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Onyx eyes watched its prey hurry down the street. Mild amusement flashed across his flawless face as her eyes showed fear in the night, darting across every movement. He'd been watching her for a while now, and he'd grown to like her.

She wasn't a ninja, but she had learned how to be a medic-nin. She worked in a small cafe just a few minutes away from her apartment. She was always the one to lock up, and because it was the dead of winter, it was dark at 7pm when now it only felt like it was 10 at night. The cold didn't make a difference to him, but to mortals such as her it did.

His eyes lowered to the coat in his hands. Bringing the soft fabric to his face he inhaled the scent, closing his eyes as he exhaled through his mouth, almost not wanting it to escape his lips. That's why he stole it from her tonight, while she was working he took it from the cloakroom, he loved her scent.

Aki had been forced to walk home without her coat; someone must've accidentally taken it by mistake in the cloakroom. But something told her that that wasn't the case. She jumped in her skin for nearly the 100th time that minute when she saw a shadow move in the corner of her eye. She let go of the breath that she didn't realise that she held and wrapped her arms around herself, shivering violently from the chilling wind.

I can't believe it, I've been down this path thousands of times and only now do I get afraid!

She surveyed the plain, dusty road ahead of her, only now noticing the male figure casually leaning against a wall of a random house, watching her with deep onyx eyes. He wasn't there a few moments ago. As she got closer, she saw that he had black hair shaped in a cockatoo with two long bangs down the sides of his face, some of it falling in his beautiful eyes. He looked about her age (17). She was almost entrance at his body, and made an extra effort to move her gaze away. In the corner of her eyes, she saw him smirking.

Oh yes, I know I'm beautiful.

He saw her quicken her pace to try and get past him, but she wasn't going to get away that easily. With inhuman speed he was in front of her, and smirked at her startled gasp.

"Excuse me," He said, his voice smooth as silk, and she hated the way it made her shiver. "You look awfully cold out here. Is this yours?" He held up her jacket. She hesitated.

How did he know that was my jacket?

'Duh, he probably stole it.'

Why do you always have to answer me!? Damn you conscience!

You're staring like an idiot, Aki! You better say something!

"No, I don't think it is. I'm only a few minutes from my house anyway." She mentally cursed as her teeth began chattering, making her statement totally unbelievable.

"Here." He whispered, ignoring her comment and holding out her jacket for her to slip on. She looked reluctant, but wordlessly took it from him in the end and slipped it on with shaky hands, trying to avoid his heated gaze.

Something made her fear him, yet for some reason she wanted to get close at the same time.

"Thanks." She muttered and walked forward.

"Let me walk you home." He...purred? What kind of a creep was he?!

'A gorgeous one'

I said stop answering my questions! She scolded. She could really get annoyed at her inner self.

"No thanks. As I said, my home is just a few minutes away."

"Of course, but you never know what could be after a beautiful girl like you in a night like this." She blushed at 'beautiful' but she went rigid at the 'what' could be after her.

"O-Okay..." He walked alongside her, and she noticed that she had never seen him around here before.

"Lead the way." He smirked.

"...I've never seen you around here before."

"I'm not really meant to be here in Konoha." He said, somewhat coldly. She thought that he looked familiar.

I guess that's that subject over... Damn, I need to get him away from me! He's walking way too close!

'Take the wrong turn and pretend a random house is yours then wait for him to leave! Man I'm a genius.'

Your me, idiot. That means I'm a genius!

'Pfft, there's no way that you'd ever come up with that plan!'

Shut up! Just help me get through this!

She turned left where she was meant to turn right. He followed curtly next to her.

Sucker...She inwardly smirked.

Aki took random turns left and right her steps becoming more confident. She knew she was going the total opposite way from her apartment, but then suddenly everything became familiar. She was in her own street! How did she end up here!?

Plan B, I'll pick a house that ISN'T mine.

She stopped at the house before her own, walking onto the doorstep and turned to him, ready to say goodbye but he kept walking to the next one.

"You're at the wrong house, Aki. You live at this one." That was it, she had enough of him. On shaky legs she mustered the courage to walk right up to him and gave her best scowl.

"That's it! How do you know my name?! How do you know where I live?! And why take my jacket if you were going to give it back to me?! You stupid bastard! Psycho stalker! ...Stop smirking at me!" He teasingly walked closer to her, and backed her against something, and she realised it was her own door. Damn.

The black-haired boy didn't stop until he was pushed up against her. She grew rigid as he lowered his head to her neck, inhaling her scent.

"You're scent is so sweet..."

"Wha-? Wait! Get off!" She blushed, pushing him off.

He chuckled. "You're so cute, Aki-chan." His lips skimmed her neck. Her blush became darker and she muttered something along the lines of 'answer question' and 'bastard'.

"My name is Sasuke Uchiha, the last living descendant of the Royal Uchiha vampire clan," She felt something sharp, graze her neck. "I've been watching you for a long time now, and I've grown to like you. You're scent is so alluring that I had to take your jacket, after all, it got me to have my first meeting with my lovely Aki." His voice was seductive, and it took her awhile to notice that he'd stopped talking.

"Wait! I'm not yours!" She pushed him off, managing to get a step worth space between them. That was when his overconfident smirk frightened her.

"Actually, you are. You see, as the last living member of the Uchiha clan, I get control over all vampires. Like a king. But, I need a pet, a supporter, a mate if you will." Aki saw where this was going and gasped, turning around grasping the door handle and pulling it roughly. Her hands fiddled with her pockets.

Damnit! Where did I put my key?!

Her wrists were pinned against the door with Sasuke's body pressed against her. "And frankly, I've chosen you."

"No, no, no, NO! I don't want to be some vampires play thing! Go find someone else! I'm not a slut or a whore of any sort!"


Don't deny it.

Deny what?

You like it. You like it when he's smirking. You-

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, SHUT UP!!" It took her a moment to realise that she had said that aloud. He raised a delicate eyebrow, but then brought his face closer to hers.

"What's it gonna be, Aki? Are you going to come willingly? Or do I have to force you?" There was an evil glint in his eyes when he said the latter. She gulped. Putting on a serious face, she gave him a death glare.

"Bite me." She growled.


Wh- Oh no...

"Gladly." He smirked and began lowering his head to her neck, finding her struggling more of a turn-on.


"Too late, Aki." With that his fangs pierced her soft skin.

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