Title: We'll fix it.

Author: Enkidu07.

Disclaimer: They are not mine.

Challenge Word: Clammy.

A/N: Same story. Different setting. Nothing really new but I still kind of want to post it... but can't decide if I should or not… if you are reading this, it means I caved and posted. Nothing new. Same words. Mostly. Maybe we could call it an alternate version?

Summary: After a hunt but stuck in the forest till morning so catching some rest. Dean's not feeling great but Sam will fix it.


Dean shifts restlessly and then curls in closer to Sam. Sam wraps him reflexively with solid, confident arms and is alarmed by the clammy sheen on Dean's skin. Dean, wakening, fixes him with hooded eyes; clinging so close that Sam can feel Dean's damp breath tickling his cheek. "You trying out for the role of a koala bear?" Sam prods. Neither moves and time pauses. Sam gets a good look. Dean squirms under the scrutiny and tries to push away but Sam keeps him tight and warm. Soft, "You look like crap. Go back to sleep. We'll fix it tomorrow."