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Megatokyo Love

Chapter 5:Kisu

"Come on Largo! We're already late thanks to you," Piro called after Largo who had stopped to study a vending machine that sold beer, "Besides, we're going to a beer garden. So why would you want beer from a vending machine?"

"Because this be3r is closer than the b33r in the b3er garden," Largo said with an air of knowledge.

"Just come on Largo," Piro sighed.

They were already late because Largo refused to stop playing Quake until the online tournament he was in ended, in addition to Ping repeatedly changing from normal mode to H-mode. After a few more minutes of walking they arrived at the building the housed the beer garden.

"Finally, we have arrived! B33R for all!" Largo yelled to no one in particular.

"Largo, shut up," Piro said as he went inside the building and ascended the stairs to the roof where the actual beer garden was. Once they reached the roof Piro looked around trying to find Erika and Kimiko.

"I don't see Erika or Kimiko. Do you see them Largo?" Piro asked. He heard no answer and looked over to Largo who now had a beer and was taking a deep swig of it.

"Huh? Did you say something?"

"H-how did you get that? We've only been here for ten seconds; I didn't even see you leave!"

"1337 5ki115. Now let's find Erika and that grrl that you've been drooling over."

"W-what?! I haven't been drooling over-"

"Oi! Piro! Largo! Over here!"

Piro turned away from Largo to see Erika and Kimiko waving at them from across the roof. Piro and Largo went and sat at the table with them. Naturally, Largo sat next to Erika and Piro next to Kimiko.

/Sorry we're so late,\ Piro said, bowing his head, /I hope you weren't waiting long.\

/Ah, don't worry about it Piro-kun,\ Kimiko said as she smiled at him, and Piro blushed.

/Yeah, we haven't been waiting long. Really, we just got here, right?\ Erika said as she looked toward Kimiko for confirmation.

"Hai!" Kimiko said.

/Yeah, Largo refused to leave until he finished playing his game,\ Piro said as he scratched the back of his head nervously.

"Oh? And what game were you playing Largo that caused you to be late?" Erika asked with a grin.

"Twas an epic game of Quake! And I pwnz3d all of those n3wb5!" Largo said as he struck a heroic pose. As Largo continued to rant about his game, Kimiko turned to Piro and asked, /Piro-kun, what is he saying? He seems to be very excited.\

/Oh, he's just going on about that game he was playing that caused us to be late,\ Piro said with a nervous chuckle, /So, how has your day been Kimiko-chan?\

/It was fine. I spent the whole day doing recordings for Sight again,\ she said as she smiled at Piro, and he blushed again. She laughed silently to herself and thought, 'He's so cute when he acts this way.' Then ash she moved closer to Piro she asked, /So did anything eventful happen to you today, Piro-kun?\

/You have no idea...\

Piro explained what had happened with Ping to Kimiko, leaving out a few details of course. Meanwhile Largo had gone through about ten more beers whilst giving Erika a play-by-play of the game of Quake he had played earlier.

"...So then I jumped out from behind the wall and capped the sniper from halfway across the map, it was 4w350m3!" he yelled as he jumped up and struck another pose.

"Very nice Largo, but please sit down," Erika said with a slight chuckle at his enthusiasm, then she added, "Say, why don't you and Piro come over to our place after we get done here and we can play a few games on the system you helped me build? We've still got one of your computers that you left at our place that you could play on."

Kimiko and Piro then stood up, and Piro said, "Hey, uh, we're gonna leave early and go see a movie. So, we'll see you later." Then they went and payed for their drinks and left.

"Well, I guess it's just you and me for the rest of the night, eh Largo?"


Piro and Kimiko walked to the nearest theater in relative quiet, neither really knowing what to say. After getting their tickets they went inside and sat down. Piro had been arguing with himself the entire way there about whether or not he should tell Kimiko how he felt about her.

'Come on Piro! She kissed you! She obviously likes you, just tell her you feel the same way! But, she's way too good for me...I'm not worth her time...Would she have asked you to see a movie with her if she thought you weren't worth her time? Just do it! But-'

/Piro-kun? Is something wrong?\ Kimiko asked, concern in her voice, /You've been really quiet since we left the beer garden.\

/Oh, it's nothing...\ he replied with a smile, hoping she was convinced.

/Well, okay then. Oh! The movie is starting,\ she said as she turned her attention toward the screen.

'Something is bothering him,' she thought, 'He's probably thinking about what happened the other day. How could I be so foolish as to let myself get carried away like that? Baka! Baka! I'll try not to bother him after tonight-'

Suddenly she felt something warm squeeze her hand. She looked down to see Piro's hand holding hers. Awestruck she turned to Piro to see him looking attentively at the movie screen. Then he turned to her and smiled nervously, and even in the dark theater Kimiko could tell that he was blushing very deeply.


/Shhh...You don't have to say anything Kimiko...\

She smiled a little, then closed her eyes and leaned toward Piro, and after what seemed an eternity she felt his lips brush lightly across hers. She opened her eyes to see his face a few inches away, and even in the darkness she knew that he was blushing a deep red and that he was frozen, unable to think or move.

/Silly Piro-kun...\ she said quietly, then she used her free hand to pull him close to her and kissed him deeply, using her tongue to explore him. He was still, apparently in shock. She made a small chuckling sound, then pulled away slowly and opened her eyes. He was staring at her, eyes wide.

/Piro-kun...? Are you okay?\ she asked with a smirk on her lips.

/Yes, I just...I...wow...uh-\

/Shhh...You don't have to say anything Piro-kun...Let's just enjoy the movie...and each other,\ she said with a smile she was unable to hide as she turned back to watch the movie.


End Chapter 5