Chapter 7: Rethinking the Past

(Brock's POV)

An icy burst slammed against my face and bit into my skin. I cringed in pain, clenching my fists a bit more tightly by my sides.

"Ash, Misty, Pikachu!" I yelled out into the swirling, darkening sky, "Wherever you are, I will find you."

My legs were beginning to grow stiff from the cold and from overuse but I forced myself to go on. I can't give up. My friends mean so much to me...I will find them or die trying!

With a new sense of determination I pressed on, gritting my teeth and pulling my parka a bit more tightly around my face. Memories...memories of happy times, past times, and good times began to flow into my head...


"You and I will be married someday too." Misty said casually.

"Uh huh..." Ash nodded, not really listening.

Wait for it, wait for it...

"WAA…!" Ash's eyes bulged and he jumped back from Misty in surprise, who simply glanced over at him in return.

One bottle of ketchup for a hungery pikachu... 15 pokedollars...
Lunch, a map of the surrounding regions, and a short stop at the pokemon center... 50 pokedollars...
Two pokeballs for catching pokemon... 200 pokedollars...
Getting placed in an embarrassing situation by your best friend, and not noticing it until AFTER you unknowingly confess your true feelings...
There are some things money can't buy... but for everything else, there's Ash's Pokemon Mastercard!


Heh...yeah, that was one of those rare occasions when a woman actually liked me. Too bad I wasn't interested!

I smiled slightly considering the irony of the whole situation. Ash STILL couldn't get it through his thick skull what Misty was trying to say to him.


Although I still don't know exactly what happened that day...

"Oh, Ash, can't you hear me?!" Misty pleaded. "Open your eyes, please Ash!"

His eyes slowly opened as if by some unseen force pulled Ash back to life.

"Hey, Misty…"

"Wa…? Ash, you're alive!" Misty smiled.


"Hey, sorry to worry you guys." Ash sat up.

"No sweat." I replied. "Glad to have you back."

Misty wiped the tears from her eyes and looked up at Ash. I knew that Misty had fallen in love at least.


The girl is practically tearing herself apart over him and the best Ash can come up with is "Hey, Misty?" Come on, man...Even I have better pick-up lines than that!


"I must be the beautiful girl she's talking about." Misty placed her hands onto her cheeks. "But I would never hurt Brock."

Sure, Misty...

"I was talking about an elegant young woman, not some scrawny little blabbermouth like you!" The old woman spat.

"Scrawny…?" Misty recoiled at the woman's comment.

"Yeah, real scrawny…!" Ash put in his two bits.


Ash was on the floor the second later.

"That's it!" Misty fumed. "I don't have to stand around here and be insulted!"


I honestly think either Ash secretly enjoys either Misty's attention or or the other. Seriously, the kid doesn't understand the idea of boundaries. He doesn't just cross lines, he smashes right through them! He knows just what annoys Misty the most and does that...repetitively.


"Misty?" Ash and I walked up to the ring.

"WAA…?" Misty looked up at Ash.

"Hey, are you part of the show Misty?" Ash looked up at her.

"What are you two doing here?!" Misty blushed furiously.

I simply munched my popcorn, savouring the moment.

"That's a real cute outfit, Misty..." Ash beamed.

That one was hard to top...


I grinned, remembering Misty's shocked expression as I stumbled to climb over another snowdrift. If her face had gotten any redder, it would have resembled a tomato in more ways than one. I would have given anything to see her and Ash's faces again.


Misty flicked Ash on the nose.

"Ow..." Ash grasped his face with his hand.

"Why don't you try to prove how tough you are at the Vermillion gym?" Misty challenged him.

"From the looks of things here, you HAVE to be tough enough to battle with this Lieutenant Surge..." I added.

"You think he's that tough?" Ash asked, looking up at me.

"We GAVE you badges, you know." Misty placed her hands onto her hips, "How do you think we will look if you get crushed by Surge?"

"You have nothing to worry about." Ash replied, greatly irritated at Misty's comment. "Except maybe seeing my own incredible strength…!"

Ash lunged forward with a punch aimed at Misty's face but Nurse Joy. She, in all of her beautiful radiance, held Ash's fist back.

"Alright, that's enough!" Nurse Joy declared.

"She started it." Ash replied childishly.

"Remember, this IS a hospital." Nurse Joy reminded us.

A huge teardrop appeared on Ash's head

"They say if two people fight, they REALLY care about each other." Nurse Joy smiled.

"ME…? Care about HIM/HER?" both Ash and Misty shouted at the same time.

After all those denials, they BETTER get together. That's all I could think about. They were both such stubborn people, however, so I didn't know which of them would crack first.


"Hey!" Misty called out.

"Huh?" Ash and I turn to face Misty...who happens to be wearing a stunning red bikini. Not that I had any sort of ideas or anything!

"I thought you two were going to wait for me over by the snack bar." Misty held her hand up to block the sun's glare. "How's the water?"

"Uh..." we both stare at her stupidly.

"What's wrong? Why are you staring at me like that?" Misty asked as we walked up to her.

"It's just weird to see you looking like a girl." Ash replied.

The rest is Pokemon history.


At least that event proved that Ash could see the girl inside of Misty...even if that girl is somewhat boyish as well. For a moment I considered the paradox: Ash was oblivious to any girl activity yet Misty wasn't much like a girl. I couldn't remember the last time she fussed about her hair or anything like that. Perfume was one of her few concessions to modern femininity.

"I never said that the inside doesn't matter but the outside counts too!" Misty shouted at Ash.

"The inside is what matters!" Ash shouted back.

"Outside too…!"


"Outside too…!"

"The inside matters the most!"

"The outside matters too!"


"Outside too…!"

Stopping those two when they started was like trying to stop the tide.


I looked up from my feet. "I just HAVE to find you guys!"

There, right before me, loomed the entrance to an ice cave carved out of the side of the ice mountain. The wind curled around my face as I stepped closer for a better look.

"Misty? Ash…?" I whispered as I entered the dark cave and flipped on my flashlight. I jumped back in surprise at the sight before me.


Ambezua: MUAH HA HA! I know...I can be SO cruel!

Misty: You have GOT to be kidding me!

Brock: Aw, come on man...

Ash: Whatever...

Jonz: Not bad...but I was expecting more after that HUGE break you took.

Ambezua: Hey! I had school work to complete! I have a valid excuse.

Misty: What excuse do you have at leaving the story like that, huh?

Ambezua: Relax...that's not the end. This story has a definite end, not just a cliffhanger.

Misty: (crossing her arms) Good...

Ash: (looking over the script) What the--there are three more chapters to go?

Ambezua: That is correct...although I MAY put in an epilogue if there is enough popular demand.

Misty: I see

Ash: (tossing the script aside) As long as I get some good action, I don't really care!

Misty: (rolls her eyes) Men...

Summary: Brock continues to search for Misty and Ash, but the blizzard becomes too strong. Determined to save his friends and encouraged by his many pleasant adventures he has had with his friends, Brock manages to find an ice cave entrance and goes inside...only to find out that…