There's Only Regret



Naruto © Masashi Kishimoto

Chapter 5: The Guys

Twin cerulean orbs peered out from behind the column. Just across the hall, down to the left, was the weapons locker. The eyes locked onto it keenly before they blinked as yet another Anbu squad passed by, obviously intent on equipping themselves for their mission. The observer shrank back into the shadows before safely hopping away.

It was tempting, oh so tempting.


The small form shivered. He had ample reason not to indulge in his more…mischievous side. And no amount of cajoling on Genma-sensei's part was going to move him. Uh, uh. Not one bit.

Blue eyes looked back longingly at the forbidden room. One day, they promised, one day. Then sweat started forming on the back of the young boy's neck.

But until that day…

Naruto hurried away. He would do everything in his power to not give Nii-san a reason to 'go ghoul' on him again. The boy shivered. It was just too…freaky.

Besides, he had somewhere to be. Genma-sensei said there would be a surprise or something for him today…

Naruto blinked at the two boys before him. They blinked back. The blond turned to his mentor with a questioning gaze. He lightly tugged on the man's Anbu vest.

"Ne, ne, are you sure they are tree roots? 'cause they don't look like them to me."

Genma lightly smacked the boy's head. "They are your new teammates, oh-intelligent-one."

"But you said they were roots. How can they be roots if they aren't?"

Genma rolled his eyes skyward and glared accusingly, 'Taicho, you're just laughing your ass off up there. I know you are.'

The two former Ne trainees watched the interaction with varying reactions. One had a slowly, but massively, growing grin while the other took on a look of pure confusion.

The young Anbu returned his gaze to his charges, "They aren't tree roots, they are from Ne. It was an offshoot of the Ansatsu Senjustu Tokushu Butai. They were run independently from us."

Naruto, had he not been raised with the intricacies of the Black Ops life, and thus intelligence, probably would continued with his questioning. He knew, from an early age, how the operations worked, what they did, the command structure to operate them, but most of all, the intel that had been gathered by their special forces.

And considering who raised him practically from birth, it wasn't any wonder that he knew the significance of Ne, and more importantly, who was connected with it. Still, he was a child and sometimes, well, he didn't think things quite through, this causing his caretakers no small amount of grief.

"Oh, it's that Ne." Genma palmed his head. Sometime he wondered about the little blond. Running his hand down his face, to help wipe off his frustrated frown, he sighed before introducing the two.

"This is Shin," he gestured towards the silver haired boy, who had an even bigger grin.

"And this," Genma pointed towards the quiet dark child, "is Sai."

The Anbu had a peculiar expression cross his features, "not exactly original, but that was all we could get from them. Danzo was, if anything, thorough."

The old coot had had his fingers dipped in too many pies. It was impossible to tell the origins of his recruits. It seemed the Anbu and Jounin Elite had their work cut out for them.

Aoba had gone through a great deal of trouble to secure these two. They had to have been something for the anal ninja to actually choose them for their Naruto. After all, their squad was very particular about who they even let near the blond. He was the last living legacy of their much beloved captain and, if they had anything to say about it, a well hidden secret which would stay that way.

The fact that he was the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune only added to their determination.

Wakai had been furious when he found out what their Yondaime had done, even if it had been for the good of the village. Since he had been the other one closest to the crazy red-head, beside Tenzou, her death had struck him especially hard.

How the Flash had survived a suicide jutsu was a puzzle to them all. Not that they were particularly happy about that either. In fact all of them had, at one point or another, wished the man dead. It seemed highly suspicious that their Taichou would die and he would live.

They were all determined to keep the young child from falling into the clutches of any who would strive to use him. Danzo and the counselors came to mind.

"Well, why don't you be polite, hm?" With a small, gentle shove, the bandanna wearing Anbu steered his charge towards his new teammates. Taking the hint, the energetic blond practically body tackled the other two in his enthusiasm to get to know them. New playmates and friends his age.

The Anbu fished out a senbon and began chewing it as he watched them interact.

Naruto was being his typical cheerful self and bowling the other two over with his mile-a-minute babble and wild gestures. Sai, for being such an emotionless squirt, actually looked intimidated and utterly confused. Shin, however, seemed to have found a kindred spirit in the small blonde and was soon in a deep discussion about the 'coolness' of Anbu.

Genma just observed them. It would take time. After all these two just finished being deprogrammed and Naruto was a rather isolated child. However the was fairly sure they would make a good team. His mind drifted back to the conversation he'd had with Tenzou about snooping Ne agents.

They, the four remaining members of the Black Hawk cell, had kept their ears and eyes peeled for anything that might lead to the young blond. So far, aside from the warning from Aoba, the snooping ninja had trickled off to nothing. Neither Tenzou nor he were sure what make of that. It didn't put them at ease either. Something was up, they just weren't sure what.

The four were thrown about when the entire complex rocked violently. Genma dove for the boys, covering them with his body as they each hit the ground. The Anbu's mind raced as he smelled the unwelcome scent of explosive powder and smoke.

Dust and bits of ceiling plaster rained down on them. Mostly hitting Genma's plated back while the boys were sprawled underneath him.

The young man grimaced slightly, of all the times for something like this to happen. He had been getting suspicious as to why it had been so quiet lately, and it wasn't just the paranoia speaking either. The Anbu was about to make sure the boys were alright when the unwelcome crackling of a high grade destruction seal cut through his shock.

"Oh, Shi-!"

The seal exploded.

Tenzou was thrown off his feet, when the entire building seemed to buck like a wild bull, and slammed into the corridor wall. His latest mission report scattered around him.

'What the-'

It didn't matter that the ceiling was buckling and groaning as fractures raced across surface, nor did he notice when large chunks of plaster began raining down. His mind was elsewhere. Taking stock of his situation, Tenzou began mentally took note of what needed to be done. He started to climb to his feet when he froze.

The teen's eyes widened when he heard the fizzling of an explosive note. The sound alone told him what caliber it was. His hands took on a life of their own as they flashed through seals. All he could think about was…


The young Taichou slammed his hands into the floor. The tag went off.

The Headquarters of the Ansatsu Senjutsu Tokushu Butai exploded.


A/N: Hallelujah! The one ye all have been waiting/praying for has finally arrived!

Ah, I'm getting the impression that people believe Aoba is an OC. He isn't. Hn, he hasn't truly had a major role in the manga yet, but if you are curious, he's in the Jounin assembly for the Chuunin Exams, and he's the one that brought news of Itachi's return accidentally within Sasuke's hearing range (finding Tsunade arc), he also was the one covering Raido with a crow summoning jutsu against Hidan and Kakuzu.

Wakai is an OC. He won't be making an appearance.

The Kushina sightings…you'll have to be patient. (*hint* read the author's note in chapter 1)

The infamous Black Hawk cell as follows:

Uzumaki Kushina: Captain (Taichou) (deceased)

Hayatase Wakai: Lieutenant (Fuku-Taichou), Assault, Medical (deceased)

Yamashiro Aoba: Support, Assassination (Currently resigned to Jounin ranks)

Shiranui Genma: Support, Assault (Currently resigned to Jounin ranks)

Tenzou: Assassination, Support (Current Captain of the Third Assassination/Tactical Assault Squad of the Anbu)

In-training: Shin (codename: Saru = monkey), Sai (codename: Kabu(-ki-chan) = mask/puppet) and Naruto (codename: Karai = storm)

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