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Chapter 1: Test run.

"Are you living?"


"Can you understand me?"

The small brown creature nodded its head.

"Good, hearing works. Can you move?"

The creature nodded again.

"Then is time to start testing, follow me please."

Dr. Jumba Jookiba lead his newest creation, experiment 018, out of its 'birth place' and down one of the many long winding corridors of his personal laboratory.

"You know your purpose?"

018 nodded but the gesture was unseen by Jumba who lead.

"You are going to help me making new experiments by proving, or disproving, theories in genetic construction."

018 nodded again, when suddenly another, smaller, creature ran up to Jumba.

"Hey, Hey Jumba is that another new experiment of your's? What's this one for? Are you taking him to test now? Can I watch, can I, can I, can I?"

"Zero-zero-three get out of way."

"Why, why won't you let me watch?" 003 asked while prodding Jumba with a finger.

"Zero-zero-three I design-ed you to-" "You designed me to help you in all your projects so you wouldn't forget anything, but you never let me help! So how come?" "Good point, come along then."

At that Jumba continued and was now being followed by two of his creations to the 'gym'.

"So you're the new experiment, Jumba has been working on you for a week, that's the longest he's taken to make one of us so far, did you know there are eighteen now?"

"..." The energetic barrage of questions was a little overwhelming for 018, he didn't feel threatened, just wary of this thing.

"Don't pester zero-one-eight. Is only ten minutes old, and I need to test it now." Jumba warned 003 as they approached an off shoot in the hall. "Here we are your proving ground!" Jumba flung the doors open to reveal the 'gym'.


"Yeah don't let him fool you, it's just an old hanger with some weights and monkey bars..." 003 prattled on about the work beach and questioned the reason to have a shooting range but then realized they had left.

"Come on then time to test you, first climb-" "Jumba haven't you already made experiments that can climb those monkey bars?" 003 asked as 018 proceeded up the wall.

"Yes, I want zero-one-eight to climb the walls."

"How will he do that?"

"Just look." Jumba gestured at 018.

018 was already a fourth of the way up the wall.

"How is he climbing that, just clawing into it?" 003 was confused now.

"No, is tiny network of millions of setae's on palms and pads." Jumba smiled proudly "O.K zero-one-eight you need to be adding weight now, twenty times body weight."

018 dropped to the ground and walked over to the weights that were piled by the monkey bars. He picked up about five times his weight and attached it to a vest then another five times until the vest was approximately twenty times his weight but that made it about fifteen times what he could carry, so he had to drag it to the wall.

"Hey, doesn't that look too heavy for him?" 003 asked.

"Yes it is when lifting, but when climbing I estimate this as zero-one-eight's limit but that means..." Jumba walked over to the weights and picked up two little three pound dumbbells.

018 wiggled his body into the vest and managed his way onto the wall, just as he was getting his grip Jumba called. "Stand on wall." Standing sideways was easier said than done but 018 did so, right then Jumba called out again "Catch!" 018 easily caught the dumbbell but its mass was too much, 018 fell immediately.

"So what were you trying to prove, that you can knock him off the wall?" 003 didn't get the test.

"No, that was to prove experiment can hold more weight with new climbing ability than with normal lifting power and to see zero-one-eight's strength limit. It was success, good job zero-one-eight!" Jumba replied.

018 was still flat on the floor holding the dumbbell.

"Alright get up already, next test please." Jumba said as he went over to the work bench.

018 struggled to get up with the vest on but tried to get over to Jumba with it.

Jumba sighed "You are not needing vest now, leave it there. Will be needing to keep two eyes on this one..."

"Why is that? Did you program him to be really loyal? Does he only take direct orders or what?" 003 asked but Jumba didn't respond. 018 was there now still holding the little dumbbell.

"Drop that and show claws." Jumba said as he tossed aside the other dumbbell he still had.

018 dropped the weight in place but was hesitant about showing his claws, 003 wasn't helping things "Hey, cool, you have retracted claws! Jumba isn't that a first for you?"

"Yes, now don't pester zero-one-eight." Jumba narrowed his eyes "Claws." he nearly demanded.

018 was still reluctant but did what he was told, the claws hurt a little bit but it didn't show on 018's face.

"Now cut this." Jumba handed 018 a thin sheet of scrap metal from the table. It cut like scissors through paper. Jumba handed him a pipe next which fell right in-half, then a solid bar but that was much harder to get through. "Hmm..." Jumba thought for a second until 003 spoke up "What does 'hmm' mean should he have been able to cut that?"

"Well claws should have... zero-one-eight retract your claws for moment and compress bar as hard as you can." 018 complied but it didn't amount to anything.

"Hey, what is holding the bar supposed to prove?" 003 chimed in again.

"It seems zero-one-eight can't excrete enough force to cut heavy metals but claw should... Place hand here zero-one-eight." Jumba pointed at a pneumatic compressor, now nothing says on the job accident like sticking your hand in heavy machinery, but 018 did so knowing it would hurt. "Claws." Jumba reminded...

With the added pressure, 018's claws sliced through every sample as predicted but his hand didn't come out so well...

In the 'Medical Wing' (which was just a cleared out laundry room)

"Hey, why aren't you crying? It's ok you know, you're clearly hurt so why not cry?" 003 was a little concerned this experiment hadn't shown any emotion at all since Jumba had left them to go check on some incident between 010 and 011, it was only then he realized that 018 hadn't shown any emotion since they met that morning, he recalled Jumba saying 018 was only ten minutes old then but did that mean his mind was that young? No, he obviously understands Jumba, at least, but he hasn't talked or smiled or so much as batted an eyelash since they met maybe Jumba did make him strict to orders, a little too strict...


All this waiting was starting to get to 003 it had been fifteen minutes since Jumba left and he wasn't exactly in the most friendly company, he would have left if Jumba hadn't told him to stay with 018 and to 'make friends with' but how was he suppose to make friends with a guy that acted like a walking corpse?

"So how does your hand feel?"


"You do feel it don't you?"

018 nodded.

"Then does it hurt more or less than earlier?"


"Ok then new topic, did you get to see your bedroom yet?"

018 shook his head.

"Well don't expect anything too fancy, they're all kind of like this room except without the heart beat monitor." 003 motioned to the small amount of medical equipment in the corner of the room.

018 didn't seem to look or care, 003 was discouraged then thought "Hey, I finished that sentence without asking a question! I don't do that too often, don't you think that's weird?"

018 shook his head again.

"You... don't, but it goes against my programming, that's wrong, isn't it?"

018 shook his head yet again.

"What kind of program did Jumba give you?" 003 was confused and slightly scared, this guy wasn't making sense, he followed Jumba's orders obediently even when it got his hand mangled but he thought it was fine to go against his programming? 003 was at a loss about this, then Jumba came in with 011.

"Huh what are... oh right, I left you two in here... zero-one-one get on bed, zero-one-eight let me see hand." Jumba instructed they both complied although it was hard for 011 to get up on the bed, he seemed sluggish, 003 helped him up but oddly didn't ask what happened to him.

"Is looking ok but will have to pick up on testing again tomorrow, zero-zero-three take zero-one-eight to bedchamber-" "Where's that?" "Is room labeled for zero-one-seven and zero-one-eight, you know where it is." Jumba retorted "If you couldn't yet see zero-one-one needs ink infusion, was too much cleaning by zero-one-zero again..."

003 and 018 left and in the long winding halls 003 felt back to himself again he looked over at 018, at his hand specifically, the bloodied dressing was gone and his hand looked as if nothing had happened.

"Man... you are lucky. Your hand is already healed and you're about to be the first male experiment to bunk with a female... what made you special?" 003 might as well have been talking to himself and he kind of felt like he was. "You know there are only three female experiments? It's two to a room and the other two females, zero-zero-seven and zero-zero-eight, are in the same room. What was Jumba thinking to put you in a room with a female? I mean it's not like you're only going to be there once and that's it, we'll be spending our whole lives here... hey, do you think Jumba wanted it that way?"

003 looked over at 018 who had just continued walking.

"...So why do you hate me?"

018 immediately stopped and spun to face 003. 003 almost thought he would be stabbed or something, but 018 was shaking his head "I don't." he blurted out, 003 was stunned 018 had been quiet all day, almost as if he couldn't talk, he didn't even whimper when his hand was crushed, but now he says that he doesn't hate him even though he hadn't said a word, not even 'hi'.

Then 003 realized he hadn't even said 'hi'. "Hehe uh... oh, well your room's right over there and I guess I need to get back to my room and bother my own roommate... Well guess I was pretty annoying what with following you all day without even introducing myself, I'm zero-zero-three resident fool." 003 said smiling and reaching his hand out, 018 meet that and they shook hands.


Author's note: Wow that sounded like a weird first date or something... oh and bold text is two characters saying the samething at the same time.