Oh, and about the late update, AGAIN, just blame it on 2 evil pomapoos – poodle/pomeranians, cute little doggies (names are chloe and teddy), but EVIL! EEEEEEEVVVVIILLLLLLL!!!!! I told them not to, but they did infact read the MR series! Darn those genius puppies! But now, they want wings soooo bad that they tried to jump off my balcony to fly but it didnt work….. KASPLAT!........ and now, theyre building a super evil science lab under my house so they can have wings too! And they want to find Total and hold him hostage for $1,000,000,000!!! then they'll take over the woooooorld!!!! Oh, no…. theyre onto me!!!!!!!! Someone halp!!!!!!!!! HAAALP MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!



Ever done something you knew was just wrong, but totally enjoyed it anyway? Like, reading someone's diary and finding something really juicy? Or, in my case, eavesdropping on your sister while she privately discusses her unstable emotions with her crush? Sure, I felt bad, dirty… but revenge is revenge, and if you have any problems with it, feel free to blame everything on Fang. It's really unfair how easily seductive he can be.

I mean, first, he reels me in with a pefect smile and a cute head gesture, and then shoots me all these deep looks that share the understanding of how hiliarious this situation was – although I felt bad for Ella and Iggy having to endure such awkwardness, it was incredibly funny. So, who could blame me for wanting to stay with him and listen in on an awesomely embarassing conversation? It was pure gold…

My dumb, dreamy thoughts were interupted when Fang gave me a questioning look, like, why are you staring at me like that?

Crap. I thought I'd gotten over the staring thing. I felt me cheeks heat up, and unhappily thought, why is it still so weird between us? Aren't we sort of… together? Wow, I felt stupid. And desperate. Until Fang flashed me a wonderful grin, which I instantly reflected. And before I knew it, I leaned in and kissed him lightly on the lips. We smiled at each other again, both of us a little surprised, and then we returned to dutifully eavesdropping, heads still together.

Yeah, yeah, I know – it was kinda unlike me to just randomly kiss Fang. But haven't we already been over this? – it's called extremely unfair seductiveness. Get over it.

I broke away from my little Mushy Moment when Ella boldly spoke up to Iggy.

"I have a question." Ella told him, sounding somewhat determined.

"Bout what?"


And this was where it got good.

"Iggy, I need to know something." Wow, Ella wasn't wasting any time getting to the point. And she didn't even have my extrodinare advice! Yeah, advice from a girl who took 14 years to realize she sorta loved her best friend in more than a best friend way… but anyway, Iggy wasn't quite as 'brave'.

"What's that?" he croaked. I nearly blew our cover with a giggle.

"What was said on IM today. Is it true?" Good job on being so specific, Ella.

Iggy stayed quiet for a moment, probably pondering for a smart aleck reply that would somehow bring up me and Fang.

"Well, yeah, Max and Fang really were making out on Max's bed. It was all I could do to stop them." Iggy replied, trying to sound casual but still unbearably sarcastic, and I felt the barely-supressed urge to strangle him right then. I knew it! I just knew he'd bring that up! God, he was predictable. Fang narrowed his eyes, which were now gleaming darkly with a newly powerful eagerness for ultimate revenge. His eyes met mine after I rolled them at Iggy, and one of his infamous evil grins crossed his face. I returned the expression, all guilt of eavedropping gone and forgotten. Dust in the wind.

Ella recovered from giggling at Iggy's witty response, then went back to all-seriousness again. "Iggy, you know that's not what I meant."

Iggy sighed. "I know, I know. You're talking about what Fang said, right?" Normally, I would have been happy to hear him finally relaxing a bit, but right now, I wanted him to sound pained and troubled. Feel the pain Iggy, feel it! A round of crazy, wicked laughter would have been suitable for my malevolent mood, but I kept my cool. Somehow.

"Yes, I'm talking about what Fang said." Ella replied at last. "Is it true? Just tell me."

Iggy paused for a moment, then quietly offered, "Do you want it to be true?"

"I don't know, Ig. It depends." Ig? It sounded like Ella had lost all of her shyness and fear right then. She was actually being straight forward and totally confident. "Did you really mean it?"

"Well, technically, Fang said it for me." Iggy stalled, and Ella quickly chuckled, seeming to get somewhat impatient. "But if I had actually said it, I would have meant it completely."

Aww, this was just so sweet. Actually, a little too sugary for my taste. But if Fang could tolerate it, I guessed I could too. I mean, we were fishing for revenge only, not some corny, heartfelt romance scene.

"Ella," Iggy started, sounding nervous again. "Do you… feel that way too?" Okay, this sweetness stuff was getting nausiating. For once, I actually understood Gazzy's strict anti-mushy ways.

"Yes." Ella answered, but I guess Iggy wasn't so convinced. Ugh. Just get on with it already!

I sighed out loud, and immediately prayed it was out of Iggy's earshot.

Just then, I faintly heard Iggy shuffle, probably to sit closer to Ella, and then some whispering. I couldn't tell what they were saying, and I was about to get up and leave when Ella talked again.

"Oh, Iggy." she giggled. "I didn't know you felt that way." Her tone sounded really weird. I didn't like the sound of it.

"Of course I feel that way. You knew that." Iggy replied, now sounding all smooth and sly.

Ella giggled again. "I mean, I didn't know you felt quite that way. So much that you wanted… oh, Iggy." she breathed. I nearly jumped out of my skin at her voice. This way NOT what I planned on hearing!

"Oh, Ella." Iggy sighed, and I actually shivered, tempted to throw open the door and scream at the two of them. How had things accelerated so fast? This was getting a little insane.

"Iggy, Iggy, how can I prove that I totally feel the same?" Ella asked, trying to sound all sultry and… sorta wannabe-sexy. Ew, ew, ew. My stomach lurched at the thought. God, ew!

"Just stay still." Iggy whispered back, attemting to assume the same unsettling tone, and for a moment, everything went quiet.

Then, Ella spoke. Actually, she kinda... moaned. "Oooh, Iggy… mmmm…. mmm, you're ah-mazing. Oh, yeah."

My eyes nearly bugged out of my head, and I did all I could not to scream. Crap, crap, crap! Were they making out?! Already?! My mind buzzed and my heart throbbed at the mental visualization of what was happening in there. Oh, God. I glanced over at Fang, gaping, eyes as wide as dinner saucers. His eyes were widened a fraction, eyebrows slightly raised; his brand of jaw-hanging-down-to-the-floor surprise. Neither of us could believe this. What the heck was going on in there?!

Maybe Fang and I would have found out, if the worst thing possible hadn't happened right then. Worse than Flyboys barging in. Worse than Iggy or Ella opening the door. So much worse…

"MAX! FANG! Are you eavesdropping?!"

The disbelieving, furious voice was none other than my own mother's. Crap…

ANNNNND……..WAIT FOR IT………………..OKAY, IM VIEW TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gazzitup has created a new public chatroom

sparklyhalo has joined a public chatroom

talkattack has joined a public chatroom

gazzitup: haha, angel! i told ya id beet ya to it!!!!!

sparklyhalo: ur just lucky i didnt use my --- wait, oh no!!!!

talkattack: WAT!

sparklyhalo: gazzy! u created a PUBLIC chatroom! max said we're not allowed to use those!!!!!!!!!

talkattack: ooooooooh……….. u broke maxes #1 chatroom rule!!!! if she finds out…….

sparklyhalo: ur laptops ROADKILL!!!!!!

gazzitup: ah! i didnt mean to!!!!!!!!! really! i wuz just rushing!!!!!!

sparklyhalo: mmmmmhmmmmm, riiiiiiiiight

gazzitup: really!!!!!

unlucky13 has joined a public chatroom

unlucky13: yo peeps wat up

gazzitup: who are you???????

unlucky13: unlucky13

talkattack: uh, zephyr, ariel, we need to GO

gazzitup: whos zephyr???

sparklyhalo: you captain fartsalot!!!!!!!

gazzitup: oh yeah, rite. i forgot

unlucky13: wat kind of name is zephyr

gazzitup: my kind of name! u gotta prob with that?????

talkattack: zephyr, time to go!!!!!! NOW!!!!!

gazzitup: hold up a sec, wats wrong with my name?!

unlucky13: its just weird thats all

gazzitup: is not! UR FACE IS WEIRD!!!!!

unlucky: dude, chill out

gazzitup: dont tell ME to chill out!

sparklyhalo: g zephyr really we shud just go back to private chatting like NOW!!!!
talkinsmahobby has joined a public chatroom

talkinsmahobby: hi everyone!!!!! im bored so any1 wanna talk??

unlucky13: yo

gazzitup: is yo all u can say?!?!

sparklyhalo: uh oh, not another talker!!!!!! n i mean krystal……… no!

talkattack: omg I LOVE talking!!!!! its so cool that ur login name is talkinsmahobby!!! i so shud have thought of that!!!!! talking is SO my hobby! is talking really considered a hobby? I hope so!!!!! if not, it shud be!!!!! they could even make talking contests ooooooooh i wud soooo win!!!!! :D so, wutcha wanna talk about????

talkinsmahobby: ooooh yay someone else who luvs talking as much as me!!!! talking rox!!!!! we could talk about anything in the whole world!!! places, school, pets, friends, boys, parents, books!! i heart books!!!!!!!

talkattack: OMG me 2!!!!!!1 luvluvluvluvluv books!!!!!

sparklyhalo: krystal we need to go!!!!! m's gonna be mad!!!!! im begging u!!!!!!!

talkinsmahobby: wait, dont go!! i wanna talk! oh and i luv that name krystal its soooo pretty!!!! so wats ur fav book??
talkattack: mmmmmmm………………. i like the clique & gossip girl books series, but i also like twilight and maybe even harry potter…… but i dont know… gossip girl is probably my fav!!!

talkinsmahobby: yay gossip girl!!!!!! and twilight (squeal!!!)!!!!!! but my fav series is the maximum ride series. u might not have heard of it but i luv it!!!!! its about kids with wings its soooo cool and funny!

unlucky13: kids with wings??? sounds lame

gazzitup: UR LAME!!!!!

talkattack: maximum ride is NOT lame!!!!! actually i hav read those books i luv them 2!!!!! i just forgot to mention them lol!!!!

talkinsmahobby: omg max is sooooo funny and sarcastic!!!!!! and fangs just sooo hot!!!! and nudge, omg shes my chatterbox HERO!!!!!!!

talkattack: yeah, hehe….. i like her 2

sparklyhalo: pleeeeze nudge we need to go!!!!!

gazzitup: angel u said nudge!!!!!!!

sparklyhalo: WAT!!!!! gazzy u said angel!!!!!!



gazzitup: IM OUT!!!!!!

sparklyhalo: u cant just leave us!!!!!!!

gazzitup: watch me!!!

gazzitup has logged out of this chatroom

talkinsmahobby: O. M. G. nudge, gazzy, angel???? ITS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sparklyhalo: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DIDNT MEAN THAT!!!!!!!! WERE JUST KIDDING!!!!!!

talkinsmahobby: no ur not!!!!!! nononono ur not!!!!!! i get it now!!!!!! talkattack, sparklyhalo, gazzitup!!! it all make sense! AAAAAAHHHHHH! YOUR REAL!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!

unlucky13: uh, wat?

talkattack: oh great job g & a, u totally blew our cover!!!! if max finds out shes gonna kick our butts!!!!


sparklyhalo: hey! fangs already taken!!!!! (by max duh)

talkinsmahobby: NoOoOoOoO!!!………… (runs to dark corner and sobs)………. LOL!!!!!!!

talkattack: well, i gues wed better go now so BYEBYE!!!!!

talkinsmahobby: no, wait, pleeze!!!!!!!!!!!! cant i just ask a few questions????

talkattack: welllllll……… okay, only a few!!!!!!!

talkinsmahobby: THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIIIIIIIIIIIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Now, don't get me wrong; there'd never be a time when I wouldn't want to hear Mom's sweet, loving voice. Except now. Fang and I were cold busted… doomed!

We simultaneously turned our heads to face the dreaded voice of an angry Mom, resulting in painfully clacking our foreheads together and me almost pushing Fang to the ground as I launched up to standing position.

"Mom, I can explain! We really weren't eavesdropping! Its not like th-"

I stopped, shocked, in mid sentence as my panicked eyes finally found the source of my Mom's voice. And guess what? Prepare yourself – it was not, I repeat, was NOT my mom.

So who could possibly have such an identical, seemingly-authentic voice? Of course, it was none other than the Amazing Mimicking Gasman. Who was about to be dead.

"Gazzy! That was you!" I shouted stupidly, my buzzing mind trying to catch up with the situation; trying to comprehend such a cruel, confusing trick.

To my further annoyance, Gazzy found himself unable to control his laughter, and he collasped on the floor, laughing hysterically and rolling around like a maniac.

"Y-you should have... ssseen the look… on your face!" he managed to gasp between wild laughter. I looked over at Fang, snapping my mouth shut as I realized it was hanging wide open, and to my disbelief, saw that Fang was actually shaking, a huge grin stretched across his face, real laughter coming from him. Not just chuckles, but real, full laughter. I loved it.

You see, I can count one one hand how many times I've seen real laughter come from Fang. Most of the time, it was with me alone – hehe, quelle coinkydink – but now, he was finally opening up and laughing at me and Gazzy. Laughing!

At a loss of control, I completely dropped my deadly-tough attitude and broke down in equivalently genuine laughter. I didn't even find the whole prank very funny, but between Gazzy's spazzed-out reaction and Fang's escaped burst of expressive amusement, everything seemed hilarious. Giggling, I held out my hand for Fang to tow him up when I saw he was still unable to move from his sitting position on the floor. But when he took hold of it and I began to tug him up, I somehow tripped over my own feet and we both fell to the floor again in an oof!-ing heap.

Of course, this fueled a whole new round of uncontrollable laughter, and I couldn't stop until my lungs felt like overstretched balloons and my sides ached in protest. When I finally regained order of myself, I realized that I was still sorta laying on top of Fang, and Gazzy was still there, and this really didn't look right…

The Gasman grinned/smirked when he, too noticed our positions. For some stupid reason, I froze, unmoving. Oh, great. Here it comes…

"Whooo, you two!" Gazzy crowed, lifting his eyebrows twice in a row. Ugh, that kid. "Would you like some time alone? May I recommend a dark closet?"

Okay, that was it! He was in for it now! In one fluid motion, I leapt off of Fang – very quickly – and caught Gazzy with one arm just as he was about to escape around the hallway corner. Unlike Fang, he was easily tackled down, collapsing like a wobbly tower of blocks. Remembering that I couldn't punch or slap Gazzy like I could with the other boys, I resorted to my second form of torture.

A crazy smile split across my face, and the Gasman, horrified, recognized it immediately.

"No! Max, please!" was all he could choke out before I began tickling him to near-death, just as I'd done with Angel the other day. "Stop! Stop!" Gazzy gasped as I laughed out loud at him wriggling all around, yet completely unable to escape.

"Then take back what you said before!"

"N-n-never!" Gazzy managed. I tickled him harder, and the boy nearly exploded.


"Then take it back!" I yelled back, laughing almost as hard as him. But not quite.

"Fine! Fine! I take it back!" he wheezed, sounding utterly defeated. I smiled superiorly. "I take it back! Now let me go!"

Finally, I did let him go, backing up and continuing to laugh as I watched Gazzy skitter away from me and huff raggedly for breath. I snickered at him.

Panting like a tired dog, Gazzy made a sour, grudging face at me, saying, "Fine. You win this round."

I was proudly grinning until the Gasman's face suddenly lit up and his blue eyes blazed with mischief. Yeah, that was the exact moment my grin vanished, 'cause I knew that expression way too well. The last thing I heard before everything burst into a frenzy of blurred sound and color was Gazzy, who seemed to be focusing on something behind me, mumbled, "And this is when you lose."

I'll admit that I truly did NOT expect what came next…



talkattack: for the millionth time YES. and could ya stop writing in caps????


talkattack: well, i cant argue there…. but comon and ask the questions cuz if max catches us we'll never chat again!

sparklyhalo: well, max is pretty busy so we have time

talkinsmahobby: wats max doing??????

sparklyhalo: actually i dont really know… shes just laughing around with gazzy and fang

talkinsmahobby: FANG! YAY! sorry couldn't contain myself!!!!

talkattack: uh, yeah – just ask the questions already!!!!!!!!!!

talkinsmahobby: ok, ok! pushy! first question for nudge – how many times have you seen max and fang kiss???

talkattack: LOL! finally someone else who just gotta have max & fang together!!!!!! ive seen them kiss twice – awww!!! – once on a beach and the other one just today!!!!!!!

talkinsmahobby: OMG they kissed today?????????

sparklyhalo: yes!!! i saw 2 and it was soooooo cute!!!!!! but gazzy didnt think so…

unlucky13: are u all using these weird names for ur friends or something????

talkattack: uh yeah sure

unlucky13: u guys all know eachother??

sparklyhalo: nyep

unlucky13: k. i feel intrusive. later

unlucky13 has logged out of this chatroom

sparklyhalo: good riddens lol

talkattack: k talkinsmahobby, next question!

talkinsmahobby: mmkay, let me think…………… ooh! okay, angel, wat is everyone thinking rite now???

sparklyhalo: yay! i get to read everyones mind! okaaaaay, lets see……………………..

talkinsmahobby: get on with it!!! the anticipation is tearing me apaaaaaaaart!!!!!!!

sparklyhalo: alright: max is thinking about how much she loves to hear fang laugh, fang is thinking about how much easier is to open up and laugh around max – awwwwwww! – iggy is thinking all this crazy stuff about ella, nudge is thinking about waaaay too much stuff at once to say, gazzy is thinking about the results of an evil plan he and fang thought up, and ella is thinking about – OMGOMG! – kissing iggy! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

talkattack: KISSING IGGY! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAHA CANNOT HAHA BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

talkinsmahobby: omg!!!! ella and iggy r together!?!?!?!

sparklyhalo: guess so! once again: awwwwwwwww!!!!!

talkattack: wait, now i have a question lol

talkinsmahobby: wat?

talkattack: angel, wat did u say about an evil plan gazzy and fang did????

sparklyhalo: oh, hehe, yeah im not supposed to tell

talkattack: which means….

sparklyhalo: im gonna tell anyway!!!!!!!! :D okay, for this whole revenge thing between max/fang and ella/iggy, fang made gazzy set up a hidden camera in iggy's room to record the whole convo between ella and iggy and OHMYGOD!!! do u think they filmed them kisssing!?!?!?!


talkinsmahobby: yeah so wud – ooooh crap!
talkattack: wat?

talkinsmahobby: i have to go to my next class

sparklyhalo: ur in skewl????

talkinsmahobby: ya….  but atleast its not THE school!

talkattack: lol yeah. well thanx for chatting with us it was fun!!!

talkinsmahobby: thank YOU!!!!!! BYE!!!!!!!!!

talkinsmahobby has logged out of this chatroom

talkattack: well, that was interesting…

sparklyhalo: that rocked!!!! i got to read minds and everything!

talkattack: speaking of which, lets get off this dumb chatroom and go see what hapnin!

sparklyhalo: ok!!!!!!! lets go!

sparklyhalo has logged out of this chatroom

talkattack: LOL… iggy and ella sittin in a tree, k i s s i n g!!!!!! haha……HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! HAHA - oh NO! ohnononononononononoNONONONONONONO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant believe it….. i i i i i…… i wet…… my………………….

talkattack has logged out of this chatroom

this chatroom has been closed

OK NOW FOR SOME REAL LIFE LAST TIME!!!!!! to change things up a little, for rite now im switching the view to third person on iggy and ella! but this was a few minutes back, when max and fang were still eavesdropping and gazzy hadnt shown up yet. so here goes!!!!!!

Iggy felt like blowing up – but not for the same reason as before. Before, he thought he'd explode with nerve-racking tension. But now, he was about to explode with laughter. He heard Ella, sitting somewhere nearby on his bed, trying to swallow down a laugh as well. They'd fooled Max and Fang, all right. Fooled them good.

Of course Iggy had heard Max and Fang sitting just outside his door, eavesdropping for revenge, so sure that they'd gone uheard from the start. Which they hadn't.

The moment he was absolutely positive that Max and Fang were right there, behind his door, he offered the prank he'd suddenly thought of to Ella. The painful weirdness between them dissapeared as she agreed with a whispered, "Yeah, that's perfect!"

This was his plan: he and Ella were going to pretend to have an 'inappropriate' discussion, saying stuff that would shock the heck out of Max and Fang, then, they'd go all quiet, with Ella moaning a little every here and now, and the unsuspecting eavesdroppers outside of his room would… actually, Iggy wasn't quite sure how they'd react. He couldn't even imagine what they'd think of the things they were about to hear.

Lucky for him, however, Dr. Martinez wouldn't let the flock live in their own house without a full security system hooked up – which mean alarms, locks, and best of all, micro-cameras and tiny mikes set up in every hall. I guess Max and Fang forgot about that little camera recording right above them, Iggy inwardly sneered as his prank began to come to life.

Max and Fang were going to be so sorry for ever trying to snoop around in his business. Because not only were he and Ella going to see/hear that video – thanks to Fang's special little blog, the whole world was.

And the ultimately best part of all – he was pretty sure he'd heard them kiss. Right under the filming lense. Life. Was. Good.

Sooooo, how was THAT?! Didya like?? hope so!!! and dont worry, iggy WILL eventually get what he deserves – just not yet…. mwahaha….. anywho, pleeeze review!!!!! cuz the more reviews i get, the more i want to keep writing!!! the more reviews, the more inspiration!!! and without inspiration, i will NOT get past my fear of teddy and chloe, the evil, talking, super-genius, insanely crazy and deceivingly adorable pomapoo puppies!!!! so review!!!!! or else!!!!! need more motivation? k then, any1 who reviews get virtual pie in your choice of flavor!!!!!! i got pixelized apple, digitalized blueberry, computerized pumpkin and even some uploaded oreo!!!! so review today and be as totally imaginative and completely crazy as me!!!!!!!! yeah!!!!! oh, and if two little dogs (ones white and ones brown) happen to show up at your house to ask you about total's whereabouts, DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR! THEY ARE EVIIIIIIIIIIIIL!!!!!!!!!! but pie isnt so review!!!!!! lol gudbye!