The Pink Butterfly

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: (chuckles nervously) Well, this is sort of a short, quirky one-shot, no? Considering this one is about Mario and Toadette, and unlikely pair, it should be odd how I'm doing this right now when I could have done it several months ago. (cough) Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, read and enjoy!

Disclaimer: Mario and Toadette belong to Nintendo. (looks at script) Gee, I'm being payed to say that? (scoffs) Man, oh man, I really need to find a better job than this.

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Quiet, slave.

Mario and Toadette were having a nice, little picnic on the outskirts of the Mushroom Meadows on a warm, sunny afternoon. The two were great friends, and they seemed to have grew a bit of interest in each other after the events in Rogueport. As they drank tea, a pink winged butterfly flapped by Toadette, catching the eye of the humanoid mushroom girl.

"Hey, Mario!" Toadette said with glee as she got up, pointing at the butterfly, "I wanna have that butterfly! You think you could get it for me?"

Mario grinned, getting up as he adjusted his red cap, giving Toadette a thumbs up. "No problem-a!" He then pulled out a bug net out of nowhere and ran after the butterfly.

Toadette smiled as she watched Mario run after the graceful winged insect. Mario was fast, but cautious, as he started tiptoeing from behind, not to scare the butterfly off. The butterfly, apparently, sensed Mario, and it started flapping away faster, turning around and heading towards the northern direction. Mario was caught by surprise, and he started going a bit faster, trying his best not to completely scare it off. As the red capped plumber chased the butterfly over three ponds and two stone bridges, he started sweating as the butterfly flew up a deciduous maple tree. Mario slapped his forehead as he started climbing up the tree in hopes of catching the winged insect.

Getting onto the branch, Mario slowly approached the butterfly, which was resting its wings. As Mario raised his net, the butterfly took off, flapping towards the ponds again to the south. Mario growled as he then fell off the branch and landed on his head. Moaning in pain while rubbing his head, Mario shook his head and took off after the butterfly, holding the net above his head. As Mario started huffing in air, he stopped, to see the butterfly right by the water. Mario screamed as he plopped the net right on it, managing to catch it. Mario blinked, and he started cheering as he bounced up and down in glee.

Two minutes later, Mario returned back to Toadette, with the pink winged butterfly sealed within the net. As Mario opened the net and was about to hand the butterfly to Toadette, it took off into the sky, and headed towards the west. Mario and Toadette were both in awe.

"...You still want that-a butterfly?" Mario asked in disbelief as his right eye twitched.

Toadette frowned, her hands behind her back. "Well..."

Thirty seconds later, Mario can be seen huffing and puffing as he continues chasing after the butterfly, while the bright sun starts setting in the background.