Beaten and enslaved in a brothel house… what would draw him to such a broken spirit?

By Emiliana Keladry

Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight. It belongs to Stephenie Meyer.

Author's note: This story has been nagging at my mind for days, so I finally decided to put up the prologue. It is rated T, and it won't get much more mature than that, so don't worry. I don't think I could write it like that. This story is set in a little different way, but it's still in the modern period, though the brothel house will be run the same as it would in the original period. The Cullens are vampires, so this isn't an all human story. Please enjoy and review!


I ran. My ears picked up the sound of his harsh breathing behind me as I jumped off the fence railing and fell into the deserted lot. My dance skirt tore on the chain links at the top as I collapsed into the dirt. He was still following. His laughter rang in my ears as I got up and began to flee again.

This was a terrible night. First, my dance instructor insisted that I needed a lot more practice outside of class or she wouldn't let me dance in the ballet taking place next Tuesday. Second, Charlie wasn't going to be home until late and I had locked myself out. Third, one the way home a strange man jumped out and attacked me, causing me to run for my life.

I heard him calling for me again, calling me sweetheart and baby. I was unable to comprehend how he could still speak and run so quickly. My hands crashed into the gate at the opposite end of the lot and I found that it was locked by a thick chain and padlock. I scrambled to climb up the fence, clutching it tightly as I moved up. My dance bag on my shoulder bounced against my back as I slipped slightly. My blue zip-up sweatshirt snagged and I ripped it free.

"Gotcha!" the low voice called as something grabbed my foot.

My screams pierced the crisp fall air as I was yanked to the ground. My fingers clawed at the dirt as he flipped me onto my back and put my face in his hands. I could smell the alcohol on his breath. My gasping was distracting him momentarily as he stroked my hair with his filthy hands. Tears poured down my cheeks. This wasn't happening.

"What a pretty dancer," he commented, touching my lips.

I jerked away from him and he pressed down hard on my shoulders, causing me to scream in pain. They didn't break, but I knew I would have bruises by morning. I cried to kick him, but the man sat down, pinning my legs under him. His face drew close to mine and I gagged at the scent. I had to do something. With all my strength, I spit in his face. The man backed up, wiping away the liquid with a trembling hand. My eyes were narrowed in anger. I screamed again, but the man put a hand on my throat to silence me.

Soon, I was choking to death. I couldn't breathe. My nails raked his hands as I tried to peel them off so I could draw in oxygen to survive.

"What a pity, to waste such beauty," he snarled.

Suddenly the man had a thought and released my neck. I drew in a breath as I sobbed. He fingered my cheeks as his mind reeled with the possibilities of what he could do to me.

"I know just the person. I'll sell you. Such a waste for me… but he will break that hard spirit. Come sweetheart, tell me your name."

I couldn't look away from his dilated eyes as he breathed on me, very pleased with himself. I saw him pick up something from the ground, but I couldn't see it clearly in the darkness.

"Tell me your name!" he sneered. "Princess…"

My captor ran his fingers along my side and I couldn't get away. I knew I just had to tell him what he wanted. The words stuck in my throat as I swallowed.

"Isabella…" I choked out, trying to look away from his greedy stare.

"A very pretty name… don't worry, I'll take you somewhere safe."

I had no time to comprehend his words and actions before the solid object came down on my head and the world dissolved into a swirling darkness filled with the voice of a young woman screaming in terror and pain.

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