Act 1: Two Dates

Soccer, that's why she came to this school, that's why she tormented herself with early morning showers, and that's how she met Olivia Lennox. Strangely enough, soccer was the last thing on her mind by the time everything was over. And this was just the beginning.

As usual Viola was outside on the field getting warmed up for practice, long before due. Unlike when she was on the girl's team, she needed the extra ball time. Maybe her stupid sexist coach was right, maybe girls aren't good enough to play with the boys. After all the boys are so much bigger, stronger, and the only advantage she had was speed. Which in soccer was a definite skill but what good was speed if she wasn't even on the team. Once her foot connected with the rubber ball all her troubles and doubts subsided, on the field she wasn't a girl or even Viola Hastings, she was a soccer player. And soccer players don't waste their time contemplating on crappy coaches or not making first-string, they have only one goal, and it's to win.

The familiar swoosh of the ball hitting against the net brought a huge swell of pride, after twenty more she paused for a water break. Cooling down on the bleachers while chugging her water bottle Malcolm approached her, like the little creep he is, he grinned not daring to sit next to her, just knowing she would reject his company.

"I've seen you out every single day now, trying to make the first-string team?" His taunting tone only provoked her more, now grinding on the nozzle of her bottle she continued to ignore him. Knowing exactly which buttons to push he asked in fake concern, "Aw, isn't it a shame you won't be able to play even after all this hard work?"

Viola bit back a swear, she closed her bottle and got up, so abruptly it even caused Malcolm to take a few steps back in alarm. "I will make first-string, look for number eight at next week's game." Without another word she sped down the steps and back onto the green field. For ten minutes she could feel the weirdo's eyes drill into the back of her head like daggers until finally he left. A breath of relief escaped her, focusing she started to pocket the ball on the right-hand corner of the net.


Like every other morning, she stopped to greet Olivia. Even in sweats the girl looked absolutely astonishing, it was no wonder every guy in the school wanted to get into her pants. Smiling she waved back, "Morning. You getting ready for cross-country?"

She makes a beeline towards the soccer player, plugging out her earphones she eagerly replies, "Yeah. Wish me luck, the team's not too great this year. Most of the seniors from last year are gone and none of the new ones want to join."

A sympathetic look crosses Sebastian's hazel eyes as she pats her lightly on the shoulders, "You'll do great. If I have time, I'll be sure to come and watch."

Olivia was beaming with giddy joy, "That would be awesome. I'll text you the days and time." Not wanting to end the conversation just yet she quickly added, "So what about you and soccer, how's that going?"

"Nowhere." That wasn't really true but it sure seemed that way, no matter how hard she tried, she still couldn't seem to beat the first-string players, except on suicides. Noting the pity in the blonde's eyes she corrected herself, "I mean, it's a bit hard but nothing I can't handle."

This happened every single time, whenever Sebastian would be open about something he would always back-track and mask his true feelings, it sort of hurt. Nevertheless Olivia offered a supportive smile, "I'll be sure to catch the game, I hope I get to see you play."

A lopsided grin tugs at her lips, "Look for a number eight."

Before either of them could say anything else, a thick accented voice shouted, "HASTINGS! Stop chatting with your girlfriend and get over here." The way Coach spoke, girlfriend ended up sounding like 'gurl-friend' and his yelling was loud enough to be used as the school bell. Smiling sheepishly Sebastian muttered a good-bye, and shyly Olivia returned it before leaving to finish off her lap. "Right now!"

With a final look at her friend she bolted to her Coach who impatiently gestured for her to hurry up.

Today was morning practice so everyone looked half asleep or dead, most of them had bed head knowing they'll be showering soon afterwards, "You girls need to wake up! For the following week there will be morning practice every day as well as afternoon ones." Catching the groans and grumble of complains, Coach's voice rose a few notches "THIS IS NOT A TEA PARTY, AND FOR ANY GIRLS THAT MIGHT HAVE MISTAKEN THIS FOR IT, LEAVE!" Immediately everyone shut their mouths and straightened up, a few of the second-stringers took a seat on the benches, too lazy to stand. "Okay, now that we got that cleared up, let's play some ball!"

Once the whistle blew everyone got on their hands and toes to do push ups. After ten minutes everyone was sweating and tensing, a whistle signalled for a stop. "Okay, since all you girls obviously don't know how to do a damn push-up, you are all going to be doing fifteen laps. Twenty for first-stringers." Most of the muffled moans of dismay were from the second-stringers. With a point of the finger, he ordered like a drill sergeant "NOW!"

On their fifth lap Duke matched pace with his room-mate, "Hey." It didn't take him long to bring up Olivia, "So…has she mentioned anything about me?"

Sure she has, plenty. How you're some pig-headed dummy who she has absolutely no interest in. "Uhh…not really." Quickly she added as soon as a flicker of hope entered his eyes, "Nope, not at all."


The look on Duke's face almost made her feel like she had kicked a puppy, "Hey no worries man, I'll hook you up. Just hang in tight." He nodded before abandoning her for Toby and Andrew. She had to remind herself not to get too attached to Duke, even if he has a fine ass. Shrugging the image of Duke's butt from her head she tried to catch up to Duke.

Even as she finished her last lap she continued for another, promising to do just as much as the regular players. Coach watched her like a hawk, it made her gut drop.

After foot-work, shooting, and suicides Coach called it quits, "Okay hit the showers." Just as Viola was going to follow her friends Coach called out, "Except you Hastings, I need to have a chat with you." She shared a look with Toby who only shrugged back in concern.

Once the field was clear Viola asked, "Yes, Coach?"

"I'll make a deal with you Hastings. You do another try-out for me after school on Friday, if you meet my standards I'll put you on first-string." Viola's smile was so big it practically covered her whole face, resisting the temptation to bear hug her Coach, she settled for a firm nod and a 'thank-you.'

She was close, she was so close and it was all thanks to Duke.

Duke who loves Olivia. She was doomed.

First period was a killer, she could hardly keep her eyes open. The sub's voice was so drone-like she could've mistaken him for a robot. Where was Mrs. Leech anyways? Resting her chin on her palm she copied the notes down. None of it made sense and she couldn't really understand the lectures because it was so dull, for once she actually missed Screechy Leechy, at least she could pay attention to her. For the remainder of twenty minutes the man put in a video which explained the different human body parts in detail. Worst part was, the diagrams were in detail as well and in colour too. Joy!

Second period was her spare, or rather Sebastian's spare which she took full advantage of. Most of it was wasted in napping, doing homework or the usual extra practice time. The bell rang far too quick for her liking, but at least Olivia would be there in her third block. Over the short amount of time, they had grown fairly close, enough to consider each other as friends but not close enough to be hanging outside of school with. Not that either of them had the time.

She grabbed a clean lab coat and got down to work. As casually as possible, she asked "So…are you seeing anyone right now?" Judging by the baffled look on her lab partner's face, she could tell it wasn't nearly as casual as she had hoped it had sounded.

"No…why?" Could it be? Was Sebastian Hastings finally asking her out?

"Oh, cool. Um, I was wondering if you were free this Saturday." Oh. My. God. He really was asking her out!

As excited she was, she didn't want to look desperate or at least not as desperate as she felt, "I'm not too busy, why?"

"Maybe, I don't know. Just maybe you wanted to grab a bite to eat with-" here it comes she mentally prepared herself, Olivia's tongue ready to fire out a 'yes', "Duke."

"Yes, I would love to!" Suddenly the name registers inside her brain and soon she's frowning. "Wait. Hold on, did you just say Duke?"

"Uh…yeah, and I believe you've just said yes," normally the confused boyish look would've melted her heart but today, at the moment it only irritated her.

Faking disappointment, she starts, "Oh did you said this Saturday? I totally forgot! I have to visit my grandma, I'm sorry. Maybe next time?" She didn't mean a word of it.

Meeting her eyes, Viola tries again. "Okay, how about Sunday?"

Now a little more than annoyed she half-hearty replies, "Nope. Sorry can't, going shopping with Maria."

"Maybe Duke can come with?" She knew Duke would hate to be dragged around while the two girls browsed through the latest styles but at this point, anything was good.

"We're shopping for lingerie."

Stopping herself from cringing, she asked "How about on Monday?"

"Cross country, I don't get out until eight. We have a relay."

Viola crosses her arms as she persists, "Okay, how about next week."

Now weary and growing sick of their little game, Olivia mindlessly blurts out. "I'll go on a date with Duke only if you take me out for dinner." Her words shock both of them, neither of them are doing biology anymore instead their mouths hang wide open matching each other. She blew it. She lost Sebastian, he probably thought she was some creep now, like Malcolm, ew. Still she had just degraded herself by voluntarily bargaining herself for the low price of a dinner date. Maybe Malcolm and her weren't so different after all. What was wrong with her? Oh right. Sebastian, that's what was wrong with her.


"What?" It takes everything in her body to stop herself from jumping up and down in utter joy, even if it was more of a trade-of, she still technically was going on a date with Sebastian. And a date was a date, no matter how short or unethical it was. Trying to remain calm, she cocked an eyebrow almost as if she was confused by his answer. That by chance she just might have heard the boy wrong.

"Okay. One dinner for you to go on a date with Duke," the bell rang before Viola could go into further details, no linger looking at her she wrote down an address and Duke's number. "Duke will phone you later. Cya."

Soccer, that's why she was here, not for Duke and definitively not for friends, even if it was someone as amazing as Olivia. She chanted the reasons and goal to herself, more to convince herself than anyone else.

She owed Duke, glancing down at the crumpled piece of paper with Olivia's home address scribbled on it, she knew that her debt was paid. Still something bothered her, almost as if this all was too easy…now she remembers.

She owes Olivia dinner.

Author's Rant: Okay, this is my second story for STM. This was totally made on whim by the way and it was really easy to type up so there's probably a lot of mistakes. On this note, I would love to find a beta, one who is okay with both sexual orientations. Some other fanfics I'm thinking of writing is on iCarly, O.C, and maybe Hannah Montana…maybe. Oh also planning on doing a sequel on 'Holding onto Impossible' called 'Nothing is Impossible.' Lots of stories that I'm hoping to make but high school's an arse, and homework is brutal. Cross your finger! Oh and please leave some feedback, an aspiring writer here xD