Maximum IM!!

flyingfirstclass - Max

silentflight - Fang

bombsaway - Iggy

talkattack - Nudge

gazzitup - Gazzy

sparklyhalo - Angel

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talkattack: hiiii evry1!

sparklyhalo: hiiiii nudge!

flyingfirstclass: hiiiiii n&a!

talkattack: hiiiiiii a&m!

sparklyhalo: hiiiiiiiii m&n!

silentflight: ...

talkattack: hiiiiiiiiii party pooper!

silentflight: ?

sparklyhalo: aka FANG

flyingfirstclass: (giggles)

silentflight: (sighs)

talkattack: exactly

gazzitup has joined a created chat room

flyingfirstclass: hey gazzer

gazzitup: what i get no hiiiiiiiii?


talkattack: lol

gazzitup: much better

sparklyhalo: hi gazzy

gazzitup: yo

bombsaway has joined a created chat room

bombsaway: whatup peeps

gazzitup: hi ig!

silentflight: yoyoyo

flyingfirstclass: yoyoyo??

silentflight: yes

talkattack: NO!

silentflight: ?

flyingfirstclass: lol

sparklyhalo: giggles

silentflight: tards

flyingfirstclass: hey! thats an insults towards the mentally challenged!

silenflight: then no wonder ur upset

flyingfirstclass: grrrrrr...

bombsaway: hey max dont growl at your bf!

gazzitup: ha! good one ig!

bombsaway: i try

flyingfirstclass: bf?

talkattack: boyfriend! lol!

flyingfirstclass: (slaps head)

sparklyhalo: (giggles)

talkattack: (laughs)

bombsaway: (smirks)

silentflight: (rolls eyes)

gazzitup: FARTS!

sparklyhalo: ewwwwwwwww gazzy ew!!

talkattack: nasty

flyingfirstclass: jeezums gazzy i can smell that from my room!! gross!

bombsaway: wow gaz we could set off a bomb with that

gazzitup: yeah we should try!

flyingfirstclass: NO!

bombsaway: u cant stop us

gazzitup: yeah!

silentflight: i can though

bombsaway: oh really how?

silentflight: by threatening to tell your little secret

bombsaway: crap. u win this round

silentflight: whats new

bombsaway: nothings new fang. just the usual - you taking your darling max's side to ruin my fun

flyingfirstclass: hey!! :(

silentflight: k then be like that. EVERYONE, I HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT

bombsaway: nooooooo! stop please stop!

silentflight: thats what i thought

flyingfirstclass: giggles

sparklyhalo: omg max! you really think fangs that cute when he acts smug like that?

talkattack: HAHAHAHAHA!!

bombsaway: double that!

flyingfirstclass: angel stay out of my head!!

talkattack: lololol cutie pie fang

silentflight: shut it nudge

talkattack: omg i cant stop lau

bombsaway: what was that noise??

flyingfirstclass: nudge falling off her chair

bombsaway: hahahahahaha

talkattack: k that hurt. but im back!!

gazzitup: whoopee.

talkattack: whats that supposed to mean?!

gazzitup: nothing!

silentfang: not to interupt but i have a question

sparklyhalo: fang! for the LAST time, i am NOT telling you what else max is thinking!!

talkattack: HAHAHAHAHAHA!! AGAIN!!

bombsaway: this is getting really entertaining

silentflight: that wasnt my question ANGEL

sparklyhalo: oh...sorry!

silentflight: wtvr. i was just wondering why we're all IMing in the same house

flyingfirstclass: cuz its fun

talkattack: duh


gazzitup: i have a question tooo! for max

flyingfirstclass: wat

gazzitup: u know when we were on that beach a long time ago and ari beat up fang?

flyingfirstclass: uhh...yeah

gazzitup: why'd ya kiss him??


bombsaway: u two made out in front of them?!

flyingfirstclass: NO!! it was only for like a SECOND!!

sparklyhalo: but it was really funny cuz both of you were thinking 'whaaaaaaaat??'


bombsaway: so wats happened since then huh??

flyingfirstclass: MYOB IGGY!!

bombsaway: fine I'll just get angel to tell me then

flyingfirstclass: ANGEL DONT. IGGY SHUT UP!

bombsaway: not my fault your in luuuuuuv

silentflight: allesevolyggi

talkattack: what?

bombsaway: CRAP FANG!! WHYD YA DO THAT??

flyingfirstclass: OMG is that true is that the secret?

silentflight: (evil grin)

flyingfirstclass: jeez iggy! shes kinda...young for you

bombsaway: shut up

talkattack: ohhhhhhhhhh i get it! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

sparklyhalo: i already knew. and btw fang max wants to see your evil grin REALLY bad


gazzitup: wait a sec what did fang say?? and max you didnt really answer my question!

bombsaway: fang said he talks out his butt and we all know max kissed him cuz shes in LOVE

flyingfirstclass: am not!

silentflight: actually gazzy i said that iggy is in LOVE with ella

gazzitup: ?! iggy why did you tell him but not me??

bombsaway: i didnt! angel told him when i hid celeste and said id blown her up

sparklyhalo: you got what you deserved

flyingfirstclass: iggy that was mean! whyd you do that to angel?

bombsaway: she said she'd tell ella

flyingfirstclass: oh

sparklyhalo: hehe...about that...

bombsaway: YOU DIDNT

sparklyhalo: wellllllllll...


sparklyhalo: calm down iggy i was just joking

bombsaway: be glad

talkattack: well this is the most exciting convo ive had in a while

gazzitup: you can say that again

talkattack: well this is the most exciting convo ive had in a while

gazzitup: ugh

bombsaway: youve been quiet fang


flyingfirstclass: lol

bombsaway: u too max... is sumtin going on round here??

sparklyhalo: no. they're just thinking about... you know...

gazzitup: no we dont

sparklyhalo: im not telling

gazzitup: pleeeeeeeeeeeeezz

sparklyhalo: well...

flyingfirstclass: angel lets not put celeste in danger again

sparklyhalo: i just hid her pretty well... same with the chocolate chip cookies your mom just sent

talkattack: uh oh

flyingfirstclass: WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTT?! when did those come in??

sparklyhalo: gee, idk... today!! (giggles) they're sooooo fresh

flyingfirstclass. tell. me. where. they. are. NOW.

sparklyhalo: i think me and nudge will just eat them all instead.

flyingfirstclass: no! i'll do anything!!

sparklyhalo: ooooooh, this should be good

talkattack: okay then, answer this question and the cookies are all yours

sparklyhalo: oh and stop worrying fang im sure she'll share them with you


sparklyhalo: sorrry!!

talkattack: anyway, max here's your question. u sure you're willing to answer?

flyingfirstclass: yes!! ASK DA QUESTION!!

talkattack: okayyyyy...

bombsaway: dun dun dunnnnn

talkattack: max, how many times have you and fang kissed??

flyingfirstclass: i WILL get revenge for this later, n&a. be prepared. two times okay?


silentflight: welllll...

flyingfirstclass: well what?

silentflight: actually three

flyingfirstclass: no, two - beach and dock

silentflight: and cave. thats 3

flyingfirstclass: oh yeah... crap

bombsaway: wow, you two really have it going lately

talkattack: HAHAHAHA!! omg i think im gonna barf im laughing so hard

flyingfirstclass: just dont barf on my cookies. now hand them over angel

sparklyhalo: cookies?? what cookies??

flyingfirstclass: the cookies i just seriously humiliated myself over. THOSE cookies.

sparklyhalo: oh, those... you see, i was just kidding about that...

talkattack: cant...contain...laughter...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

gazzitup: triple that!

bombsaway: this might just be the best day of my life

flyingfirstclass: hey angel? nudge?

sparklyhalo: yeah?

talkattack: yes, max?

flyingfirstclass: RUN.

sparklyhalo: bye every1!!

talkattack: AHHHHH!!

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gazzitup: well i guess its just us guys now

silentflight: yep

bombsaway: so three times huh, fang?

silentflight: im out

gazzitup: where ya going?

silentflight: to make a phone call to a certain someone coughcoughellacoughcough

bombsaway: WHAT?!

silentflight has logged out of this chat room

bombsaway: oh CRAP!!

bombsaway has logged out of this chat room

gazzitup: Yay! I win! I'm the last man standing!! Go me! Go me! Whoop whoop!!

theVoice: Remember Gasman, it is not about winning; it's about how you win.


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this chat room has been closed

k so that was my first ever fanfic... did ya like it?? i know, i know, everyong does IM fanfics... but i couldn't help myself!! U want more?? just tell me! R&R!!