A/N: This is the new version of A New Beginning that SydneyAustralia is helping me on. Btw, it is based after FANG, so it will contain spoilers. Kthx.

A New Beginning: Chapter One

Max's POV:

Life without Fang is pretty much unbearable. I mean, I thought that him being dead would suck, but knowing that he's alive and he's out there somewhere without me just depresses me. I know, I know. I never get depressed, but Fang left me. The love of my life. The person I told everything to. The person that I trusted with everything. He just left me.

The entire flock (minus Fang of course) was trying to comfort me, making me food, bringing me fresh homemade chocolate chip cookies. None of it worked. Nothing would make me better. Nothing. Not until Fang was back in his place. Right beside of me.

What made me the saddest was I don't even know where Fang is. I only know where he'll be exactly twenty years after the day that he left me, the flock, everything. He didn't even take his laptop. How will he update the blog? How will I know he's safe? I won't.

I think that I would at least be able to function if I knew his whereabouts, his safety, and if I could communicate with him. Except, none of that is even close to possible. I really, really could kill Fang for doing this to me. But, really he's probably just as torn as I am. I don't want him to be, but he probably is. I really hope that he doesn't find someone new in the next twenty years.

"Max, I realize that you are heartbroken, but you have to get over this." Jeb was trying to convince me to get up off of my butt and actually do something. I think his plan backfired.

Why, you ask? I immediately burst into tears. What did Jeb do? He left me to wallow in my self-pity.

Thank you for being a good father, Jeb.

"You look so beautiful, Max." Fang was smiling at me, he looked so handsome when he smiled.

I blushed, yes, I, Maximum Ride, blushed. Humiliating, I know. I looked away and said, "Don't be silly."

Fang gently grabbed my chin and turned my face back in his direction. "I'm not being silly, you are the most beautiful girl I ever have and will see in my life. I love you."

I smiled so big, it was probably ridiculously big, but I didn't care. "I love you, too."

I had all of these nice dreams usually. It made me so mad; the last time Fang left me I had the worst dreams imaginable. I relived him leaving me every night. What made this time different?

"Dear Maximum,

I hate your stinkin' guts. You make me vomit.

Love, Fang."

Did I watch 'The Little Rascals' before I went to bed last night? I doubt it, because I haven't watched a movie since before Fang left me for twenty years.

I don't think I'll ever get over this. I'm not even joking. Not even exaggerating. It's so incredibly ridiculous how much I depend on Fang to keep me going.

I'm pathetic.