Stretching out luxuriantly on the bed, Vaarsuvius closes her eyes and takes a short break from reading. Elan's father plainly has bad things planned for them in time to come, but for now, just enjoying the library and guest suite that comes with the title of 'diplomat' is good enough for him.

Her mind drifts, as it invariably does, to the Order's ridiculously slow progress. He hadn't banked on this when she first agreed to accompany Haley on her adventures many years ago. Every time they seem to make some headway, they encounter another stumbling block that slows them to a standstill for weeks. It's easy to get annoyed at the Order's general idiocy and inefficiency, and there are days when Vaarsuvius just wants to call it quits and return to his little cottage in Ivyleaf, studying to his heart's content.

Ivyleaf. Her heart beats uncomfortably fast when he thinks about it a second time. It's still too close, the memories too raw. Best to return to the present. She forces his eyes open and sees Haley in the doorway, already kitted out in slave-freeing gear.

"Sorry, did I wake you? Anyway, d'you wanna– "

Then comes a sudden rush of love for his friend, and gratitude for said friend's impeccable timing. He sits up, and simply smiles at her in silence. Haley's not very used to this, apparently, and raises an eyebrow. " – uh, go rescue some – "

Vaarsuvius chuckles inwardly at her discomfort. "Lead the way, Miss Starshine."