balcony was, sat up quickly, and although it was dark, even the smallest amounts of light were enough to show the fury etched on this boys face.

"Why not Ray?" the boy, Tyson, hissed venomously, sending a glare over to one of the sofas which had its back towards the beds, before he looked back at the other boy, "why should we have to put up with his selfish behaviour?"

Max crawled out from beneath his pillow, and slowly sat up with a sigh, locking eyes which the teen who he shared the bed with, Ray. Ray met his gaze, both understanding what was on each others minds. Max leaned back against the head-board. It was too late and they were all too tired for an argument to break out... but he couldn't help but feel that Tyson had a point. Max's eyes fell onto the back of the same sofa that Tyson had glared at.

Although none of them could see him, one member of their group was currently lying on the sofa, intending to sleep there. None of the others knew why. When they had arrived the day before, like at any other hotel they had stayed at, there was always a competition over who would get which bed and who would share.

-- Flashback --


Tyson, a thirteen year old teen with a loud mouth, forced himself into their new hotel room as soon as he heard the lock click. He pounded over the furthest bed away and jumped on it, bouncing up and down, watching as the other four slowly entered the room.

"Well I want to be furthest away from your snoring then," the blonde haired boy, Max stated, striding forwards. He dumped his bag on the first bed he reached, "so I choose this one!"

Ray looked up at his two friends who had already claimed their beds. He had not yet had a bed to himself since travelling with the Bladebreakers. He shuffled over to the middle bed.

"Well then, I guess I'll have -"

"Mine!" squeaked a voice, and Ray was almost knocked off his feet as a small, but surprisingly fast and agile, brown-haired boy zoomed fast him, his rucksack colliding with Ray's leg. Ray blinked, seeing the boy was now kneeling on the middle bed with his rucksack laid next to him. He looked almost nervous under Ray's gaze.

Ray laughed, "okay, you got their first, Kenny. It's yours!"

Ray turned to face the closest bed, which Max was sat on. The sugar-happy blonde wouldn't mind in the slightest if Ray shared with him.

"Man Ray!" Tyson exclaimed unbelievingly, after he finally stopped bouncing up and down and was now sat cross-legged on his own bed, "you are far to nice for your own good! If I was you, I'd just shove the Chief off and claim the bed as my own!"

Ray chuckled but didn't say anything, instead he watched as Kenny (AKA The Chief) turned bright red and cried, "Tyson!" Ray shook his head and settled his bag down onto the bed he would share with Max, who was already unpacking. For some unknown reason, Kenny seemed to have an extremely unnatural dislike with sharing a bed with someone. It could be because the small but smart boy was embarrassed at the fact that he slept snuggled up to his laptop, or that every now and again, he kicked out during his sleep, as Ray had discovered on their second night of travelling when he had been booted awake several times.

"Aw! Come on Chief!" Tyson said, throwing one of his pillows at the smaller boy, "Y'know I love you really!" The navy-haired teen then looked up with a frown. That frown however, soon turned into a mischievous smile, one which Ray noticed and took it as a sign that Tyson was about to do something stupid.

Predictable as always, Tyson swung his legs around and silently lifted himself from his bed. Ray and Max exchanged a look which basically said, "here we go," as their team-mate slowly crept over to the balcony door close to his bed where a certain dual-haired, brooding teen was standing, looking out at the view of the city.

"Kaiiiiiii!" Tyson sang slyly, gaining nothing more than a brief glance in his direction from the team-captain, though it wasn't a surprise; the older boy barely reacted to anything his companions did or said. The lack of response did not sway Tyson at all though, as he was now stood very close to the other boy, so close in fact he was able to lean onto his tip-toes and whisper in his ear; "you can sleep with me tonight!"

And with that said, Tyson moved a few inches closer, with a huge smirk on his face and raised both his arms to mid-height, snaking them around the older teens waist, although he wasn't quite touching him.

As though a little alarm went of inside Kai's head, his own arm shot out and seized Tyson's right wrist which was just passing in front of his abdomen. Despite the sharp and unnaturally quick movement, Kai's features remained impassive. Unlike Tyson's, who's eyes widened and a small, strangled sound escaped his throat in surprise. It didn't help that Kai was still holding his wrist is a vice-grip. Slowly and with unfaltering resolute, Kai turned his head to face Tyson. Although his face was, like always, completely blank and unreadable, his crimson eyes portrayed annoyance.

Tyson grinned sheepishly, tugging his right arm slightly, hoping Kai would let him off and release his wrist. No luck. He glanced at the other three boys, silently begging for help. However, all he received were three 'you-got-yourself-into-it' shrugs.

"Tyson," Kai said coldly, forcing the younger teen cower with just his icy, yet smooth, speech, "if you step into my personal space one more time; I will dismantle every one of your limbs."

And a simple as that, Kai let go of Tyson's wrist and swiftly turned his back on the younger teen and walked over to the sofa where he had earlier placed his travel-bag. Tyson pulled a face at Kai's retreating form, whilst rubbing his tender wrist.

"Just for that you, can sleep on the couch!"

-- Flash --

Their first day in Las Vegas was almost over, and the Bladebreaker's were all lying comfortably in their beds. Well, all except Kai that is. The crimson-eyed boy had decided to sleep on the couch after everything, even when Tyson said he didn't mind if they shared. When asked for his reasoning as to why he decided the sleep on the hard sofa instead of the cosy beds, Kai had combined two of his most common replies and said in a monotone voice, "hn, mind your own business."

Still, it was more than what he usually says.

Most of team had drifted off into sweet oblivion, and if not they were probably close to it. It had been twenty minutes since Kai had heard any sort of movement from his team-mates, so quietly and cautiously, he sat up onto his knees and looked over the back of the sofa. He peered at each one of them, and guessing from their shallow breathing, they were all indeed, asleep. Giving a small, grateful sigh, the teen pushed his covers away and leaned over the side of the sofa to find where he'd put his day-time clothes.

Despite the darkness, he found them easily, having purposely placed them there earlier, knowing he would be going for a midnight walk... like he always did. Kai found that most places where so much nicer at night-time. There weren't many people around, it was peaceful and he found it easier to appreciate the little things like - ah - silence!

Slipping his trainers onto his feet, he stood up, and, taking one last glance at his team-mates, he crept over to the door and snuck out.

-- Flash --

"Kai went out last night," Tyson said with a smirk, which only widened as Kai's head shot up and he fixed a deathly glare as the bluenette.

It was 8am on what was going to be their first full day in Vegas, having only arrived in the late afternoon the previous day. The Bladebreaker's, plus the head of the BBA, Mr. Dickinson, were all sat around a circular table, having breakfast. Only everyone seemed to have gone still after Tyson's remark.

Ray, Max and Kenny glanced from Tyson, to Kai and then to Mr. Dickinson, wondering which one of the three would speak first. Now, the whole team and Mr. Dickinson, knew very well that Kai often disappeared for a few hours at night sometimes, and although there was always some worry, it was something they had had to get used to. It wasn't as if Kai listened when one of them expressed their concern about him, only fourteen years of age, wondering off into the dark where anything could happen.

However, on the aeroplane and coach to Vegas, Mr. Dickinson could not have stressed it enough that none of the boys (and he always seemed to look pointedly at Kai here) were to wander off on their own or go out late at night, even if they were together.

Mr. Dickinson sighed and clasped his hands together on the table, looking directly at Kai, who knew that the old man was staring at him, but decided not to meet his gaze. So he continued to glare at Tyson. The bluenette was still smirking, he knew Kai would get him for this later but for now, just seeing the fury in those crimson eyes made it worth it. So he sat there and smirked, silently celebrating his victory.

Mr. Dickinson, realising that Kai wasn't going to be the first to speak up, cleared his throat and spoke softly to the teenager sat opposite him.

"Kai? Did you go out last night?"

Kai dragged his gaze from Tyson, and looked Mr. Dickinson in the eye. Despite how much he wanted to ignore the old man and instead just throttle Tyson, he showed nothing on the outside. Leaning back in his chair casually, he crossed his arms and raised an eyebrow.

"Yes. So what?" he answered back in a lazy drawl, knowing full well that the BBA head was finding his attitude very irritating. He was proved correct when he watched as Mr. Dickinson closed his eyes for a brief moment and inhaled deeply.

"Even when I told you that none of you boys were to go out alone, especially at night?" the elder asked, reopening his eyes.

"I vaguely remember you drilling that into me, yes."

Ray mentally cringed at how casual Kai sounded. The others, including Tyson, the one who brought the subject up in the first place, were looking more and more uncomfortable. They had never witnessed Mr. Dickinson shout or get angry, in fact, he was a kind old man who didn't seem to be capable of getting mad; but it was obvious that Kai was really testing him now. Before Mr. Dickinson could even open his mouth to reply, Max stood up sharply with a over-sized and rather forced looking smile on his face.

"Who's up for seconds?" he said cheerfully, to which Kenny and Tyson responded with the same over-enthusiasm. Standing from their seats and hurrying over to the breakfast buffet table with their plates quicker than blinking. Ray sat there stupidly for a few seconds longer, glancing from Kai to Mr. Dickinson. After a few very awkward seconds, Ray got the impression they were waiting for him to leave as well. He got stiffly to his feet, not that he particularly wanted to listen to the argument that was no doubt about to unfold.

He was only a few steps away when his sharp feline-enhanced hearing picked up Mr. Dickinson's hushed voice.

"I'll have none of the attitude, Kai!" he said sharply, while Kai scowled, "while you are travelling and competing in Beyblade tournaments, I am responsible for you, and therefore when I tell you to do or don't do something, I expect a little respect and for you to follow what I wish. Do you understand me?"

For some reason, Ray would have loved to have seen the expression on Kai's face round about now. Very rarely did someone have the guts to put Kai in his place, and it was something Ray, and the rest of the team, wished would happen more often. Not that they hated their team-leader; more like they disliked him when his attitude flared up. Ray slowed down so he would be able to hear Kai's response, which was, surprisingly, mumbled unhappily.

"I just went for a walk..."

Mr. Dickinson sighed, "I know, Kai m'boy. And I know things are difficult; but you must understand that I am your guardian while you are away, and this part of Las Vegas can host a lot of troublemakers, especially at night."

Kai grunted in response, to which Mr. Dickinson chuckled slightly.

"Good boy. Just promise me you won't go out at night again?"

Ray didn't hear whether or not Kai made the promise, because while he had been trying to hard to listen to their conversation as he was slowly getting further away from the table, Ray had lost concentration on where he was walking, and at that moment he collided with a large, beefy man who turned around and hollered abuse at the bewildered teen.

Ignoring the fat idiot, Ray turned around to see that Kai had left the Breakfast table. He frowned in annoyance as he heard Tyson come over and jump to his defence, roaring insults back at the man despite the huge difference in size and weight.

-- End Flashback --

Even though Ray hadn't heard whether or not Kai promised not to go out again, it was likely that he had. For the dual-haired blader had laid down on the sofa about two hours ago and had not moved since. Ray probably would have felt relived, maybe happy, that Kai wouldn't be wondering the streets at midnight, however, right now, he wasn't able to feel such things for the older teen.

And that reason was the same one as to why none of the boys were asleep.

Music. Loud, guitar-shredding, drum-bashing music was spitting from Kai's head-phones on the sofa, and it was preventing all of them from drifting off to sleep. It was almost 1am, almost two hours of hearing Kai's heavy music, only silencing when they heard their captain change the disc in his walkman, allowing the other teens to know he was still awake.

By now, everyone was tired, Tyson and Ray were annoyed, and (mainly) Tyson was angry. He was still sat up in his bed, glaring daggers at the back of the sofa. Tyson couldn't help but feel slightly pissed at himself. He was the one who told Mr. Dickinson during breakfast that Kai had sneaked of at night; if he had just kept his mouth shut then Kai probably would have disappeared again tonight, allowing them all to fall asleep in his absence. Tyson shook his head angrily. What was he thinking? It wasn't his fault Kai was a selfish, grouch who didn't care if he was keeping the others awake with his stupid music!

"Just leave it for tonight," Ray begged quietly, not even understanding why he was sticking up for Kai, "we'll talk to him tomorrow about it."

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