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Part XIV:

Abby woke up with a start. Gibbs had left almost a month ago now and he was still weaving in and out of her dreams, haunting her throughout the day, and reducing her to tears at her weakest moments. She rested her head back on her pillow and tried to get to sleep, why had she let him leave? Why had she been so stubborn and intent on staying here? She missed him, and she knew that wasn't going to go away. She tried to get back to sleep, back to dreaming of him, but she couldn't. She compromised by just laying there, sun streaming in the window, staring at her ceiling wishing she could feel Gibbs's arms around her.

She was startled when the door to her bedroom creaked open and her mom appeared. Gloria backed into the room with a silver platter in her hands. She set the platter on the bedside table, and removed the two cups of tea that she had been balancing on top of it. She handed one to her daughter and sipped the other before putting it back down.

'What are you doing here, Abigail?' Gloria signed to her miserable daughter, and Abby propped herself up onto her elbows not even bothering to wipe the hair from her eyes, 'Abigail you need to go home.'

'But I am home,' Abby signed back silently, setting her tea cup back on the platter.

'No, you are not,' Gloria signed sternly, 'Home is where you are safe and happy, Abigail, you are most definitely not happy here. You miss him, and Abigail please don't put this on my conscience. I know you told him you wanted to stay here for Wade and I but Abby you need to take care of yourself too. Don't deprive yourself of the love that man is waiting to give you because you're worried about me or Wade. Don't put that on us, Abigail. We're happy to have you here, but please you're not happy here.'

'He could have stayed,' Abby signed back to her mother defiantly, and her mother glared at her.

'You never asked him, Abigail,' Gloria signed, 'You're being foolish, Abby. Really what's a man like that going to do here? He'd go crazy and he'd hate it here, Abby, but you both liked it in D.C.'

Abby folded her hands and started to gaze out the window into nothingness. Gloria took the hint and left the tea with Abby as she left. Abby gazed out the window weighing her options carefully. Maybe she could go back to D.C., but it's not like he stayed, or returned. She missed him, and she loved him, and he loved her too. She'd been in love and waiting for him to notice her for years and Gibbs had finally told her he loved her, and she just let him leave. What was she worried about? The answer came to her as soon as she had asked it. He didn't have the best track record, mostly due to the fact he wasn't probably over Kelly and Shannon's deaths enough to be in other relationships.

Gibbs walked into the squad room in the same fowl mood that he'd had for about a month. Upon a visual of his boss, Tony stood at attention in front of his desk. Gibbs walked by him casually, not even recognizing that he was there. Gibbs took a sip of his coffee and hurled it into the trash barrel beside his own desk.

"Why are you standing at attention, DiNozzo?" Gibbs asked gruffly hitting the keys on his computer so hard that it just about snapped in half.

He ripped the plug out of the computer and hurled it into the trash barrel with the half filled coffee cup. Then he looked up and glared over at Tony, who just watched him, a scared expression on his face.

"Get me a new key board and then go see whoever's down in the lab, check in with Ducky!" Gibbs shouted before he slunk into his chair.

"Yes, Sir," said Tony and he turned around to face the filing cabinet.

The top drawer was filled with new cell phones for when he broke those, the next drawer contained several keyboards. Or so Tony thought as he opened the drawer, there was only one left. He grabbed it and put it on Gibbs's desk, then ran off onto the elevator. Figuring he'd go see Ducky, then make his way up.

"Hey a Ducky," said Tony as he entered, "Boss wanted me to check in, make sure there's nothing more on the case."

"No," said Ducky and then he smiled mischievously, "But how's his mood?"

"Not so good," said Tony, "He walked in, and yelled, loudly, then promptly broke his keyboard."

"Seventh one this month," said Ducky, "You mustn't judge him on this behavior. He's usually grouchy, but not this grouchy."

"What set him off?" Tony asked curiously.

"Why don't you ask him dear boy?"

"I don't exactly want to die yet, Ducky," said Tony, and Ducky chuckled, "Why don't you tell me?"

"I can't," said Ducky, "Trust me though, it's nothing you did."

"He refuses to go down to the lab," said Tony.

"Well, I imagine he would," said Ducky, "Just tell him I talked to Abby this morning, if you dare. But don't worry, Agent DiNozzo, I have a feeling soon his mood will be much more pleasant. Oh, and tell Gibbs he may want to be the one to check with the lab today."

Tony gave Ducky a look and left the autopsy room. Ducky chuckled as he returned to his autopsy and Tony boarded the elevator to go back to the squad room. He sat down at his desk and Gibbs glared at him with fire in his eyes.

"What the hell do you think you're doing DiNozzo?" Gibbs asked, apparently aggravated.

"Ah, the Duck-man said you would want to check in with the lab today, boss," said Tony as he put his feet up on his desk.

"Feet down, DiNozzo," said Gibbs as he stood up and walked over to the elevator.

He was in no mood for Ducky's mind games. He pushed the button to go down to the lab, and prepared to be bombarded by Abby's very annoying stand in. He had said to himself that once he and Stephanie had finalized their divorce, he would go back down and see Abbs. Though he had found he was too weak to get himself back down there. He had indeed finalized the divorce with Stephanie, but he couldn't bring himself to go see Abby. It would be too painful to have to leave again.

The elevator doors opened and there were boxes everywhere, wow that place had really gone to the dogs. He couldn't even imagine Abby's enraged response to see the lab in this condition. He stepped between the boxes and made his way to the middle.

"Hello?" Gibbs called as he walked into the office area of the lab.

He was shocked to see Abby sitting at the desk. She smiled and shot up to her feet. She went to through her arms around his neck, but he beat her to it, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her as close as possible. Soon he found her lips with his and she almost pulled away with the shear intensity of the kiss. He had waited for her, just like he said, and he had gotten his divorce. Then Gibbs pulled away and looked into her eyes.

"I've missed you, Abbs," He said pushing his forehead into hers and he smiled for the first time since he had left her back in Louisiana.

"No more than I missed you," Abby countered as she peeled off his sport coat.

He took it from her and managed to land it on the security camera up in the corner of the room, but then she separated from him and took it down.

"You think I've waited this long to just hook up in the lab, Gibbs?" She said and smiled, getting his jacket back on and offering her his arm.

"We've got all weekend, Abbs," He said and he escorted her from the lab.

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