Hinata sighed, as she pushed buttons on the cashier. Only half an hour left, and then, I'm free to do what I want, she though as she smiled at the next customer. Suddenly, someone shrieked. Hinata and everyone else in the small Starbucks, looked around, and saw an angry pink-haired girl glaring fiercely at the blonde employee who was on his knees apologizing. The girl had coffee all over her. Hinata sighed, as the boss, Mr. Jiraiya came out to see what was the commotion all about. He didn't really look surprised, more like wary. He walked over, and apologized, and offered the girl to have anything she wanted. She agreed to it, as she glared at the blond employee. Hinata sighed as Naruto, who quickly recovered, did his big smile, and asked the girl what she wanted. The girl ignored him, and went straight to the counter, grabbing a few napkins to try to dry herself off. She looked behind Hinata, at the menu.

Hinata knew her of course, who didn't? She was Sakura Haruno. She was the most popular girl in the school. Hinata didn't really like her. She thought Sakura was a bit too snobby and showy. And plus, Naruto had a huge crush on her. And why would anyone who liked Sakura, pay attention to Hinata? It looked as though Sakura had finally made up her mind.

"I'll take a coffee, decaf." she said. Hinata wrote that down and asked,

"Is that all?" Sakura made a disgusted face.

"I'm on a diet! I don't want to get fat!" she exclaimed. Hinata blinked, and nodded, as Sakura went back to her table. Hinata shook her head as soon as Sakura was gone. As Hinata filled up Sakura's decaf, she wondered why would she need to lose weight? After all the girl barely weighed 80lbs. That wasn't healthy for am 18 yr. old. Hinata finished the decaf, and called over Sakura, who got up quickly, paid for her coffee, and ran out of the store. Hinata wondered why, until she saw Rock Lee, a guy who had been in love with Sakura since freshmen year, pick her up, in his green Mustang. Hinata rolled her eyes, and was relieved, when it was finally 7:30. She switched with Tenten, her cousin's girlfriend, and went to the boss's office to pick up her check. She knocked, and she heard his booming voice say "Come in." She was surprised to find Naruto there, and started to blush immediately. Naruto gave her the puppy dog look, which signified that he had gone through lots of yelling. Hinata smiled, sympathetically.

"Here you go." said Mr. Jiraiya handing her a check. She thanked him, and said good-bye to both of them. As Hinata walked home, she felt a rain drop hit her. Just my luck, she thought. She was going to learn how to drive next week. She had to wait for 2 years because, her father had said, that he didn't want her driving to bars, and boys places. Hinata had sulked for a week, until he said if she kept up that attitude, he would never allow her to drive. As she came near her house, she saw that her father wasn't here yet, because his car wasn't there. Hinata sighed,. She was practically the only senior in the universe, who didn't have any plans for the weekend. She thought that since tomorrow was Friday she could maybe work extras hours or something. As she came into her house, she picked out her clothes for the next day. Suddenly, Hanabi popped into her room. Hinata didn't hate her sister, but she did dislike her, because she reminded her too much of Sakura. Hanabi frowned at her sister's clothes, that were laid out onto the bed.

"Really, Hinata? Are you going to where those tomorrow?" she asked, with the same tone Sakura had used at the coffee shop. Hinata tried to glare at her, but failed. Instead she looked at her clothes. She didn't see anything wrong wit them. It was just denim jeans, with a light blue short sleeve, and a matching denim jacket.

"I can't believe you're wearing that for picture day." Hanabi grumbled. Hinata gasped in horror.

"P-p-picture day?" she asked shocked. Hanabi blinked at her, and then rolled her eyes.

"Really, sis, everyone's been talking about it." Hanabi sighed, and walked out of her sister's room. Hinata just stood there. Picture day already? And these were most likely the year book picture's too!! How could they have come so soon. School had only started 2 weeks ago. Hinata threw the outfit she had chosen onto the ground. She rifled through her closet. Hinata wasn't one to get all dressy, about picture day, but she wanted to at least have a good senior yearbook picture. After all, it was her last one. She finally settled on a denim skirt, that only came up about 3 in. above her knees. She picked up her favorite purple ΒΌ shirt, which fit her perfectly. She loved it because Naruto had once complemented on it, and she had decided not to wear it, until the timing would be perfect. She decided tomorrow was the time. Hinata smiled contently, and dozed off, eager for tomorrow.

Sasuke will be in Chapter 2.