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Chapter Eight - Lost Time

Meanwhile, everything was going well for Cuddy was Wilson. They had enjoyed their night, but had spent most of it worrying about House and Cameron. The night was drawing to a close and it was just before 11pm.

"We should get back..." said Wilson, looking at his watch. Cuddy laughed.

"Will you stop worrying?! They'll be fine for another 10 minutes."

Wilson sighed.

"I know. I'm sorry, but I'm just a bit nervous. What if it didn't work? Or we made them hate each other? You know what House can be like in tense situations...he might say something stupid or act like a complete jerk."

"Doesn't he do that anyway?" said Cuddy, making Wilson chuckle.

"Yeah, I guess he does. But you know what I mean..."

"Come on then. Let's go back..." said Cuddy, calling over the waiter for their bill.

"Don't you want coffee? We don't have to leave now, I was just panicking..."

"It's ok. I'd quite like to see how things turned out."

Cuddy smiled reassuringly at Wilson. He returned the smile, and then looked away, a bit embarrassed.

"I've had a really nice time tonight, Lisa." said Wilson, rubbing the back of his neck and looking up at Cuddy.

"Me too. Maybe we could do it again sometime, but without having to worry about House!" she said, laughing slightly. Wilson chuckled.

"Yeah...yeah, I'd like that."

Wilson and Cuddy made their way up to Wilson's apartment. They were silent, trying to hear if anything was going on inside. They couldn't hear a peep, so they didn't know whether to be worried or happy. Wilson looked at Cuddy, knowing she was thinking what he was thinking.

Inside, House and Cameron were still on the couch. They had been for over 15 minutes now. They hadn't been doing much, just kissing. They wanted to feel each other like they had always wanted to and they didn't want the night to end. Cameron was lying back on the sofa, her head propped up on the arm. House was draped over her, taking most of his weight on his left arm, although their bodies were pressed firmly together, not wanting there to be any gaps between them. His right hand was stroking her side softly, slipping underneath her t-shirt and feeling her warm skin beneath his fingers. He pushed Cameron's shirt up to reveal her toned stomach. Without taking his lips away from hers, he moved his hand over it, caressing the soft skin. It became to much to handle and he moved his lips away from hers and trailed them over her stomach. He stopped and looked back up at her again. She was looking at him inquisitively.

"Sorry, but I couldn't help myself."

She smiled and grabbed hold of his shirt, pulling him back to her face again.

"My mouth is up here..." she whispered sexily, sending another shiver up House's spine.

"Oh, I know..."

His lips found hers again, planting delicate kisses on them, occasionally sneaking his tongue in. Cameron's left hand was placed on House's jaw; his stubble rough on her skin; and her right was placed firmly on House's back, trailing up his shirt and feeling the taught muscles beneath the clothes. She wanted to rip all his clothes off right then and there, but it would have been inappropriate as Wilson could barge in any minute! Her hand would often find it's way to his backside, groping it tightly, causing House to let out a deep groan from the base of his throat, still not releasing Cameron's mouth from his. That deep groan made her stomach do flips and it made her want him more than she thought was possible. She let out a slight moan, trying to control herself. House smiled against her lips, pleased that he was having this effect on her. His hand made its way to her wrist, feeling her blood race through her body.

"That's all you..." she breathed in between kisses, the desire for him becoming more demanding.

"Good." said House in a low voice as he started to trail his lips down her throat, nipping at the sensitive spot he's found. Now, he wanted her naked and in his bed more than anything in the world. But not just for the sex: he wanted it to mean more.

Wilson stood outside the door. He was nervous about going in and looked a Cuddy for reassurance.

"Everything will be fine!" she said, after seeing his worried expression. Wilson clicked the lock and opened the door. He looked around, and at first he couldn't see anyone. He looked back at Cuddy, raising one eyebrow suspiciously. Just then, Cuddy smirked and nodded towards his sofa. Wilson looked round and spotted Cameron and House joined together firmly at the lips, their mouths moving in sync and their bodies pressed tightly against each other, not wanting their to be any space between them.

Wilson grinned widely at the sight in front of him. They had done it. House and Cameron had finally realised how they felt, and it was obvious that they were happy. House and Cameron hadn't heard the door open and their attention was only caught when they heard sniggering. Cameron smiled against his lips, knowing that Wilson was back. House sighed and parted their lips. He lingered so close her mouth, breathing in her air, not wanting to move, but he knew they had to. He kissed her once more and then sat bolt upright and looked towards the door. He sighed when he saw Wilson and Cuddy standing in the doorway, sniggering like 13 year olds. When Wilson saw him, he covered his eyes mockingly.

"Have you guys finished yet? That's so yucky!" said Wilson, making Cuddy laugh.

"Can we have some privacy please? Maybe you guys could come back in say...a few hours? We should be done by then." said House smirking.

Cameron's laugh could be heard from the couch and Wilson smiled.

"So, everything went alright then?"

"Yeah, thanks to you." said House, becoming quite serious.

"Good. I'm glad you two have finally realised how you feel. It's only taken you...what, 3 and a half years?"

House jumped up and pulled Cameron up too. They stood in front of each other, their faces only inches apart.

"I don't know why it took so long..." whispered House in his low, sexy tone so that only Cameron could hear. "It's all I've ever wanted."

He grazed his lips over hers for one last sweet kiss. Wilson covered his eyes again.

"Guys!" he protested "Can you get a room?"

House laced his fingers with hers and held her hand tightly.

"If you'll excuse us, we still have about 2 and a half years to make up for." He started limping towards the door, Cameron followed him, giggling like a school girl. She grabbed her jacket quickly before House could whisk her away and said a quick goodbye and thank you to Wilson and Cuddy.

"Bye Jimmy! Thanks for dinner, oh and the new girlfriend..." called House as he was already half way up the hall.

"I'll see you tomorrow guys!" said Cameron as House dragged her away eagerly.

"Well, I think that went well!" breathed Wilson, running his fingers through his hair, quite unable to believe what had just happened.

"So, I'm your new girlfriend am I?" said Cameron teasingly as they made their way to her car and his bike.

House stopped and turned to her, smiling. They stood on the pavement in front of each other with just the street lights and moonlight shining down on them. House linked his hands with her again, swinging them like love-struck teenagers. He smiled at her, still trying to get his head round what had just happened. Cameron actually felt the same. House let go of her hands, took hold of Cameron's face and kissed her lovingly. Cameron felt she had never been kissed like that before. She had never felt so much...love.

"You'd better believe it..." whispered House in a deep and sexy voice. Cameron kissed him again, parting her lips to deepen the kiss and allowing their tongues to dance in a way she was sure they would again. Wilson peered out of his window and spotted his two friends kissing on the pavement. He smiled to himself and then left them alone. He was pleased that he could help House find some happiness in his gloomy life.

Cameron pulled away and rested her forehead against his. He kissed her sweetly once more and then mumbled against her lips.

"My place. 5 minutes."

He pecked her lips once more and they tried to move away from each other. They laughed as they kissed again, not wanting to part. Their bodies were getting further apart, but they were still kissing each other. Cameron grabbed at his face, not wanting to let go and they laughed into each others mouths.

"House, we can leave now and be at yours in 5, or we can have sex out here right now?" laughed Cameron against his lips. House nodded and they headed for their vehicles. Before Cameron could get any further than a few steps, House had grabbed hold of her wrist and tugged her into him. He kissed her once more, this time more passionately. He placed his hands on her backside, holding it gently. Cameron laced his hands round his neck, the warmth of his body pushing away the cold air. House pulled away and looked at her, a smile etched on his face. He was afraid it was going to be there permanently.

"Sorry...just needed one for the road." He nodded towards his bike and then pulled himself away from her, just knowing that she was soon going to be in his bed.

Cameron smiled as House headed towards his bike. She got into her car and followed him. House was going to make her happy and she knew it.
House smiled as he jumped on his bike. He started to drive off, as Cameron followed him. Cameron was going to make him happy, and he knew it.

The End :)