Time seemed to speed up again, and the screams he took to be background noise before was now amplified.

"DANNY!" His mom cried seeing him first. The rest of his family whirled around to see him on the ground, his face bleeding, and collectively gasped.

He wouldn't have guessed this would be the outcome of the day, when the beginning was so peaceful.

And he would have never even thought that it would only be the first of the mysterious attempts on his life.




April 23, 2007



11:12 am

"Wow. Who knew? Danny Fenton actually cleans up pretty well."

Danny smiled and turned away from the mirror. "I'm going to take that as a compliment." He stated, snatching his socks off the dresser and turning to the familiar voice.

Sam was leaning casually against the doorframe with the ever-present smirk plastered to her face. Well, ever-present as long as Danny was around, at least. Especially when he was dressed up.

Danny was wearing a blue button up collared shirt with black pants and new shiny shoes sitting at the foot of his bed. "My mom wanted me to wear a suit but…" He shrugged, and collapsed on to his bed. "I don't wanna goooo." He whined pathetically.

Sam stood up and walked over to sit in his computer chair. "Hey, most families would be honored to sit behind the senator at her position acceptance speech or whatever." She said, spinning in the chair.

"I don't see why she's still broadcasting us though. Just because she takes a tough stand against ghosts doesn't mean we have to be the face of her campaign. Plus she's already won!"

"Chill Danny." Sam soothed. "It's just an hour of sitting and pretending to be interested."

He sighed, and lifted up his leg to put on his socks while still laying down. When he was finished, he flopped back down for a moment, and then with an over exaggerated groan, sat up to put on his shoes.

Suddenly he looked up. "You'll be there though. Right?"

Sam stopped spinning. "Yep. Unfortunately. My parents were kinda big contributors to her campaign fund. I'll be front row and center."

He looked at least a little bit relieved. "Good. So can we come up with some sort of silent and subtle language please? Because I'm really not looking forward to this."

She smiled. "There's no need. I can read you're face like an open book. Just for future warning, never play poker. It's a wonder how you've kept your secret this long." She added, throwing her arms up it a stretch.

He deadpanned, but Sam didn't see it. She yawned. "It's too hot in here. I'm falling asleep." She stated, getting up and throwing open the window. However instead of a pleasant breeze to cool them off, a huge torrent of wind suddenly ripped through the room, sending loose papers flying.

Both Sam and Danny jumped when the door slammed shut. "Stupid wind…" Danny mumbled, quickly standing to shut the window again. The wind cut off immediately, and the papers flitted to the floor.

"Great, thanks Sam," he grumbled sarcastically, looking at the mess. Amusement twinkled in his eyes. Stepping over randomly strewn papers, he went across his room to the door and tried to pull it open. "I think you broke my door…" he announced, jiggling the doorknob.

"Really?" She asked, also walking across his room as he started trying to yank it open. The wood creaked loudly before the door finally flew open. "That didn't sound good," she commented.

Danny pursed his lips, and jiggled the doorknob again. "Hum."

"DANNEH! ARE YOU READY TO GO?" Jack Fenton yelled up the stairs. Danny jumped at the sudden screech.

"I'm right here dad!" He exclaimed irritably, stepping out of his room and looking down the stairs.

"Oh." His dad blinked. "Well are you ready to leave, son?" He asked in a normal tone level.

"As ready as I'll ever be," he groaned, and turned back to Sam.

"I should probably get going anyways," she said. "My parents are probably trying to hunt me down in one last attempt to make me wear that dress…" She trailed off and shivered at the idea, her mind obviously far away. Danny shrugged in sympathy as she seemingly shook off the visual.

She stepped out of his room. "See you on stage," she said in farewell. Sam took off down the stairs saying, "Thanks, Mr. F," to Jack, and waved one last time at Danny before opening the front door and stepping outside.

Danny sighed, and closed his bedroom door shut behind him. He had only token a step towards the stairs before he heard a click, and he turned around to see his door swinging open again.

Eyebrows knitted together in confusion, he reached back and tried to close his door again. Once again, with a small click, the door creaked open again. "I guess we really did break the door," he mumbled. Leaving his door open, he bounded down the stairs.



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