Jesse's feet felt suddenly light as the spring came fully into few, the last of the surrounding trees no long obscuring his vision of it. Hope swelled up in him that they were actually going to be able to get water from the spring to his father.

"Stop right where you are boy, or I'll shoot." A stern, gruff and unfortunately rather familiar voice commanded.

Jesse stopped in his tracks, and turned slowly to see Rex and Roland's grandpa leveling a shotgun at him. Jesse was rather amazed to be able to make him out so well in the darkness but the moonlight had been rather bright tonight. "Uh, can we talk about this?" Jesse asked hesitantly, his hands rising into the air, almost without him realizing.

The old man snorted, "There's nothing to be done, you're trespassing on my property, trying to still water that rightfully belongs to me. If I wanted, I could press charges, since I'm in a forgiving mood, I'll lock you up in my house for a few days, with nothing but water to drink. We'll see how you and your pretty little girl like that."

Jesse shivered, sensing the truthfulness behind the threat.

Anger clouds the man's face as he marches toward Jesse and grabs him roughly at the elbow. "Let's go boy." He growls. Violently he yanks on Jesse's arm and drags him forcibly away from the spring.

Jesse wishes he dared struggle, but he doesn't think he could break from the old man's surprisingly strong grip, and besides there was still the threat of that gun to worry about as well.

They would just have to find some other way to get the water from the spring. Maybe Winnie had fought her way free of Rex and would be able to get the water instead of him. That was a possibility right?