Hello, and thank you for dropping by! I am mostly a fan artist but I started this as a reminder to myself that I used to, in the distant past, be able to write decent fanfiction. (Now, not so much.) At any rate I hope you enjoy what I have here. Some chapters are silly; some are pseudo-angsty abominations that take themselves too seriously, but all feature V, so if you love them like I do, have a look through a few chapters. - S.

"Wonderful view, isn't it?" Haley beamed, gazing at the verdant expanse of plains from the balcony. "We should totally go into the city and look for quests. I bet they give amazing rewards here – this place is practically made of money."

Vaarsuvius was cleaning his circlet, using gold polish borrowed from (who else?) Haley. "I hear they have an impressive library."

Haley had resumed counting her gold on the floor. "You know, you should buy some new clothes and up your Charisma a little. Goodness knows it wouldn't kill you to wear something other than red once in a while."