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Stuck With You

Chapter One - Knight In Shining Armour

As Gregory House parked his motorcycle in the disabled bay in front of Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, he took off his helmet and the wind whipped around his ears, making him shiver. It was a cold morning, and House cursed himself for riding his bike. He swung his right leg over the bike, un-hooked his cane and began limping towards the hospital. It had just gone 10 in the morning, and he could see it was already busy inside. The warmth from inside hit House as soon as he stepped foot in the building, and it instantly heated up his cold skin. House started to make his way across the lobby, dodging patients, nurses and relatives waiting on their loved ones. It was unusually busy for a Wednesday morning, and once House's curiosity got the better of him, he pulled one of the nurses aside.

"What's going on?" he asked, raising his voice slightly so the nurse could hear him above the rowdy chatter in the lobby.

"There was a bus crash last night. Quite a few people were injured, so the Emergency Room is overcrowded. Doctor Cuddy told the relatives to wait in here." House shook his head and started to fight his way through the people to get to the elevators. He punched the button with his cane as het got nearer and glanced around at the busy scene.

Not my problem he thought, smiling smugly. Just then, a familiar voice caught his ear and he turned to see Allison Cameron arguing with a middle aged man. A small smile crossed his lips when he saw her, feeling better instantly. House looked her up and down, taking in her scruffy blonde locks tied together in a bundle at the top of her head, and her pink scrubs - dirty and sweaty. Even through the dirt and sweat, House had always thought she looked good in them, but he would never dream of saying anything. He snapped back into reality when he heard the man raise his voice.

"I don't care who you are or what you're doing; I just want to see my wife! Is that too difficult for you to understand?!" shouted the man, waving his hands at Cameron. She placed her hands on her hips and sighed.

"I know you're worried about you wife but..."

"Of course I'm worried! She was in a damn bus crash for crying out loud!"

"I know." said Cameron calmly, closing her eyes to try and remain that way, and not lose her temper. House smirked, knowing her little trick for de-stressing. She obviously wasn't having a good morning. "But I'm afraid you can't see her at the moment because..."

"I can't see her!? She's my wife!" the man screamed "If you don't let me see her right now I swear I'll..."

"You'll what?" chimed House as he started to limp over to them. Cameron spun round when she heard House's voice, and desperately tried to soothe the fluttering in her stomach. House glanced at her, and saw the relief in her eyes. He looked back at the man.

"Hmm? I'm waiting..."

"Well, erm..."

"You won't do anything." said House, raising his voice above the people again. "If you lay one fingernail on this woman, or any other member of this hospital, you're going to meet my good friend Mr Cane." He waved his cane in the man's direction. Cameron couldn't help but smirk.

"Now, you're going to go over there and sit down. Doctor Cameron will take your name, and she'll come and find you when you're wife can see you. Is that alright with you? Good. Now scram." The man nodded, and swiftly made his way across the lobby without looking back. House smiled, pleased at his victory. Cameron turned round to face House.

"Thank you!" she said tiredly, flopping her arms down to her side. "I thought he'd never leave me alone! He's been bugging me for about 2 hours now!"

"I saw! I thought you could do with saving!" Cameron smiled at House.

"You're my knight in shining armour!" teased Cameron. House failed to hear her over the noisy crowds.

"I can't hear you properly. Come over here and talk to me." He grabbed her arm and dragged her into another corridor, away from the rabble and noise.

"Now...what did you say?"

"I said you're my knight in shining armour!"

"Oh, of course! But I don't think knight's in shining armour have canes!" said House playfully as he twirled his cane in his fingers.

"They do if they're used to beat people off of damsels in distress!"

"Yeah, I guess so." said House smiling slightly. He caught Cameron's eye and saw that teasing glint he loved so much. He also noticed the dark circles under her eyes.

"How long have you been here? You look like crap!"

"Oh, thanks House, you don't look too bad yourself!" said Cameron sarcastically, smacking him lightly on the arm.

"You know what I mean!" he said, smirking a little. "And I thought we cleared up the no-abusing-cripples rule?"

"Obviously not." teased Cameron, enjoying their little banter. She always loved their chats; and they had been happening more and more often, which was making it increasingly difficult for her to push aside her feelings when he kept showing up in the ER.

"So are you going to tell me how long you've been here, or am I going to have to guess?" said House sarcastically.

"Well, I guess I've been here for about 12 hours. They paged me in the night, after the crash. So, I've been here ever since."

"Why don't you go and get some sleep? It's not toobusy out there..."said House, peering round the door to look at the busy lobby.

"House, are you in the same hospital?! It's madness out there!"

"Yeah, but it's only people waiting for other people. Surely they must have it covered in there?"

"Well...I suppose there's only a few left to be treated. The others just need to be discharged." said Cameron, thinking carefully.

"There you go then! The others can clear up the mess."
"I dunno House, I can't just leave!"

"After all the years you've worked for me, haven't you realised that you can?! I do it all the time; you should take a leaf out of my book y'know."

"Take a leaf out of your book? So, you think I should become a drug-addicted jerk who doesn't do what he's told?" said Cameron, folding her arms and smiling. House rolled his eyes.

"I do what I'm told, but only under certain circumstances..." he said, wiggling his eyebrows. Cameron hit him on the arm again and laughed.

"We should really clear up the no-abusing-cripples rule again." Cameron laughed and looked up at House, who was tapping his cane on the ground. House looked up from the ground and met Cameron's eyes. He never forgot how beautiful and captivating her eyes were. He adored them. Cameron smiled back at him, letting his icy blue eyes wash over her. They stood for a moment, not saying anything. After a while, House averted his eyes back to the floor.

"I should get back in there." said Cameron, nodding towards the door.

"Can't you stay out and play for a little longer?" whined House, giving Cameron his big puppy dog eyes that no-one could say no to. Cameron peered through the window and saw that everything looked ok. Maybe she could give up a few minutes.

"Ok, fine. I guess I could do with a few minutes."

"Great, come and get a coffee with me then and you can help me sort out my mail!" said House smirking.

"Sure. I'm not exhausted or anything!" she said sarcastically, but she smiled; pleased that he'd asked her for a coffee. But it wasn't unusual, as these days, they were more like old friends that old work colleagues. It was House though, which made her all the more surprised.

Wilson watched his friend from the other end of the corridor. House couldn't see him, but Wilson was watching is every move with a grin on his face. He looked on as House and Cameron talked like they were the closest friends in the world. It made him smile. It wasn't every day that he got to see his friend like this, but he'd started to notice how comfortable House was around Cameron. He grinned even wider when he saw Cameron laughing.

"Who are you spying on?" whispered Cuddy, making Wilson jump.

"Oh, Cuddy! Do you want to give me a heart attack?" joked Wilson.

"No, of course not. Who are you spying on!?" she repeated, glancing round the corner to see House and Cameron flirting like mad. She shook her head.

"What is it about her? When House is around her, he's a completely different person." said Cuddy, watching as House and Cameron smiled and joked with each other. Wilson nodded.

"I know. I've never seen him like that with anyone before. Not even Stacy. He wasn't as comfortable as that with her."

"It's amazing. He's like a different House. Do they talk a lot?"

"I guess. House is always making excuses to go to the ER. I think he just likes talking to her. They've been through a lot together." Wilson and Cuddy's eyes remained transfixed on House and Cameron.

"Do you think House feels anything for her?"

"It's hard to say. For his best friend, he doesn't really tell me much, least of all how he feels about people. But, I think I can sense it. When he talks about her or even if her name is mentioned, he seems to act different. It's's like he relaxed when she's around. I know House, and I think he does feel something. It may be very deep down, but there is defiantly a spark."

"I've always thought Cameron liked House. She was always sticking up for him, and never spoke a bad word about him when she worked for him. She still doesn't."

They watched them in silence as they walked off together, both smiling broadly. They both shook their heads again, and Cuddy laughed in almost disbelief. She couldn't see how Cameron could have such an effect on him, and she was amazed at how well they got on, despite everything that happened between them. Suddenly, a light blub went off inside Cuddy's head.

"Think what it would be like it House was like that all the time?" said Cuddy smiling.

Wilson eyed her. "Are you thinking, what I'm thinking?"

"I think I am. If we could get House and Cameron to see how they feel about each other, he might start to relax a bit more..."

"Well, I dunno about that, but it's worth a try." shrugged Wilson.

"Come on, we've got some planning to do." smirking Cuddy, rubbing her hands together mischievously.