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"Ow!" Harry yelped, snatching his hand away from the frying pan.

Ron flipped another egg and turned his attention to his husband, who was pouting and running his hand under the tap. "Knock it off you big baby," he smiled. "You've barely even got a red spot." He turned the water off and kissed Harry's finger. "Now come on, we have to get breakfast ready. You can take care of the juice if you don't want to burn yourself again."

Harry stuck his tongue out at his grinning husband, but went to pour the juice.

With one last chuckle at his slightly dramatic lover, Ron went back to cooking. As he was frying the tomatoes, he heard a noise on the stairs.

"Morning Daddy, Dad," Bianca said yawning. She pulled her long black ringlets up into a ponytail as she walked to the table.

"Good morning, B," Harry said, beaming. They didn't have to leave for another hour, and she was already in her Hogwarts uniform. "What would you like for breakfast?"

"Whatever Dad's made is fine," she told him, putting her head down in her arms.

"Hey! How do you know I haven't been slaving over this stove?"

She raised her head and gave him the "I don't think so" look. She looked so much like Hermione, all Harry could do was laugh. "You haven't mastered breakfast yet, Daddy. Besides pancakes," she amended.

All three of them jumped as Mordred, Ares and Hector came tumbling down the stairs. They straightened themselves and trouped into the kitchen.

"Hi Uncle Ron, Uncle Harry," Ares said, sitting at the table. He was bleeding slightly from above his eyebrow, but didn't seem to notice.

Harry healed him and went back to dishing up breakfast for the kids. Minor injuries were a common occurrence when these three were together. "Orange juice, anyone?"

"Ah, there's the last one," Ron said, glancing toward the stairs.

Nyke was descending, Hogwarts bear firmly in hand. "Morning."

"Morning, Little Princess," Ron said. He helped her into her booster seat and gave her a plate of eggs.

"Time for the train?" Nyke asked anxiously. She'd been clinging to Bianca for the past week, ever since she found out the older girl would be leaving.

"Not for a little while," Hermione said, coming into the kitchen. "Tonks and Ginny are going to meet us at the station."

"I don't see what the fuss is," Bianca whinged. "I'm the seventh kid to do this. It's no big deal."

"It is a big deal," Ron said.

"That's right; you're starting your magical education today!" Hermione added.

"And we're not going to see you until Christmas, so we have to make a fuss now," Harry said.

"I wanna go with B!" Nyke said.

"It won't be so bad, Nyke," Bianca said quickly. Her sister had learned the art of temper tantrums well… "You'll still have the boys. And you and Athena are starting at the Primary next week."

The Wizards' Private Primary would be hosting the remaining eight kids that year.

"She's right," Hermione said. "You'll all be together."

"You'll be at Hogwarts soon," Bianca said, smoothing Nyke's red hair out of her face.

"Speaking of which," Ron said, glancing at the clock. "It's almost time to get going. Whoever's finished needs to go get dressed!"


The scarlet engine gleamed in front of them as the family gave hugs to the school-bound children; especially Bianca.

"Now don't forget—" Ron began.

"I know! I'll owl you as soon as the feast is over and I'll be sure to say hi to Hagrid and Neville," Bianca said, laughing. She watched her cousins climb onto the train but didn't follow. She stayed next to Nyke, hugging her as she looked up and down the platform.

"Er…aren't you going to sit with your cousins?" Ron asked.

"Maybe…in a minute."

"Maybe? Who're you look—"


All heads turned to see a blond head poking out of one of the cars. After hugging her siblings once more, Bianca dashed off. She hopped into the door Scorpius opened for her and leaned out of the window to wave.

"Aww," Tonks said. "She was looking for her boyfriend!"

"He's not her boyfriend!" Harry and Ron said.

"Oh come on, Weasley," said a drawling voice. "She could do worse."

"That remains to be seen Malfoy," Ron said.

Malfoy just laughed and waved at his son again before Disapparating.

"It's cute, Ron," Ginny said, holding Ares back from Mordred.

Ron grabbed Hector as he was about to join the fray. "You won't be saying that when Athena runs off with…what's his name? Padraig Seamus. Athena Finnigan's got a good ring to it."

The roots of Tonks' hair turned orange as she contemplated that. "Over my dead body."

Ginny and Hermione laughed at their overprotective spouses as they made their way from the platform.


"Weasley-Potter, Bianca!" Professor Longbottom called.

She walked slowly up the stairs, trying to remember how to breathe properly. As she sat, the hat partially covering her eyes, she could pick her cousins out of the crowd. Molly, Head Girl's badge pinned to her robes, craned to see her from the Gryffindor table. Landon, a shiny new Prefect badge next to his Ravenclaw tie, waved from next to Milosh. Mirella and Dominique grinned from the Hufflepuff table. And though she couldn't see her Bianca knew Victoire, the new flying instructor and Slytherin's head of house, was holding her breath from the staff table.

The hat was debating still. Where to put you? She heard it say.

Seriously? She thought. There's only four options, and we can already rule out Ravenclaw! She was smart, but she wasn't anything like Milosh or Landon.

Finally, after what felt like three hours, the hat yelled, "Slytherin!"

She turned around and gave Victoire a thumbs up and a grin, which sent a few of the other teachers into peals of laughter. Then she skipped down the steps and over to where Scorpius had made a space for her.

"Good one!" he said, clearly relieved.



Harry squirmed off the couch where he, Ron and Hermione had fallen asleep. Letting the owl in, he felt a rush of excitement. He unrolled the scroll of parchment and… "SLYTHERIN!" he yelped.

Hermione and Ron awoke with a start. "What's that?" Hermione said, yawning.

"Slytherin," Harry said. "And according to her, Victoire's not going to stop gloating for weeks."

"Well, it's gotta be hard watching cousin after cousin not follow in your footsteps," Ron said, chuckling.

"You two know what this means, right?" Hermione said, as they walked quietly up the stairs.

"What?" both men asked.

"She's with Scorpius."

Both men glowered at her. "Not funny, Hermione Granger-Weasley-Potter," Harry said, breaking into a grin.

"Forever the trio," Ron muttered as the three of them climbed into bed.


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