Act 5: Oooh-Livia!

Disclaimer: I don't own this Movie or even the Twelfth Night written by Shakespeare that this movie was based-off of. Or the actors or the characters they act as, happy now? Though I try to incorporate as much similarities between my fanfic and the Twelfth Night and the movie.

Malcolm was officially the bane of her existence, and his stupid spider could go burn in hell with him for all she cared. Tonight had been a disaster and Olivia wasn't even at the table when they returned, instead Lisa was sitting in the vacated seat looking confused with a mixture of anger and worry. Her anger solely centered on Viola as she took notice of the third degree death glare. Making best of the situation, they gather on the table for two and finished the basket of garlic bread before heading out themselves. The only thing that managed to go according to plan was Olivia getting back on curfew and her staying oblivious to her assistance to their date.

"So let me get this straight. This Milo creep screwed you guys over and now this Olive chick is not interested?"

Duke didn't even bother correcting Lisa and merely continued to drive with a permanent frown paved on his lips, trying to ignore the obvious agitation he felt towards the conversation.

Viola, despite herself put her two cents in, "Malcolm's kinda obsessed with Olivia." She made sure to emphasize the names hoping Lisa would catch on. "Besides this is a bit sleazy even for Malcolm, not to mention sneaky." her thoughts lingered back earlier in the week when she had spotted the dweeb with a very ex-convict-ish looking guy. Against reason she decided not to share her suspicions, afraid to dampen the already crappy night.

"I'm gonna tell Gold, I'm sure he'll expel Mason... Or something."

Duke squared his jaw, before grumbling out of frustration "okay, 'cause we are still five and that kind of tattle-telling is so mature."

A hurt look crossed Lisa's face before she snapped back, "I was only trying to help Duke." At her admission his face softened to an apologetic stare.

With new determination Viola turned to her team's captain and promised, "We will get that weasel, no worries man, he's totally going down."

Duke managed a small smile at the thought of revenge.


Memories of last night's disaster slowly flooded back to Viola as sunlight peeking through her binds awoke her. With a deep sigh she stayed still and stared up at the ceiling. This wasn't her plan, she never thought that pretending to be Sebastian could be so hard, then again if she was really honest about it, she never really though this plan out very well. Even with the supportive texts that Kia and Yvonne sneaked every few hours, she felt so homesick. She missed being able to wear clothes that fit her, she absolutely hated having to wrap her chest with bindings and most of all she was just tired, tired of being Sebastian.

"I'm a Barbie girl in a Barbie world-" Viola scrambled out of bed at the sound of her not-so Sebastian-like ring tone. "Hello?" She answered while sneaking a look over to Duke's bed, once realizing the big oaf was still snoring away she let out a big breath of relief.

"Vi? Baby?" It only took all of 2.5 seconds to realize it was her stupid, blonde ex calling.

Rolling her eyes out of sheer annoyance, she growled "Oh if it isn't golden boy Justin."

"Oh, it is you…do you have a cold or something? Cause you sound a little-"

Sharply Viola interrupted, "I don't care how I sound to the likes of you so if you would please, stop calling, that would be awesome. And I know that you are blonde but seriously? Get a clue, we. Are. OVER!" Without another word she hung up and tossed the phone against the wall.

Suddenly she felt overly ecstatic to be her dumb old brother, as long as she was first-string and got to play against Cornwall, it was worth every single 5'o clock showers, and every minute of the pain she felt from her bindings. With fire burning in her eyes she grabbed her ratty soccer ball and headed out to the field.

Viola might not know a lot about helping Duke with his fruitless attempts to get with Olivia, or what to do about Malcolm or how to survive another day with Lisa Rivers, she was certain about one thing; Justin was going down.


"Hey," before she could pocket another ball into the right corner of the net she turned around and found none other than Olivia Lennox staring intently at her.

"Olivia, hey, what's up?" Taking in the sweatpants and the tank top, Viola had a pretty good idea what her friend was up to this morning.

"Just practicing for my meet tomorrow," she answered half-heartedly, this was hardly what she wanted to talk about. Likely her favourite brunette brought it up before she lost her will to confront him of what she saw yesterday night.

Relaxing a bit Viola asked, "So how did your date with Duke go? Heard he took you out to the town's best Italian restaurant."

"Yeah…about that, was it just me or did I see you there with a red-head?" Olivia quickly asked while averting her eyes, she knew this was too forward of her. And her jealousy seeped out despite her calm exterior, causing her cheeks to blush in slight embarrassment, after all it wasn't like Sebastian was her boyfriend or anything…yet.

Her eyes bugged out as she finally understood what Olivia was talking about. Freaked out at the possibility of the blonde knowing why she was there yesterday she blurted mindlessly "It's not what you think!"

Olivia cocked an eyebrow, "Oh? So that wasn't you on a date with some hot girl?" Silently she kept repeating in her head, 'he's not your boyfriend. He's not your boyfriend. He is not your boyfriend…so stop acting like you caught him cheating on you!' Unfortunately her mouth didn't get the memo and continued on heatedly, "And how come you didn't tell me you got on first-strings?" Genuine hurt crossed her face as she waited for Sebastian's reasons. She knew this was so unlike her, after all a proper lady never confronts a man of her interest so rudely, and she was a proper lady if nothing else.

"Um…uh," Viola totally didn't know what to say so she stood there dumbstruck, feeling guilty. Even though she had no reason to justify Olivia's accusations, she felt like she really let her down. The one girl that she felt like could've been one of her bestfriends had they met under different circumstances. "Look Liv, I wasn't on a date with her, the truth is she's Duke's close friend and he was super nervous about the date so we kinda just went to support him, y'know?" Hesitantly, she offered "Duke's crazy about you, and I know you think of him as just some stupid meat-head that kicks around a soccer ball all day, but he's not. He's a really sweet, sensitive guy that just wants you to like him. It's hard to believe, but he's actually scared of spiders."

As much as she wanted to return Duke's feelings, all she could think about was how nice of a guy Sebastian was. After all, most guys would be degrading their friends and try to make themselves look better, but not Sebastian. And it only made her want him more. Softly; apologetically, "I know…but I can't like Duke that way, at least not when I already like someone else. And I'm sorry I was so pushy, I probably sounded like a crazy ex-girlfriend," they both smiled at the small jib against Monique. "But I really care about you Sebastian and I just figured you would tell me things like making first-string."

Viola couldn't help but feel for Duke, after all it sucked that Olivia had no interest in him. As much as she wanted to squeeze the boy's head for his stupid ideas lately, deep down she knew what an awesome guy he was. Still if Olivia didn't like him, then she didn't like him. A part of her was secretly relieved; Viola shrugged it off as yesterday night's mishap being the last of her involvement in Duke's love-life. Forgetting about herself and really hearing what Olivia's feelings were she offered a small smile, "Yeah…about that, I really was planning on telling you but with Duke's date with you, I guess it kinda slipped my mind."

"It's okay," in fact it was better than okay. Sure Sebastian didn't seem even the slightest bit interested in who she liked, but it was obvious that he cared about her feelings. And this was the perfect opening for her to bring up what has been on her mind all week, "Speaking of Duke's date with me, I was just wondering when we could go for that dinner you promised me." It sound a bit too available even to her own ears but at this point in time, she really didn't care.

"Oh right! Our date." Olivia's face broke out into a big smile at the word 'date'. Though Marie kept her in check with reality every time they talked about Sebastian in the safety of their dorm room, she couldn't help but get her hopes up. "Well I have a practice game tonight at 6:30 and you have your meet on Monday, so how about Tuesday?"

If Sebastian was any more perfect, Olivia would've thought he was just a figment of her imagination, after all he was the first and only guy to be considerate of her passion for cross-country and not convince her to just 'forget about it baby' like her exes. "Tuesday, huh?" Back to her playful, confident self, Olivia teased "Well I'm quite busy and might have to check my schedule but since you asked so nicely I think I could fit you in."

"Aw, that's so nice of you Ms. Lennox to think of the little people, I'm truly honoured. So I'll pick you up around 6?" Viola bantered back, it felt so nice to be able to joke around with another girl again, god she missed her friends from Cornwall.

"6 sounds perfect, see you then." Before she left Sebastian to finish her laps, she paused and added, "And good luck tonight Sebastian, I'm sure you will rock it."

For some odd reason, Viola felt better than ever. And after watching Olivia disappear into the track lanes, she shot one right into the right corner of the net.


"Okay boys, this is the first time for you to really show me what you've got. How you perform today will determine who I play on Wednesday's game against Middleton, so go out there and play better than your best!" Coach Dinklage patted each of the player's shoulders as they headed out of the dressing room and out onto the field.


Author's note: Okay I kinda have an idea to as where I want this to go now. And I'm super, like extremely sorry for not updating for so long, especially with all you guys' great feedback. I felt that if I wrote this during my writer's block phase it just wouldn't be any good and you guys only deserve the best! So hope this makes up for it and enjoy!