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When the helicopter arrived at the hospital Ikuto was taken to have the bullet removed. Tadase's corpse was taken to the morge to be examined. A nurse came up and took Amu to the waiting room. As she was waiting Sakura, Tomoko, Kaku, Nagihiko and the other guardians arrived. Toshiki seemed to be depressed but Rima explained that it was because he didn't know how evil Tadase was.

" Why didn't you tell us sooner?" She asked.

" I couldn't. He threatened to kill you." Amu replied.

" We could have taken care of ourselves." Rima stated.

" And so can Ikuto. Yet Tadase shot him in the shoulder. I was worried about everyone. I couldn't let him harm any of you." Amu shot back.

Rima nodded and became quiet. Amu could hear Kukai muttering about how he couldn't believe that Tadase would do that. Kairan was doing he best to calm him down. Yaya and Kairi were having a private discussion. Tomoko and Kaku were quiet. Sakura went somewhere else. And Keiko and Nagihiko were talking about something quietly. When Rima started to talk to Toshiki Amu felt completely alone. Finally a doctor came up to them.

" Uh where are Hotori Tadase's parents?" The doctor asked.

" They're not here. But I am his uncle." A voice said.

The group turned around to see the founding king walking towards them.

" Um. Alright. Can we discuss how he died in another room?" The doctor questioned.

" You can say it right here. I'm sure everyone would like to know." The founding king stated, sitting down on a chair beside Amu.

" Fine." The doctor sighed.

" Hotori Tadase died of heart failure." The doctor said.

" Heart failure? Isn't he too young for heart failure?" Tomoko asked.

" No. Because he got hit by that car and he almost died while in the hospital his heart was weaker. His doctor told him not to over due himself. Not to get too angry or get his heart racing. And it seems he was taking steroids. So that took part in this death." The doctor explained.

" Really? Well my nephew was an idiot." The founding king said.

Everyone just turned and looked at him with shocked expressions.

" What? I never really liked Tadase. I thought of Ikuto being more my nephew then Tadase." The founding king stated.

" Anyway that is all. A doctor will come and tell you when Mr. Tsukiyomi is out of surgery." The doctor said then walked away.

The founding king got into introductions with Tomoko and Kaku and explained this and that. Everyone else went back to what they were doing. Amu was still left talking to no one. Finally Sakura came back with everyones charas.

" Daisuki was the only one who realized you guys left your charas at the hot spring." Sakura said.

Everyone's charas flew to them. Amu noticed that there were three charas around Sakura's head. One was her chara Daisuki and one was Yoru. Amu couldn't quite see who the other one was. Kukai was the first to see who it was.

" Kiseki?" He said.

It was Kiseki. He floated over to everyone. He was really upset but he also looked confused.

" How are you still here? Tadase is dead so shouldn't you be dead too? Yaya asked.

" I-I don't know why I'm still here." Kiseki said.

" Well I don't know why you're here either. But I suppose you can be my chara." The founding king said.

" Are you sure?" Kiseki asked.

" Of couse!" The founding king replied.

Kiseki smiled a bit and then flew over to the founding king.

" Yoru you can come over here you know." Amu said.

Yoru flew over to her and sat down on Amu's lap. Miki went over to Yoru and sat beside him. Finally after some time another doctor came.

" Mr. Tsukiyomi is awake and asking for an Amu. Is Amu here?" She asked.

Amu stood up and followed the doctor to a room. Amu's charas and Yoru were following behind. Ikuto was propped up in bed waiting for her.

" Hello Amu-Koi." He said with a small smile.

" Hey." Amu said and walked to his side.

Amu kissed his lips lightly and sat down. Yoru began to cry and say the he was sorry for not being there. Finally Yoru became tired and fell asleep beside Ikuto. Ikuto smiled and pet Yoru's head as he slept.

" How are you feeling?" Amu asked.

" I'm alright. Its better then last time cause of the medicine." Ikuto explained.

Amu smiled slightly. She felt a tear form in the corner of her eye. Ikuto raised the hand he had been petting Yoru with and brushed away the tear.

" Whats wrong? I'm alright. Is this about Tadase?" Ikuto asked.

" No its not about Tadase. Its just that I never wanted for you or anyone else to get hurt." Amu said, another tear forming.

Ikuto pulled her close and kissed her. It was a soft yet passionate kiss. It lasted a few minutes. When they pulled away Amu no longer felt like crying. She stayed there the rest of the night. Right by his side. Everyone else had gone home.

When morning came Amu found herself in the same bed and Ikuto. She blushed slightly but snuggled up to him.

" Ikuto-koi?" She said.

" Hmm?" He replied.

" Why am I in your hospital bed?" Amu asked.

" Because when you feel asleep you looked uncomfortable. So I had a nurse put you in my bed. You snuggled up to me and looked more comfortable." Ikuto explained kissing her forehead.

" Well I am comfortable." Amu said.

" Exactly." Ikuto said with a smile.

Amu got out of his bed, much to his disappointment and sat down in the chair beside him. A few minutes later she got hungry so she left Ikuto and got some food. As soon as she was done she came right back. Ikuto was just finishing his breakfast when she came in. The doctor was looking over Ikuto's wound.

" I will never understand how you can heal so fast." The doctor said.

" Neither will I. But does that mean I can leave?" Ikuto asked.

" Yeah you can leave. Suzuki-san left your car here. As long as you drive with one hand you'll be fine." The doctor said tossing Ikuto his keys.

Ikuto caught them with his good hand and smiled. He got out of the hospital bed and grabbed his suitcase with he had noticed Sakura bring in. He got some clothes and then went into the bathroom to change. When he came out Amu had his suitcase in her hand. She was waiting for him with a smile on her face. Ikuto signed his own release papers then he and Amu left the hospital and got in his car.

" You know I think I should learn how to drive a car." Amu stated as they drove to the academy.

" So you can crash?" Ikuto asked.

" NO. So I know how to drive." Amu stated.

" Hmm well maybe when my arm is better. Until then your not getting behind the wheel of a car." Ikuto said.

" Fine." Amu said.

They were quiet for a while then Amu spoke.

" I don't want to let anything come between us again." She stated.

" Neither do I." Ikuto said.

" So can you promise me that, no matter what, we'll always be together." Amu asked.

" I promise." Ikuto said.

" I love you Ikuto." Amu said.

" I love you too Amu. Now and forever."

Short chapter eh? Well its done. Over. No more. But wait! I promised graphic death scene. Alright so here is alternate graphic death scene #1
" Get out of the way Amu." Tadase yelled.


" Get out of the way Amu." Ikuto said.

" No." Amu replied standing her ground.

" Well I guess I will have to kill you. Goodbye Am-" Tadase said then stopped.

His eyes widened in surprise.

" HOLY SHIT!" He yelled.

Amu and Ikuto turned around to see a figure emerge from the trees. It was none other then Jason Vorhees. He was carrying his machete and walking towards them. He walked right past Amu and Ikuto and stood in front of Tadase. Tadase's hands were trembling. He aimed the gun at Jason and shot. Jason didn't seem to care. He raised his machete and chopped Tadase head off. Blood squirted out of his severed head and from his body. Jason then chopped off Tadase's arms and legs. Once he was done he walked away, back into the forest.

" W-w-what the hell just happened?" Amu asked.

" I-I have no idea." Ikuto replied.

Lol. Yes I can be random like that. Its fun. and I thought about it while I was watching Friday the 13th. Its not overly graphic but of course the doctor wouldn't say that he died of heart failure. He'd say the actual cause. Ok here's #2.

" Get out of the way Amu." Tadase yelled.


" Get out of the way Amu." Ikuto said.

" No." Amu replied standing her ground.

" Well I guess I will have to kill you. Goodbye Am-" Tadase said then was stopped when Ikuto knocked the gun out of his hand.

" I don't fricken think so." Ikuto said glaring at Tadase.

Tadase glared back. He lunged at Ikuto and they got into a fist fight. Ikuto dodged as best he could with his hurt shoulder. He got in a few good punches and so did Tadase. Ikuto had broken Tadase nose with one of his punches. While they were fighting they both tried to get the gun. Finally Amu picked it up and fired a warning shot in the sky. They boys stopped fighting and looked at Amu. She aimed the gun at Tadase and Ikuto moved away from him.

" I've had enough of this. I won't let you ruin my life anymore Tadase." Amu said then shot.

The first bullet pierced this shoulder. Tadase cried out in pain as blood seeped through the wound. Amu shot again and hit him in the knee. Tadase screamed and fell to the ground. More blood fell from his body, staining his clothes and the ground around him.

" Why?" He asked with tears in his eyes.

" Because you ruined my life and threatened Ikuto and my friends." Amu said shooting his stomach.

Tadase coughed and blood squirted from his mouth. It dripped down his face and landed on the grass. Finally Amu walked closer and smirked.

" Goodbye Tadase." Amu said then shot him in the head.

Tadase slumped to the ground and stared lifelessly at them. Amu dropped the gun and looked at Ikuto. He came up to her and kissed her on the forehead.

" It was self defence. And you were also saving me. You won't go to jail." Ikuto said.

" Thank you." Amu replied.

Yay! Blood! I love blood! Now here comes the last graphic death scene. And I gotta say, Its gonna be the best. Ok so here is # 3
" Get out of the way Amu." Tadase yelled.


" Get out of the way Amu." Ikuto said.

" No." Amu replied standing her ground.

" Well I guess I will have to kill you. Goodbye Am-" Tadase said then stopped.

He was looking past Amu and Ikuto. They turned around saw people coming out or the trees. They were all carring weapons of some form. For some strange reason they all had name tags on them. Amu read all there names. there was xXSeiren-HimeXx, nmccullough, Kicon, azuki-sakura, Amuto-4eva, xXMercdesXx, Koorika, Shadow Kurayami Vixen, OoORinji Aoi HoshiOoO, Aznprid3x3, Hime Cullen Tsukiyomi, inksoul019, White Moon and Black Sun, GarrSaku, HeavenlyAngel34, MW, babo123, Muppiegurl, SUNCAT333, sweettara10, AnGeLXLoVe, oxCuteKataraox, rebellious-and-ditzy-bookworm, Crazedanddefused, Amuto-fan-Neko-san, lilcutieprincess, Japaneseanimeluvr34, Natsuya801923, Amaranth the Immortal, EmikoHoshiko, bewy-chan, youare-who-youare, Lynya317, kakashisasukelover1, Zero-amu, Mitsuki Yukishiro, kool495, The Sky's Tears., Gothicelfs, ninja-warrior6000, Tramilisha, xiiaoICEangel, xxhopingheartxx,Talaks16, iSnowX3 and Keiko was leading the group.

" Alright time to kill the gay kid!" Keiko exclaimed happily.

Everyone rushed forward to Tadase. Some people had swords and some had guns. One had a flamethrower. They stabbed him repeatedly and slit his throat. His organs were removed and so were his fingers and toes. Then his arms and legs. People kept shooting his already dead body. People made comments about how he sucked and that he deserved this. Someone had a razor and shaved him the time that they were done there was absolutely nothing left.

" AMUTO FOREVER!" They all shouted then left.

Amu and Ikuto looked at each other.

" Well....that was....odd." Amu said.

" Uh huh." Ikuto agreed.

Lol. Hope everyone was happy. You ALL got to kill Tadase. Don't worry UnderSeaFlower, you weren't in there. And if anyone DIDN'T want to kill him but I put your name in, I'm sorry.

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