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She was there, recalling what just happened. She was scared, she was surprised, and she was… happy? Of course she was, that cheeky little bastard had ways of screwing up the logic in her and makes her wear her heart on her sleeve. Oh, he had ways; yes he surely had his ways.

He had ways of doing that to her. Oh, he had ways; ways of making her feel so good, yet so bad at the same time. Like, his childish, yet alluring smile, for example. Or his playful, yet determined eyes, his hot and cold personality, he was just like the sea, in many ways. Every flaw he held and every perfection he flaunted made her love him even more.

He was like an unfinished book. He kept writing and changing what was already supposed to be there in the first place and ultimately making it better in the end. It was just like him, changing his mind at the last minute only to come up with something brilliant. It angered her sometimes, she was supposed to be the brilliant one, but, of course, he was even more brilliant then she could hope to be. What angered her more was the fact that she put him down for his brilliance, unknowingly pushing him farther away form her and closer to that despicable, red-headed, mortal girl which he is becoming closer to.

That was another thing he did to her. He made her hurt. He made her hurt so bad inside, like when he was away with that titaness for two week. Two weeks, she cried over him, for two weeks she prayed to every god she had knowledge of to bring him back and he has the nerve to waltz up to camp at his shroud burning just to say, 'Hey, I'm not dead!'. She wanted to punch him, to kick him, to beat him until he felt the pain that she endured for those 14 long days of not hearing his voice, or taking his scent, or talking with him about her problems, but in the end, her heart won out and she hugged the bastard.

Why was she so vulnerable with him? Was it because she felt safe with him? Was it because he knew her and what made her tick? Was it the fact that he was like her own personal Clark Kent? Or, was it for the simple fact that she was unbelievably and undeniably in love with him? She was pretty sure it was the last one, but of course she pushes it aside and refuses to put her heart on her sleeve.

She had finally had enough of this. She had kissed him once before, inside a volcano, right before she though he was about to die, so why, dear reader, was this time any different? It had been her first kiss, back in the volcano, but this time, more sparks flown then there, but, why? The reason is because he had kissed her back. He had kissed her just as she would have picture he would at the volcano, had he seen it coming, but now she was happy, she was in a surreal world where everything was perfect.

Annabeth Chase was officially on Cloud 9.

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