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Megatokyo Love

Chapter 1: "It's too Early..."

Piro woke with a start early one morning after hearing a loud crash below in the Mega-Gamers Store. 'Darn it Largo...' he thought as he got up out of bed to see what Largo had done this time. 'I just hope he isn't trying to build more ph34r bots'. After stretching for a moment he headed towards the door that lead out to the balcony overlooking the street. He opened the door, and to his surprise found Miho standing there. She had one hand held up as though she was about to knock on the door.

"Oh! Hello Piro-kun!"she said in a an almost mockingly happy voice, "I was just about to see if Ping-chan is up yet. We need to leave for school you know."

"Huh...? Oh! Ping! Oh no! I haven't even seen her yet this morning! Let me go get her! Please, plleeeaaassse be up already!" Piro ran back into the apartment and looked over at the corner where Ping usually slept...well, recharged. She was nowhere to be found. 'Where's Ping!' Piro thought as he ran frantically through the apartment checking every nook and cranny for any sign of Ping.

"She's not here?"

Piro jumped, startled because Miho had snuck up on him in his frantic search for Ping.

"Hmmm...I wonder where she could be?" Miho said with a tone that showed no interest in really finding Ping; as though she was asking where she was purely as a formality of the moment. "Maybe she's down in the store," she suggested.

'The store!' Piro thought as he bolted through the door and ran down the stairs. As the windows of the store came into view he saw Largo running inside. 'What the...?' he thought just as he saw Ping chasing him wielding a broom like a katana. He then saw that Largo was completely naked except for his boxers, and realized that he must have been building another computer to go with his beowulf cluster upstairs. 'Ping's programming must have kicked in' he thought to himself.

"It seems Ping walked in on Largo-san while he was working..."

Piro jumped again. "I wish you would stop doing that!" he said as he ran into the store to try and stop Ping from mauling Largo with the now broken broom.

"Hentai! Baka! Hentaiiiii!" Ping yelled as she chased Largo around the store with the splintered broom, "Largo-san, come back here so I can hit you!"

"Ping stop!" Piro yelled as he ran up behind Ping and grabbed the broom just as she was about to swing at Largo, whom she had trapped in a corner.

"Oh! Hello Piro-kun! Good morning!" she said with a broad smile as she lowered her weapon of choice , "Oh! And good morning to you too Miho-chan."

Piro jumped once more because Miho had snuck up on him again.

"Why are you here Miho-chan?" Ping asked as her cleaning protocol kicked in and she started picking up various DVD's, books, and games off of the floor. Then suddenly her eyes widened as the realization hit her that today was in fact a school day. "AAAIIIIII! I'm late! Oh no, oh no, oh no...!" she said as she dropped everything she was holding and ran upstairs to change out of her pajamas and into her school uniform.

Piro watched in silence as Ping ran up the steps outside, until finally she was out of sight. 'Wow. She becomes more and more like a real girl everyday...' he thought.

"Acts just like a real girl doesn't she?" Miho whispered into Piro's ear.

"Ack!" Piro jumped again, "Wah? I...I don't...uh..! Would you quit scaring me like that!"

She stared at him for a moment then smiled darkly,"...I'm sorry Piro-kun, I didn't mean to scare you-"

"Evil! 3vil! Piro, how could you let t3h evil in here! I gave you weapons to destroy such things! 1337 w34pon5!" Largo yelled as he flailed his arms about wildly, every once in a while stopping to point an accusing finger at Miho. "Undead wench! Begone!"

"Largo..." Piro stared blankly at Largo since he was used to such things, "Shutup..."

Miho giggled, silently enjoying the little soap opera that was unfolding before her. Just then Ping had come back into the store fully clothed and ready to go to school. "I'm ready Miho-chan!" she said breathlessly, "Sorry I took so long!" she said as she bowed low, feeling guilty.

"That's okay Ping. No harm done," she said as she walked over to her, "Well, shall we go?"


Piro watched for a moment as Ping and Miho walked off in the morning light toward their school. 'I don't deserve this,' Piro thought, 'Not this early in the morning anyway...' Then he remembered why he had come down here in the first place...Largo. "Largo. What happened down here? I heard a loud crash when I was upstairs. And I'll have you know that I was still asleep when I heard said crash."

"I'll tell you what happened," Largo said as he took in a deep breath and struck a pose suggesting that he was about to go off on a rant about zombies again, "That plaything of yours walked in on me whilst I was building a new addition to my b30wu1f cluster (Piro thought, 'I knew it...') and started to attack me for no reason! I've told you before Piro, that thing is pure 3vil! If you allow it to live here any longer, then it may compromise our safety when the zombies launch their next attack!"

Piro stared at Largo for a moment with an expressionless face, "Largo...Once again...Shutup..."

End Chapter 1