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Fourteen year old Amu knew one day she would have to tell her friends about her secret passion. But lets go back to where it all started.

Flashback to when Amu was 3

" Are you sure you wanna do this Amu?" Amu's mother asked her.

" Yeah." Four year old Amu said.

" She can do it. You told me that for her age she is very flexible and can do some of the steps. I think she'll make a wonderful student." The teacher said.

" Well I suppose she can then. Alright Amu are you ready to commit to this?" Asked Amu's mom.

" Yeah. I ready." Amu said gleefully.

" Alright then Ms.Suzuki you can have Amu as a student. I have to get to work though so I'll be by to pick her up soon." Amu's mother said before leaving.

" Bye mommy." Amu called.

Amu slowly turned to her teacher.

" I wanna dance now." Amu stated.

" Alright. You know, I think you'll be the best dancer at this academy."

End flashback

Amu had always enjoyed her dancing but since she moved Amu hasn't had the time to start dancing again. And now with her guardian duties she would never get the chance. Amu sighed and stood up.She went over to where she kept her C.Ds and grabbed the one with all her dance music on it. She got into some clothes she could dance in and put the C.D in the C.D player. Amu had let Ami play with her Charas for a bit so she knew she was completely alone. Then Amu locked the balcony door and pulled the curtains closed. She got the C.D to Running up that hill by Kate Bush and started dancing.

Her body moved with the music. Her arms lifted to the air and she swung them like she was suppose to. She twirled but then stopped and sighed. She turned off her music and went out on the balcony. She felt the cool night breeze on her skin and relaxed. Amu sighed again. The reason she had stopped was because that song was a duet dance and she couldn'the full thing by herself. She had a partner back where she use to live and he was excellent. He and Amu were the best dancers and the academy. Of course she went to a regular school most of the time so she wasn't always at the academy like her partner but she was still the best girl there was. Everyone loved her partner and her.

Amu thought hard to try and remember what his name was but no matter how hard she tried she just couldn't remember. Amu sighed and looked at the sky. The stars were out and it was a full moon. Amu loved the full moon so she just stared at it for a while before some spoke.

" AMU-CHAN AMU-CHAN." She heard Ran scream.

Amu sighed and went back into her room, closing the balcony door behind her.

She heard Ran knocking on her door so she went and opened it. In flew Ran,

Miki and Su. They flew over to her desk and sat down so they could catch

theirbreath." What's wrong?" Amu asked her Chara's.

" There's a weird lady down stairs and she says she wants to take you away." Ran stated.

" Wha-" Amu started but was interrupted.

" AMU HONEY, CAN YOU COME DOWNSTAIRS FOR A SECOND." She heard her mother call.

" HAI." She shouted back.

Amu turned to her chara's and smiled.

" Don't worry I won't let anyone take me away and if I'm forced to go then you three will be coming with me." Amu said then left.

She walked down stairs to find Ms. Suzuki sitting on the couch.

" Well hello Amu. Long time no see." Ms.Suzuki said.

" MS.SUZUKI!!" Amu screamed with joy.

She ran over to her former dance teacher and gave her a hug. Then she remembered her ' cool and spicy 'attitude and pulled away.

" I mean...Hi Ms.Suzuki." Amu said trying to keep her 'cool and spicy' attitude.

" Mrs. Hinamori could you let us have a private conversation please." Ms.Suzuki asked.

" Alright." Mrs.Hinamori replied then left upstairs.

" Now Amu your mother told me about you ' cool and spicy' attitude . But you do know you don't have to use it around me." Ms.Suzuki said.

Amu stared at her for a minute then hugged her again.


" So I can see. I missed you too Amu and I have some great news." Ms.Suzuki said.

" Really? What is it?" Amu asked letting go of Ms.Suzuki.

" I now have an academy here. You can come back and start dancing again. " Ms.Suzuki said gleefully.

" Really?" Amu asked excitedly.

" Yes. You could start first thing in the morning if you chose. " Ms.Suzuki said smiling.

Amu smiled too but then she stopped.

" Amu what's wrong." Ms.Suzuki asked see that Amu was sad.

" Well I would LOVE to start dancing again but I also have to keep up my ' cool and spicy ' self. Plus everyone would laugh at me." Amu said.

" Hmm. That is a problem. But I have a way we can fix that." Ms.Suzuki said.

" How?" Amu asked.

" Come by this address tomorrow morning and I'll help you out." Ms.Suzuki said handing her a piece of paper with the academy's address on it.

" Okay." Amu said.

" Good. Well then I best be off. See you tomorrow Amu." Ms.Suzuki said then stood up.

" Bye Ms.Suzuki." Amu said as Ms.Suzuki walked out the front door.


Amu then walked up to her room and got ready for bed. Her charas were already in their eggs so Amu just shut off the lights and crawled into bed. Her bed felt heavier then usual and it was a lot warmer then usual but Amu didn't pay much attention.

She just snuggled in to bed and closed her eyes. She was just about to fall asleep when something beside her moved. She sat up and felt beside her. Whatever it was it was big and warm. She felt higher and felt something that felt like fur. She was freaked but she turned on the lights.

She looked at the lump then pulled the covers off of it.

" Turn off the light." Ikuto mumbled, facing the other way.

" IKUTO." Amu screamed, her face turning red.

" What?" Ikuto asked.

" Why are you in my bed?" Amu asked.

" I was in the neighborhood and decided to pay a visit. You weren't here so I decided to take a nap until you came back. Your bed is really comfy." Ikuto said.

" Well you've seen me, now get out of my bed." Amu said.

" Fine I'll get out of your bed but you didn't say I had to leave your

room." Ikuto said with a smirk.

" OUT OUT OUT." Amu shouted pushing Ikuto to the balcony door.

" Your so heartless Amu." Ikuto said walking on to the balcony with a pout.

" Oh well." Amu said then shut the balcony door and locked it.

She saw Ikuto smirk then jump off her balcony.

" That baka." Amu grumbled then got back into bed.

Amu shut off the light and pulled the covers over her. She lay awake for awhile before closing her eyes. She faced the spot where Ikuto was sleeping.

' My bed smells like Ikuto now.' Amu thought.

She put her head on the pillow Ikuto had been been on.

' Its a really nice smell though.' Amu thought with a smile before falling asleep.

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